Galaxy Nexus: Possible US release date delay, RAZR and Rezound temptation

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2011

After providing you with hopeful news regarding a November 21 US release date for the long awaited Galaxy Nexus, we have some information for you now which may be of huge disappointment to you. By disappointment we mean no November release for the Galaxy Nexus.

We thought the release of the Droid Bionic on Verizon had its fair share of twists and turns but the Galaxy Nexus is surely overtaking Motorola in this particular department. Google and Verizon have been suspiciously quiet on the US release for their new flagship Android handset, and the main reason for this is that it could now be releasing in December, instead of an expected release before the end of this month.

Various online information has been collected by Droid-Life, who are reporting that testing of the Galaxy Nexus will actually be completed by November 19th, obviously making a retail release on the 21st highly unlikely. On a slightly more positive note, Matias Duarte has apparently told TheVerge that the Galaxy Nexus will be launching sometime in November, according to a Twitter user who was on set at the recording of TheVerge’s show. Duarte if you didnt know is the man responsible for the overall Android ‘User Experience’ at Google, so if it’s true that he said that then it’s obviously more believable than a possible release in December according to rumors.

What are your thoughts on the lack of official information regarding a release? Are you happy to sit back and wait for as long as possible while they iron out any last minute hardware and software bugs that they have found, or are you growing increasingly frustrated and are tempted to pick up another device on Verizon such as the Droid RAZR or HTC Rezound, both of which will gain updates to Ice Cream Sandwich in the future.

Let us know where your priorities lie on this one. We’ll let you know when we have more info to share with you.

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  • Megid00

    I’m so sick of my OG Droid.  I really want a new phone and have been holding out for this, but I honestly don’t know how much longer I can wait.  I might just pick up a RAZR or Rezound.

  • Tim Fisher

    I was wasting way too much energy waiting for a release date on the Nexus, so I picked up the Rezound on Monday.  It’s beautiful.  I doubt the Nexus will be so superior that I will regret my decision.

  • ZeeDee

    It’s a shame for 3 big companies – Google, Samsung & Verizon to not know their products release date. Do they realize that they may be losing people to Apple? I have been on the fence between iOS or Android…now I know that I should be getting an iPhone.

    • They know their release dates, trust me.  Something else is at play here . . .

      My guess is the Rezound and Razr are influencing delay so they will sell more of those crappy phones.

      Verizon makes more on those two, more ads, more installed software . . . nothing on the Nexus.

  • What a ridiculous comparison between the Bionic delays and the possible Nexus delays.  The Bionic turned out to be a totally different phone and from being announced at CES in Jan to its Sept release, that was enough time to have a baby.  The Nexus was announced in October and isn’t delayed as it never has had an official release date.  Even if the testing is complete on Nov 19th, that doesn’t mean that Verizon won’t start taking pre-orders beginning on Nov 21st.  If they release 2 weeks later, big deal.  It will still only be a little over a month from the announcement.

    Verizon keeps everything silent for marketing purposes.  Look at all of the hype they gave the Razr last week and this week, they hardly even mentioned the Rezound.  I went into a Verizon store on Saturday and there was only one other customer in the store.  A Razr was sitting out so I went over and played with it.  Since Verizon now allows phones to be returned in Jan I may just pick up a Razr until the Nexus is released and then return it.