Skyrim: Console DLC Vs PC Mods – Ideas that you wouldn’t mind paying for

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2011

If you have already racked up countless of hours of Skyrim and have already completed the main storyline dare we say it, then there’s a good chance that you may already be switching your focus to DLC for the epic game. Bethesda has already confirmed that there will be substantial DLC for the game, but what would you like to see?

We are catering this towards console gamers more than PC gamers, since most of you will be aware that PC gamers will get the huge incentive of being able to download additional features for the game at no extra cost, by way of custom-generated mods thanks to the Skyrim Creation Kit – which Bethesda has yet to release by the way.

Console owners on the other hand will have to make do with DLC instead, so what would you like to see? Xbox 360 gamers will get the first taste of Skyrim DLC as part of Bethesda’s exclusive agreement with Microsoft of course, so with that in mind – what new features would you like in game that you wouldn’t mind paying for?

We seen a lot of requests for the ability to fly dragons around Skyrim, while we hilariously read online that some of you want Bethesda to re-insert their glitch where they revealed that chickens were ‘reporting crimes’. One great idea which we would like to see in the game is some more factions to join, such as a vampire faction perhaps. Skyrim introduces the werewolf companions to the game, so why not add a quest line for vampires too – that would be a hit with a lot of you we’re sure. Adding content on the same scale of Shivering Isles would obviously be most welcome as well, we’re talking about new weapons, new enemies, more rare items to loot (Morag Tong assassin anyone?) and so on.

One thing that Bethesda needs to avoid is adding minor DLC such as the horse armor which caused an uproar in the community to say the least. We doubt that Bethesda will repeat such tactics though, as Todd Howard has already confirmed that Skyrim DLC will be of less quantity than previous games, but each release will be worthwhile for gamers in terms of content.

[The infamous horse armor DLC from Oblivion]

If you have the console version of Skyrim, what would you like to see added as DLC? Alternatively, if any PC owners are reading this – do you have any great ideas for upcoming mods?

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  • Tainaryian

    Let us be werepyres without having to glitch. We’re gonna do it one way or another…

  • Klinger327

    Child adoption,more houses,trap making(in house,kind of like in mercer frays house) more house renovations

  • Kottonmouthqueen 420

    I would Love more mystical creatures, a variety of mounts, different breeds of horses that have different attack rates, speed, different builds and better varieties of colors, maybe the ability to purchase several different horses from stables. Definately rideable dragons!!!! it was soo dissapointing when the loading screen popped up! Armor for horses and dragons, really f-ing B/A equiptment, make it hard to find i dont care. of course more missions,more stuff ect,,, the mystical creatures variety of different unicorns, maybe pegasus, two headed water dragons and monsters, ect… thanx

  • Authoredone

    An editor on console…

  • Drendur

    I’d like a vampire DLC where you could join a guild/cult of vampires, do quests for/with them and gain like a ring to restist the sun debuff and the furter you get in the quests you would get more in control of the disease, like becoming a master vampire where you get strnoger and faster and you’re attacks like vampiric drain actually hurts an opponent instead of tickling them ._. Just add the the vampires, make them worth being, the only thing worht it is to be a necromage vampire which improves all enchanted items, all spells, all shouts and makes them 25% longer and 25% stornger :3

  • Pyro

    Get the arrow to the knee guy to return to adventuring!!!

  • Pyro

    Ability to go to elsewhere. (I know I spelled it like it is said) because when I learned about it in game, it sounded cool. Add a desert area and a tropic rainforest. In the desert you could have like sand worm things that travel under the sand. Or in the tropic add mesquito type monsters. Or that kinda thing

  • Pyro

    Multiplayer. All I really ask. Intead of having followers that don’t do what I ask, allow friends to join you. I’m not saying mmo level multiplayer. Just like 4 people at least in a “party”

  • Wolfecorbett

    Oh, and also, I think a war on a massive scale would be awesome. The Battle for Whiterun was fun: just killing guys left and right. But a war with legions and legions of soldiers to fight would be even cooler. 

  • Wolfecorbett

    This is the first Elder’s Scroll game I’ve played, and I love it. My friends, however have played the others and they said that in Marrowind you could wear layers beneath your armor like tunics and pants. I’d like to be able to wear layers underneath my armor and also be able to enchant those items separately. Also, an ability to change the color of your armor would be awesome too; perhaps you could add a crushing bowl at places where you crush different plants for different colors. 

  • Aven05

    I want some point with the whole marriage thing. I think it would be cool if someone kidnaped the wife or husband and it started some kind of quest chain. You could do so much with that concept it just seems pointless to leave that as it is. And please modify the spouses to keep some kind of personality after the marriage, if I marry some uggly grump I dont want him/her to act like Betty Cleaver, thats just weird.

  • Roxy

    Since the whole point of all the guilds, brotherhoods ect is to eventually become the leader of it, I would like to be able to hand out jobs like the leaders before me did.. If i am the leader of the dark brotherhood for ex I would like the mother to tell me the job and then I send someone to go there and they report to me when done and I report back to her or something like that.. same with the thieves guild.. Im the leader, i dont want to do these dumb jobs that vex hands out.. I want to wear the big boy pants so to speak lol.. just a thought

  • Chasefillingame

    I would love to see dlc in Cyrodil, maybe jadger tharn returns from the dead and attacks the empire, or maybe there has been a big misunderstanding between the thalmore dominion and the empire and a war is brewing up between the two, or maybe a war is brewing up between argonia and the empire! Or maybe there could be dlc in hammerfell or highrock, oh my god! So many ideas!

  • beast

    another shout power that lets you call a different dragon to ride on like a horse but you know a dragon and able to go back to alduins eyrie because i need the last dragon priest mask.

  • Justinbaez81

    Sex i want children!

  • Snake plisken

    What would be cool is having one stalf but heaps of different power crystals, instead of having to carry around ten stalfs and there weight instead change the crystal for a different spell

  • edfffsd

    more monsters, able to kill anyone once done with quests from them, be able to drop quest

  • Ths3227

    Pack Horses, more craftable items, build your own house, buyable horse wagons, better equipment and gear, more companions, pets, and more mounts, crossbows,  more guilds, factions, races, birth signs, classes, skills, and more weapons.

    • Pack horses would be AMAZING!

    • lego2010

      Would be cool to have camp gear so you can set up a camp for the night when it gets dark (could also be to heavy that it has to be stored on your pack horse)

  • Dane

    I would like a DLC that will let you join the jassic order or whatever they called ( They powerfull mages you meet in the College of Winterhold storyline), and Dragon riding, and new areas like Morrowind or Cyrodil

  • Liam

    id like to go back to the Shivering Isles and Cyrodil i think they should let us unlock cyrodil hammerfell daggerfall and Morrowind i think it would be awesome to dvelop the game with DL making it a bigger world 😀

  • Want respeccing in ps3 skyrim

    Thalmore invasion, let us join them or fight them to banish them from Skyrim.

  • Guest

    I can see a DLC perhaps about WHY your character was trying to cross the border into Cyrodil amidst the war which indeed lead you to the tutorial mission in Helgen. The character obviously has some skill in fighting beit Magic, Stealth or Combat and overall I think there could be a great story involving Cyrodil which you could pursue once the Civil War is ended. Maybe have a pilgrimage or a bigger story involving your family but it could make for some exciting content and possibly lead to a Cyrodil with greater graphics. Kvatch would have been rebuilt by that time and it would be great to be able to see it in all its glory. Also n4g posted ana rticle on the possibility of DLC based in Morrowind. Now we all know that such things as multiple complex worlds are possible (as seen in the realms of Oblivion, the realm of Sheograth and Cyrodil in Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion) and it would be an interesting and rather nice flashback to the older games. the mages guilds dissolved but the Fighters Guild is still around and who knows maybe OpDDay2001’s idea of a DLC centred around the Grey Fox artifacts could be included in such a large expansion. (Shivering Isles featured numerous side questlines so this isn’t a problem either). I don’t know just throwing ideas around..

  • OpDDay2001

    I’ve not yet completed the game or the Thieves’ Guild quest line (despite plunking in almost 70 hours of game time, I’m probably only half way through act 1 and Level 42), but I would love a DLC that was centered around the recovery, and perhaps enhancement of the Grey Fox items. Perhaps even new shouts that the Dovahkiin can learn/have available as the Grey Fox. That would be a “minor” DLC though, like an hours or two worth of missions is what I would call a minor DLC. If they are doing ‘substantial’ DLC, they’ll need to expand the world and offer new areas to explore. This can only be done in a limited number of ways. Oh, it’d be pretty neat to get a Dewmer-centric DLC, like finding a lost Dwarven City that you have to explore, clear out, rebuild and become Jarl. Or, at least a DLC that let’s you go back to Halgen and rebuild it and become it’s Jarl. The could even make it so you can go out and recruit/bribe/threaten (give players choices to fit their play style) villagers into coming to your village as well as new ones automatically showing up as you expand your influence.

  • Dav

    there are alot of good ideas i think it would be cool to bring back the shivering isles.. sheogorath is awesome and it could be a quest after you complete the mind of madness.. like you get a letter or he apears when you go to sleep

    • daerokos

      why in the world would bethesda go back and do something they’ve already done before. somebody the other day requested that dlc feature cyrodiil. seriously? if you want cyrodiil or shivering isles i think theres a game called oblivion for that. lets go to atmora or akavir or if you wanna go “back” somewheres at least lets go to solstheim. i think they could also afford to add new areas like they did with alot of the official plug ins in oblivion. theres some good open real estate in skyrim just beggin for a castle or massive dungeon or portal to another realm. i hope they add new weapons and more double edged greatswords. i was greatly disappointed with the orcish and ebony greatswords. basically bigger versions of the swords of those armor types. greatswords should be double edged imo. they should also make dragon bones and scales more rare, and up the stats of the dragon armors because i’ve already found like 10times the amount of bone and scale needed for like 5 sets of armor, and daedric is better than dragon armor and its at level 90 smithing, whereas dragon is at 100.

  • cb

    it would be cool if u could become a werepyre (werewolf vampire) i have tried and unfortauntly cant not

  • Rsfan136

    I personally think that it would be awesome to go to Atmora. That’s the homeland of the Nords, and it would be cool to see who stayed, how they advanced, etc.

  • Rsfan136

    I personally think that it would be awesome to go to Atmora. That’s the homeland of the Nords, and it would be cool to see who stayed, how they advanced, etc.

  • Alotofideas

    How about a DLC that returns of all of awesome summons that were in oblivion that are not in Skyrim, for example the daedroth(cant spell but the giant crocodile daedra) or even a scamp.  Perhaps bringing back spell making, a vampire faction wouldn’t be a bad idea. Perhaps it would be cool if they have a DLC where u can have a lair and you can create or expand a faction(Even recruit). Also as a big DLC how about the return of Cyrodil, I would love to revisit the imperial city. Hell why not even make it possible to join the Thalmor after you complete the main quest. (if your a high elf) . These are just simple ideas, idk if anyone would like these but I personally love my ideas.

  • Outlawshadow

    Wat about better house options better mounts multiplayer lol that wud be epic more armor and weapon creations like using anything to make a weapon I’d use a cloths iron war hammer lol

  • i would like the vampire faction and the ability to contract  the werewolf disease again after you remove it.

    oh and more spell tomes would be epic 😀

  • Guest

    I’m a sucker for arena’s, I’d get a dlc arena

  • yo yoyo

    i really, reaaaaallly, want vampire clans. I am so disappointed you cant get them (as ive seen thus far), i want to unite the clans and bring down the kingdoms of man and create a monster mash empire

    is it too much to ask?

  • MORE options to customize your character!!

  • Dragon Born

    I want a DLC for a hardcore mode where the following happens; You heal when you meet special people in towns aka doctors or witches, the animals go extinct if you keep on killing and cows,deer’s, wolf’s should walk in packs not just two or three, mating(having children and training them, you don’t have to show the sex and the birth) or just adopting and training an orphan or something. Plus outside the hardcore would be taming mammoths and dragons and having giants as companions and also riding both mammoths and dragons. The games awesome already and i haven’t even gone past 2 hours through so maybe some these are already there.

    • Dragonista

      So basically New Vegas hardcore mode + extra mounts and also no hud, no fast travel, no journal. (you can control that yourself and on pc you can change the hud opacity)

  • Wolfwing0100

    A want a DLC a new land to explore and new storyline and sidequests. Basically the Fallout New Vegas DLC style. I want the first to be Dark and grotesque. Mostly want a faction war–Vampires vs Werewolves vs Humans but no Twighlight crap.

    • Geminicontractor

      Should be Underworld-like instead of Twilight lol

      • beast

        that’d be cool because then you could have a werewolf vampire mix which can go in the sun and not turn into crispy adventurer

  • Sam

    I don’t really care for DLC, it’s gonna be buggy and there is no point to get it since the game as a random quest generator, wich means cou can play forever. Plus, you get mods. Moders are already hard at work to try and fix the game performance issues. Bethesda won’t fix the low res clothes, armor, textures etc. Moders will release high res for everything (wich they already did for faces armors and other stuff). I will support the modder community rather than the developper releasing a game with graphics looking like a 2005 game on steroids.

    • A few points to make here…

      1. I’m not sure where you got the “2005 game on steroids” thing, but you absolutely *must* keep in mind that a significant amount of people don’t want to spend $5000 on the highest, top-of-the-line PC just to play the latest release. I payed $900 two years ago for the best pc I could realistically afford and can tell you without a doubt that I was pleased as punch when I was told by the game I could play at medium settings. I know I can’t expect the best of the best on a budget of any kind, but keeping the game accessible to lower-end specs is absolutely a good move for both business and customers. Especially on a platform that will inevitably receive community-based upgrades for the super high end enthusiasts. Not to mention that the highest settings look absolutely amazing all on their own.

      2. When has a Bethesda game ever not been buggy? Yes, this is still a major downfall, but with being as widely varied and open as the game is, bugs are inevitable. Well, unless you want them to delay the game another year or two dedicated solely to bug fixing (I’m not even joking there. A game as big as Skyrim would need at least that long to make *almost* all the bugs go away). Plus, by then, you’d be complaining even more about the graphics, since those would not be changed in the time it takes to bug fix.

      3. Finally, I’m sorry, but it is *always* the case that official DLC is of significantly higher quality than 98% of the fan-made mods in Bethesda games. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the mod community’s work and would never consider buying a console version over the PC version. The mods are one of the biggest selling points for me of Bethesda games. But I also end up with all the official DLC too.

      Apologies for the long-winded post, but reading that comment just reeks to me of someone who has never tried to make… well, anything. Making things is hard. Programming is doubly hard. Programming an open world game with such a wide variety of things to do with any kind of budget, specs, and timeline is insane, and yet people and companies do it every year. There is a certain minimum level of respect that the people doing work on games in general deserve that is rarely given to them.

      • $5000 is an out rage. you cant just go buy a PC at best buy and expect to game at max settings. you need to get the parts yourself and put it together, trust me its easy. i payed $1200 for new everything (including 24″ monitor) a year and a half ago, I’m playing skyrim the way it is meant to be played.  PC companies want you to think you need that $5000 dollar machine so they can charge you that much. they almost always charge you double for every component that is in the machine

      • Zetsuweezel

        Not to mention, the article said “we are catering this towards console gamers more than PC gamers,” because consoles don’t support custom user mods, so our good Sir Sam here should really shuddup about the modding. Next, without Bethesda MAKING Skyrim in the first place, there would be no loyal modders to fix such bugs, nor to create the modifications. For someone who supports the modding community so much, you’d think Mr. Sam would really have more respect for Bethesda when these modders are engrossed in bettering the game for everyone(one of them being him) out of support and love for the game.

  • I’ve been waiting for Skyrim for soooo long… But now I look at the screenshots and it seems to me it’s the same Oblivion… I’m not even sure I should try to play it now…

    • Eric Hebert

      Are you sure you’ve been looking at Skyrim screens? The game is vastly superior to Oblivion in terms of visuals. I think you should take a look at some side by sides screens.

    • ItIsCloudy

      games are for playing, not looking. I don’t care what it looks like as long as I can navigate, interpret differences in the land and in NPCs, and have fun.

      • Right, I should try it… And I will, maybe even this weekend!

    • Zetsuweezel

      Bro. Go play it. You’ll eat those words.

    • CB

      when my bf and i got together i really didnt like oblivion and had decided not to even try skyrim, when i got bored of my GW game online for a bit and he was sleeping (for once since the game came out) i tried it and absolutely love it! now him and i fight over playing, of course he wins haha but hey i still play when he sleeps

  • I would like to be able to actually play instruments like the lute and drum in the game. It could be a hit if they implement it D&D style so that they can cast illusion spells on people because they are mesmerized by the music. Also, why be a bard college member when you can’t do what bards do. I loved seeing them perform at bars but when I joined the guild all I got was a few misc quests that had little to do with being a bard.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent ideas there Mark!