Evaluating PC Skyrim mods pre-Creation Kit download

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2011

Earlier on this week we asked you for some your best mod ideas for the PC version of Skyrim as we all wait for Bethesda to release the Creation Kit, but now we have a roundup of 10 mods for Skyrim that are already available to download now if you are looking to improve your game.

Firstly, we have you give our thanks to you guys, as you really came up with some excellent ideas for future mods for the game, if you haven’t seen some of the ideas, you can check them out again here – the best one we read is probably a unique artifacts mod, as described by John Henry. He would to see more treasure hunting quests, like in-depth treasure hunting where the player needs to go from one place to another finding clues to a rare item at the end of it.

Anyway, that’s just one possible idea for a mod. A useful article over at PC Gamer lists 10 mods that you can download right now for the PC and one of them brilliantly includes an option to remove all the hairy spiders from the game and replace them with walking bears. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it’s true, the mod is simply called ‘No Spiders’ and you can pick it up here from SkyrimNexus.

Other mods include Enhanced Night Sky, Simple Borderless Window, No More Blocky Faces and Enhanced Blood Textures. That’s the beauty of Elder Scrolls mods, someone has just gone and made the blood in the PC version that much better. If you want to download some mods now, you’ll find them all here.

We know a lot of you are not happy about the PC user interface in the game, so we hope we have some news for you regarding a mod that completely overhauls it. In the meantime, continue to give us your thoughts on which mods are needed in our ongoing thread here. Which mods out of the 10 will you download?

[Enhanced Blood]

[Enhanced Night Sky]

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  • Cenafoam

    Better than playable dragon or rideable dragon whrn you absorb Alduins soul you should get his wings!!!!

  • Artash44

    Iit would be awesome if they made it easy to create new animations. Or offered improved free software to create new creatures.

  • I still say a Playable Dragon mod would be amazing. I’m gathering as much support as I can on the Skyrim Mod section of TheNexusForums.

    • A rideable dragon, like in Oblivion the Akatosh Dragon mounts, only in Skyrim it will be much better as there are original dragon meshes and textures. That would be completely awesome 😛

  • Ralfy88

    First things first: a decent PC GUI 🙂 Probably anyone’s first choice.

    • Lead_poisoning

      I haven’t had any problems with the UI. What specifically would you like to see changed?

      • 5c077wk

        uuuuuuuhhhhh almost everything