MW3 multiplayer review, many pros and cons

By Jamie Pert - Nov 16, 2011

Since its release I have playing Modern Warfare 3 for a few hours each night on my Xbox 360, therefore I thought I would share my feelings towards the game’s multiplayer elements and ultimately sum up whether or not I am impressed with the game. I will also highlight some of the things which I feel need to change – so here goes….

The first thing that I noticed about the game is the much better layout for the Create-a-Class system and how the Prestige Shop further enhanced the multiplayer experience, also upon starting my first game I was impressed by the game’s visuals where the attention to detail was obvious and the great frame rate (360 version) makes this in my opinion the best-looking CoD to date, that said if you look closely at some surfaces the textures aren’t great . In terms of sounds it is clear that a lot of the sound effects have been “borrowed” from MW2, but that’s not entirely a bad thing, however when playing Search & Destroy I do sometimes feel footsteps are hard to hear. The music when waiting in the lobby isn’t too monotonous and I really like the music which kicks in upon starting a game of Kill Confirmed etc.

In terms of gameplay you can see why some people are dubbing this game the MW2 expansion pack, there really isn’t a great deal of difference between the two titles, what strikes me the most is the super-fast pace of games – which in my opinion needs to be toned down a little. Some things in MW3 are improved, such as Flash Bang effectiveness and map layout, in fact the maps in MW3 seem far more diverse than Black Ops and MW2 thanks to multi-story buildings and less predictable layouts.

One weakness in my opinion is the general map size, there are a couple of mid-to-large maps, but nothing which can be considered huge – do you agree? Small maps mixed with enemies which seem to run faster than Usain Bolt often results in very hectic games with no real tactical gameplay. This has a direct effect on something which has frustrated CoD gamers for years, Spawn Killing, the map size results in it becoming very hard for MW3 to spawn you somewhere away from the enemy. Perhaps a patch will improve things slightly, but it would in my opinion be great if DLC brought a large map pack to MW3.

My personal pet hate about MW3 and MW2 is the way they promote noob tubers. I like to play Domination, but often you are up against a team who constantly fire RPGs etc in the direction of the the A,B and C zones and almost guarantee that they will take out one or two enemies per shot. The same people run and jump round corners firing their rockets blindly – there is no skill to this and certainly no realism.

You can’t question the game’s matchmaking and stability, when me and 5 friends join a party and then search for a game it doesn’t take long to find one and if someone does leave a game early a new host is usually found quickly without too much disruption. A few games have “lagged out” for me, but you have to remember just how much is going on the background to enable a multiplayer game to go ahead – therefore despite it being frustrating at the time it if often nothing which could have been avoided.

All in all I enjoy MW3, it is not at all realistic in terms of gameplay in my opinion, but it doesn’t need to be. Let’s face it, often real-world events are boring and anticlimactic (have you ever seen the film Jarhead?) and who wants to play that out? If your playing CoD for 30 minutes you want to get knee deep in action and not have to apply real-world military tactics – that said it would be nice if there was sometimes more of an onus on team work. In regards to teamwork the new support strike system is great, especially the vests, also if you play Kill Confirmed properly with a good friend as your wing man it can be a very fulfilling experience.

Something I must also state is just how well made the game is, there are only a handful of glitches which have been spotted by gamers so far, none of which ruin the experience. When you think about it this is pretty staggering given the millions of MW3 gamers out there, some of which are looking for problems /glitches to moan about.

Do you agree with my MW3 multiplayer review? Leave us a comment below sharing your own opinions.

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  • Darius

    I found that every time I use a flash bang I die instantly . I watch the kill cam and the flash bang does absolutely no harm to him no matter where it hits. Finally I also noticed when I get flash banged I can’t see for about 5 seconds

  • Chrisaken89

    Big problem is the fact that Sniper rifles are only useful for quick-scoping.  There are no maps big enough to effectively snipe.  Why would they include 6 sniper rifles on such a game with maps that are way too small and were obviously thrown together as quick-as-possible.  All in all, this Call of Duty put a stop to the best shooting franchise for the last 4 years.

  • MadMan420

    Wow everything u hate, I love. Bigger maps would only increase the amount of camping. Its too fast??? Maybe if u want a slow “tactical” fps go to Battlefield. COD has always been about fast run and gunning. Its u slow tactical “campers” that are the biggest problem. If u can’t keep up without lying in the corners, maybe play something else. Also u say its focus is on noob tubing. Then why are the explosives about worthless and u no longer get refills from Scavenger? You also say they need more rewards for teamwork… if u haven’t noticed, u now get a kill toward ur killstreak for shooting down air support and killstreaks for capturing points. I think they made all the right changes and this is the best one yet. Worlds better than that Sh*t heap known as Black Ops

    • Idcjustwork

      Youre the exact type of person that makes MW3 a pain in the ass and not as fun or realistic.

      • Tony May

        Have to agree with MadMan420.. if you want realistic, join the military.. this is a game.

        Campers are the worst.. especially with the “try-hard” heartbeat sensor on whatever light machine gun they think works the best… noob toob’s suck in MW3.. they clearly toned down the power of toobs.. which i’m grateful for… there is no skill involved.

  • Joshtaylor723

    It’s hard to have enjoyment out of MW3 with the amount of camping. It’s just ridiculous and ALL the maps are so camper friendly. 8/10 times I get spawned directly in front of the enemy. I see these people already 5th prestige, thinking they will be able to run and gun but nope, snuggled nicely into a corner.

    • Tony May

      The spawning in MW3 is pretty bad at times..

  • Rjk474

    mw3 review: Disappointed, rushed out = shite, crap maps, crap game play, everyone just camps like little whores pointless playing if all ya gonna do is sit in a corner

  • Boobobo

    yawn, more cod crap. COD should now stand for CRAP ON DEMAND because thats what it is. Run, shoot, die, run some more, spawn kill, etc yawn. visuals are pathetic, pacman looked better and it least it was a challenge!! i loved cod but it got so repetitive i moved to bf3 and never looked back! Now I’m off to jump into a F/A 18 Super Hornet…..can you do that in COD?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    • If you moved onto BF, then move onto the those forums too. Nobody cares that you prefer one game over the other.

    • Tony May

      But BF3 is totally different style.. it’s more laid back for casual players, it takes much less skill… which equates to less stress and anxiety.

  • back to black ops

    Bang on, the game is just too fast, the person you just killed is on you before you turn the next corner, sniping is finished, so are large machine guns, all too slow. the sub machine gum is king, people run around with these akimbo, what chance have you got.

  • Well; this is perfect review no
    doubt; having such features and functionalities within this multiplayer review;
    the game is simply superb; nice share.

  • Geoffhirst13

    also the knifing is pretty fucked up u!

  • Geoffhirst13

    fully agree with you about the pace being a little fast. I like playing free for all but in MW3 it has become frustrating as the spawn points are too close and I get shot in the back within fractions of a second. There is something to be said about reaction time but this is too much. Some of the new gun sounds are pretty damn cool though (g36c in particular). 

  • Mellereiman

    in my opinion this game has many problems with it. For one, the fast paced gameplay, it’s basically a big free for all in most of the game modes. second the maps seem very small compared with mw2. hit detection is also another area which needs to be patched. you can fire numerous shots at an opponent, and he shoots 2 and you are dead. I was hoping this would surpass MW2 but it only resides in the shadow of that game. I will give it props on the customization aspect of the loadouts, but thats about it. All in all, MW2 is a very solid, fluid game, and MW3 seems cheaply put together…..

    • Raushaun1a

      Omg thank you, thank you, thank you! You hit it right on the nail! You would think a billion dollars would make a better game but it only rushes out the production leaving a bunch of crap!

    • Jeep231

      Exactly, I don’t understand why nobody else sees this. Every map is the same( nothing but buildings), visual effects look like black ops rather than MW2, you are right on with the hit detection, very disappointed with the multiplayer. And the worst of it will be they will sell us old maps from other COD’s rather than something new and fresh just so they can rush something out to make money.

  • neil

    crap, no tactics,no defendable areas,where are the climable obsticals ?why let opponents see claymores ?
    every player just runs in circles,if you stay you are overun.
    BIG PATCH needed NOW