Xbox 720 Specs insight: Is a Six-core CPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM sufficient?

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2011

We have yet more rumors to share with you now for the next Xbox console, and these are possibly the most exciting yet if true. We’re hearing that the Xbox 720 could be equipped with a six-core CPU and that an announcement could be just a few months away.

You may remember recently that we reported on two sets of information for the Xbox 720 with both revealing possible ‘Loop’ and ‘Ten’ codenames, as well as the possbility of Microsoft’s next Xbox 360 console running on Windows 9 OS.

Now though, fresh details have apparently slipped out from French site Xboxygen, as they claim that Microsoft will unveil the new console as early as CES 2012, which will take place in January next year. It will allegedly come with a hex-core CPU, complete with 2GB of DDR3 RAM and AMD graphics – specifics were not mentioned.

There’s also a brief mention of ‘Loop’ again, as this is meant to be the company’s name who are handling software development. Another team, thought to be called ‘Infinity’ are apparently handling the rest of the console’s duties, as reported from VG247.

The big eyebrow raiser for us, is the 2GB of DDR3 RAM listed. That isn’t a lot of memory in today’s standards, just ask PC gamers who have been running 8GB RAM systems for a few years now. However, it could be 2GB of GDDR3 RAM for one specific area of the console like graphics, and another 2GB of DRR3 RAM for other functions giving a total of 4GB which wouldn’t be too bad.

You can check out the French website yourself for the whole scoop, as we have provided the translated version here for you to make life easier. CES 2012 is only a few months away, so do you really expect Microsoft to pull a huge surprise and announce their next Xbox console already? It seems far too early for us, and we would have thought that such an announcement of this magnitude would be held off until E3 2012 at least. What are your thoughts on this guys – would a hex-core CPU, AMD graphics and 2GB of DRR3 RAM (questionable) do you nicely?

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  • Brennenheart

    omg guys 2 gb ram only for making games and 2 gb ram graphic card gived 4 gb and this memory in console programist used only for games this is not pc most have 8 gb ram , windows need 2gb or more ram all programs in yours pc 1,2 gb too and 4 gb used for games but pc have other specification from consoles . programistic make console that then used 100% power , sorry for my english its not very good :p

  • Merlinjake

    2gb of ram sounds fine to me, the 360 only runs 512 mb after all…

  • Oshkubob

    It is due time for 360’s successor, the system is starting to show it’s age when it comes to multi-plat games. Their exclusives on the other hand are juicing out at max with the likes of Gears 3. Now that dev’s have had a few years to get use to PS3’s architecture they are starting to juice out better visuals (in the least the lighting and sharper shadows). Sony was ready for a 10 year span. But the 360 is in essence a non-upgradable computer as is the PS3 but it has a custom CPU that took this long to get use to, just like with the emotion engine in the ps2. A 6 core CPU would definately be needed but 2gb ddr3? Not enough by today’s standard. Of course this is all speculation and opinion.

  • Shangothomas

    That’s fucked up hexa means 6 cores and they aren’t enough though cause amd have already made an 8 core CPU and 2 gb or ram is too small it’s like a 2006 computer and this is 2012 your talking about and we want 720 for about a 10 year lifetime also well to me those specs seem too small they won’t even run tesselation well maybe unlimited detail!!! Microsoft please for once make as a machine we can put our money for not a pc I had 3 yra ago….