Battlefield 3: Flying snipers with MAV – Love it or hate it?

We have told you about some glitches for Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer mode and now it looks like we have a similar thing for Battlefield 3. This one isn’t really a glitch though, rather taking advantage of DICE’s lack of awareness perhaps. We’re talking about flying snipers.

Yeah, we’re not even kidding – If you have played Battlefield 3 religiously since it came out on October 25, then you have probably seen recon soliders reaching certain parts and heights of a particular map which doesn’t seem possible.

We can tell you that snipers are using their MAV equipment to ‘fly’ their squadmates to the top of certain structures, leaving them a free shot for the rest of the map. If there is a squad of 4 recon soldiers, each one can use their MAV’s to boost the other members up, so you can have four guys in the air shooting down on unsuspecting victims.

Check out the video below to see it all in action. Although this isn’t obviously the way the game should be played, it is rather hilarious you have to say and it looks like a ton of fun if you regularly play the recon class. Aside from carrying soliders to various destinations, we’ve also seen in game that the MAV can be used to roadkill other soliders if the MAV is travelling at a fast speed.

Can you admit to flying to the top of structures using an MAV? If so, what are your views on the complaints that it should be patched up by DICE? Since they are planning to tweak the tactical light, we have a feeling that this will soon be patched up as well. With this in mind, if you want to join in on the flying snipers fun for yourself, we recommend you do so as soon as you can.

Should it be patched up or not? Give us your best experiences using the MAV so far. On a side note, you can list your best sniper marksman bonus here.



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