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Early iPhone 5 specs insight: LG to build display screen in 2012?

With the iPhone 4S just out on the market recently, it obviously isn’t the right time for the iPhone 5 rumor bandwagon to start moving just yet. However, one interesting piece of news that we’ve read states that Apple may be working with LG for the display component of their next generation iPhone.

Rumors on the so called ‘iPad 3’ have quietened down a little now since the iPhone 4S released, as the latest we heard is that a new tablet could be on the way in January. A few additional details on this have now popped up courtesy of an article published by the KoreaTimes, in relation to a potential partnership between LG and Apple, as stated over at 9to5Mac.

A deal on the supposed partnership is meant to be concluded in the next few days, and it will see LG producing display screens for iOS products between 2012 and 2016. Two products have been specifically mentioned in the report – a 7.35-inch iPad and perhaps more exciting, a new iPhone device with a 4-inch display screen size, which will apparently be fitted with the same Retina Display technology as seen in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time that the words ‘iPhone 5’ and ‘4-inch’ screen have been mentioned in the same sentence, but it is a known fact that consumers are desperate for a larger screen on the next major iPhone overhaul, a fact that Apple are probably well aware of. But what about LG behind the helms – how would you rate them compared to Samsung for example? Samsung provides the A5 chip which powers the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 of course, so would you perhaps want them to supply Apple with display components for the iPhone 5 as well? Then again, this probably won’t happen due to the ongoing patent war between the two companies, so we may have to settle with LG again.

As for the 7.35-inch iPad also mentioned in the report, the device has been referred to as the ‘iPad Mini’. Let’s see if that name starts to kick on in the months to come, we have a feeling it might.



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