MW3 titles list, a work-in-progress

By Jamie Pert - Nov 16, 2011

Since the launch of Modern Warfare 3 we have been looking for a full list of MW3 titles and how to get them, currently there is no complete breakdown available, however we have found one site which is almost there.

If you head over to the Call of Duty Wikia you can see that there are 512 titles to earn in total, rough calculations suggest that they show you how to get 70% of these including what level you have to be on to earn it, whether you need to prestige before you earn it and if the title has bee confirmed.

Lots of the title are very similar to what we saw in Modern Warfare 2, the ones which we think are going to be the hardest to earn include “Unbelieveble” – Get a throwing knife kill in game winning killcam, “All Pro” – Headshot two or more enemies with a single bullet and “Droppin’ crates” – Get a game winning killcam by dropping a crate on the enemy.

Many of the titles require you to max out a certain weapons proficiency or gain 500 kills for it, likewise lots of them also require you to earn a certain amount of kills with certain class settings, examples of these are: “Kick” – Use Kick Proficiency to kill 300 enemies while aiming down sights and “Hardline Pro” – Get 200 killstreaks while using Hardline.

As previously mentioned the list of titles is a work-in-progress, so head over to the Wikia and bookmark the website, we are sure that in a week or so the list will be complete.

Have you earned a title which is not yet listed on the site? Leave us a comment below stating its name and how you earned it.

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  • To hacked to play

    MW3 was cool for like 6 hours but how do you play a game
    that was completely hacked with aim bots, invisible hacks, and infinite predator
    attacks in 6 hours after release. Check it, all there on youtube.

    They should supply a complete refund to everyone because
    either they are too stupid to change algorithms from MW2 or the company
    willingly gives out the hacks.

    Either way, don’t buy unless you want to buy hacks which by
    the way, the MW3 Company is doing nothing about no matter how many times or how
    many people complain about the same hacked users. Tested this out where 12
    people complained about a hacked user who had a death to kill ratio of 18,385
    to 1. One week later, dude is still playing no problems…

    Complete junk…. I was suckered in thinking they fixed the
    hacks but it has never been worse.

    • Dhsbr4

      no hacks on PS3. PC gaming is for geeks!