Street Fighter X Tekken: DLC warning for potential buyers

If you are planning to get Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken crossover game next year, we have some important information for those of who are fearing that Capcom will release another disc-based ‘ultimate’ game a few months after release.

We can tell you that Street Fighter X Tekken won’t follow the same path as Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Capcom caused considerable uprest by announcing that Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 will come on a separate disc as well as on console marketplaces, with many fans arguing that some of the new content should have been included in the orignal game.

While it is certain that Street Fighter X Tekken will receive DLC after release, it looks like it won’t be on any separate discs, and will release solely on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. Here’s a statement from Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono clarifying the situation, as reported from Eurogamer:

“If we decide to create a new version of the game, we will go with the Street Fighter IV series route, by providing online update patches for the game. So I would say that you don’t really need to worry about a new version of the game coming out. If we choose to update the game, it will be done in the same fashion as Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.”

So at least this reassures you in the sense that Capcom won’t be asking for more money on new disc-based content after the release of the game next year. They will be asking for more money for DLC regardless though, so let’s hope that pricing is reasonable, as there seems to be a feeling of bad blood between Capcom and their community after the Marvel Vs Capcom DLC affair.

As for the game itself, there’s still no solid release date but Capcom has told gamers to expect it to release sometime during March of next year. A PC version will also join the console versions, while there will also be a version made for the PlayStation Vita handheld which will feature exclusive characters not contained in the other platforms, such as Cole McGrath from inFAMOUS.

As a fan of the Street Fighter series, what are your thoughts on this DLC-stance for SFXT? Are you still worried about Capcom releasing expensive DLC for the game shortly after release?



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