Super Mario 3D Land comes under attack from PETA

By Gary Johnson - Nov 15, 2011

Recently we told you that the Nintendo 3DS was selling quite well and could even beat sales of the DS during its first year of being available. One of the reasons sales of the device are picking up is the release of better titles for the console. Now one of these Super Mario 3D Land comes under attack from PETA.

Nintendo have just released the new Mario title for the 3DS, which sees you take control of Mario as he journeys through a cartoon land that has man-eating plants and other comical features. One part of the game sees Mario wear a furry raccoon like “Tanooki” suit. This lets him float around in the air and beat a number of enemies with a tail, but according to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are not happy.

The group has decided to launch its own campaign that sees Mario as a killer of innocent animals. During the game there is no suggestion that Mario has killed an animal to get his fur suit, as they come from magical squares from the game. They first look like magical leaves when Mario first bumps into them.

PETA have set up a Mario Kills Tanooki website, and in the real world are raccoon dogs that are killed for their fur, and the group feels that Mario wearing such a suit sends out the message that it is ok to wear fur. The site then gives you the chance to play a simple game where you chase Mario to get back his fur.

This is not the first time that PETA have been angry at games, as they created its own version of Cooking Mama to bring the attention of the killing of turkeys for Thanksgiving. Whatever your feelings regarding fur, how do you feel PETA are overreacting to the Mario game?

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  • I feel PETA over reacts to everything. Every time I hear about them doing something like this, it makes me want to eat a kitten.

    • Oshkubob

      Have they not noticed he’s had this suit since 89? I mean really? Mario is like the most known character on the planet. I love that suit btw.

  • Tolly