Skyrim companions: How to cure werewolf lycanthropy disease

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2011

To say that you guys were excited about becoming a werewolf in Skyrim in an understatement to say the moment prior to release, but now we have some handy information for those who are actually looking for a cure to rid yourself of the lycanthropy disease for good.

Since Skyrim is now out there to the masses, it is no secret anymore that players have the option of turning into a hairy beast, which will then grant the user various abilities as well as taking away some standard gameplay features as well – such as not being able to loot, talk to people, can’t use items and so on.

If you have already started the companions quest line and have gained the ability to transform into a werewolf, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a way to completely cure yourself, but it will come at a price as you will no longer be able to become a werewolf for the rest of your Skyrim adventure.

If you’re still interested in finding a cure, you’ll need to first complete the companions quest line till the end. After this, if you talk to everyone you will discover that Kodlak, commander of the companions is looking for a cure. Once you have done this step, talking to him will then start the Blood’s Honor quest, in which you have to kill at least one of the four Glenmoril witches and take one of their heads. Take two heads though if you want to cure yourself of lycanthropy for good measure.

Once you reach the Glory of the Dead quest you then have to use the blue flame combined with the second Glenmoril witch’ head to set your wolf spirit free. This is done in Ysgramor’s Tomb where you used the first witch head to cure Kodlak. Once you set your wolf spirit free, it will then come out of you. Once you kill it you will then be completely cured of lycanthropy!

So there we have it, we’re not sure you would want to cure yourself though as many of you will agree that being a werewolf in the game is a pretty enjoyable experience and allows you to do things you couldn’t normally do – like killing victims with ease without gaining a bounty.

If these steps helped you, leave us a comment below. Let us know if you are having any problems with getting this to work as well, since we have heard that one or two glitches may appear when starting quests.

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  • Cakebutt

    this article is missing a key detail!!! If you’re having trouble it’s because you can’t just go back after curing Kodlak. You have to keep doing tasks for Farkas and Vilkas until one of them asks to be cleansed. Then the quest Purity will begi, THEN you can cure yourself.

  • Sandnlincks

    hello i can not complete this quest because i started it and i already have the book the last king of the ayleids for tomes of hircine, so when we went to the chest it was not there now i can not put it down and i can not go on with the quest i am playing on the ps3 does any one know if there is any way to fix this?

  • Donnie23

    i cant cure myself after the quest u cure kodlak wtf k this website says they will help us they havent helped anyone

  • Okiryu

    I wasn’t cured?!?!

  • Okiryu

    I wasn’t cured?!?!

  • mr.Bob

    i did the quest already and i didnt want to be cured then but now i do and the flame wont work i press A but nothing happen 🙁

  • J’zargo

    the silverhand killed kodlak right as i came back from getting the heads. what do i do now?

  • Lorah

    I killed kodlaks beast, got the glenmorial witches quest, thought I’d just run along and cure myself, now I find out that I need Vilkas and Farkas?
    Vilkas died whilst following me, and Farkas got stuck inside the shrine of Talos because of a bug.
    Am I screwed?

    • Joze

       you just have to throw an extra head into the flame, and fight your wolf spirit.

  • Davinesun

    Sven died before i could intimidate him. Now i cant complete the companions quest. Any help?

  • Ryan_raza

    how do u cure vilkas and farkas i have 3 heads one for me one for 2 for both of them it wont let me cure them i allready completed the quest where u cure kodlak

  • Brian Jacob62

    Im trying to cure myself of the werewolf disease but it won’t let me do it
    I completed the quest and have the heads now I don’t know why it won’t let
    Me activate the flames. Reply to my question if you know

  • ForSkyrim!

    If you have already killed Kodlak, and cured Vilkas and Farkas, just got back a few days later in Skyrim.  As long as you have a head or 2, you can cure yourself…if you want to.

    • berry.jon

      How? Just go back to the tomb?

  • Popealexander93

    I want to cure myself of being a werewolf but not because I don’t want to be one. Let me explain: when i was done with the quest with aelo the huntress were you become a werewolf a glitch happened that doesnt let me go into first person anymore.i didnt notice it in time to start over so i saved it with this bug. I feel like this was caused by becoming a werewolf because of two reasons: my r3 button still works ive tested it, and in my other skyrim file were im not a werewolf i can still use first person with r3. i have tried changing the button for third/first person toggle to something else but whatever button i put it as it still doesnt let me change my view. i want to be able to change to first person view for combat so if anyone can tell me whats wrong i would really appreciate it.

    • Failedmylife

      You can’t go into first person with werewolf…

    • Superxmfl

      When you’re a werewolf you cant turn into first person. Bethesda was probably too lazy to implement that feature.

  • Bignuni1

    Hey does anyone know where else witches are instead of glenmoril coven? Because I killed them all during the companions quest and I want to cure myself now but I can’t find anymore witches.

    • DCNNAH

      wait 30 days and they will respawn

    • Ivrell

      You can’t find them anywhere else and they don’t respawn. If you dropped the heads and it is almost immposible to find it you can add it by command additem. I had the same problem, so to get back on questline I had to add it like this: press tylde to open text window, 
      then write: player.additem 0002996f 1

    • Midgetninjaz

      you can wait about a week in skyrim and then they will be back there

  • xOOOO000OOOOx

    I to have the same problem as Erupit2

  • xOOOO000OOOOx

    Hey does anybody know why in my werewolf file my guys vision is like orange and black ad everything is super dark? Its only on this file because nothing is wrong with my other ones where I am not a werewolf

  • Erupit2

    I completed this, killed my wolf spirit, and still don’t get rested bonuses, nor do I get the “lovers comfort” bonus. My day counter of “days as a werewolf” is still counting, but the transformation power is gone.

  • Erupit2

    I completed this, killed my wolf spirit, and still don’t get rested bonuses, nor do I get the “lovers comfort” bonus. My day counter of “days as a werewolf” is still counting, but the transformation power is gone.

  • Kejtlin

    Hi, i have problem with this.. first, i cure Kodlak and leave it without cure me or anyone else, but now, after couple of hours playing i want to cure myself and farkas / vilkas too.. i have 4 heads but i dont know how to cure.. if i go solo to Ysgramor’s Tombi cant use that flame for cure, if i go for vilkas / farkas and ask them for follow, go with them to tomb i cant use that fire too.. can anyone help me please ? i will be glad for every advice

    • Roccosato

      I have the same problem too, please help.  All I get are more quests from Aela/vilkas/farkas.  I’ve completed the whole chain and kodlak is dead and cured.  Are there a finite number of quests from the other three circle members and is curing them the last of them? Let me know, thanks.

  • Zeypher

    What are the benefits of completing the Companion quest line? If its to become a werewolf, and I don’t want to be one, is there any point to completing it? Loot? XP?

    • Failedmylife

      You get to do a LOT of side quests that give xp and $$$

  • Werziluk

    I really was 50/50 on curing myself. So I left Ysgramor’s Tomb after clearing it. If you return later even with a witches head you CAN NOT cure the werewolf, you press A on the thing in the middle and nothing happens 🙁 Unless my game has glitched :/

    • Amillward5

      i have the same problem, i do not understand

      • Werziluk

        Good news Amillward5, I just got back from work and decided to try and sort this. Here is how I and other people have solved this issue:

        You need 2/3 witch heads for this to work.Carry on doing quests for the companions, cure Farkas of his spirit (its a quest he gives you). It should still not work after this.

        Now do the same quest ‘purity’ for Vilkas. Kill his spirit and then speak to him until he says hes going to wait around there for a while. Now get your health topped up and active again and your spirit should release….kill it 😛

        Just so you know once cured you can NEVER be a werewolf again. Personally I prefer to stay pure human 🙂

        • Ley Osborne

          How many quests do you have to do? Farkas has stopped offering quests, Aela offers Werewolf totem quests, and Vilkas offers rescue mission after rescue mission. 

        • Dudejjb1124

          To all that has this problem this works perfectly! Thanks!

        • Championstyle

          This worked!! Thanks

        • Gamerdoof

          Thanks so much!

        • Agathon159

           thank you so much!!

  • Ihasausername

    i cant seem to get the quest to do this, though i spoke with kodlak about his wanting a cure :<

    • Ihasausername

      i got the blood honor quest, i came back but kodlak is dead…can i still get the cure?????

      • Ihasausername

        Nevermind! i see now that this was all a part of the quest, i question things to easily

  • Jahuty

    Thanks for the info, I was interested in becoming a werewolf at first but then realized the trade off was that you can never get the well-rested buff from sleeping anymore. So I’m gonna take this quest to kill off the lycanthropy spirit within.

  • RyGuy

    Were can you get witch heads other than glenmoril cave? I took all of the heads from there and placed them in a dead character and now they are gone because the character’s body disappeared.  Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

    • Willeyzt24

      I am having the same problem RyGuy. I ended up selling the witches heads after i cured the old man and now when I try and do other missions for Companions it is a loop of the same three missions, Rescue, kill some sort of animal or beast, or retrieve something for someone…Then when I tried to go back to the tomb it wouldnt let me activate it becuase I had no witch heads…PLEASE HELP!

      • Myrdin

        Willeyzt24, you need to make sure to do quests for Farkas, eventually he will ask you to cleanse him, if you don’t have a witch head he will ask you to get some more.

        • Willeyzt24

          That worked! thank you!

        • Robbbie85

          I was wondering if it’s possible to cure Aela also. Not that it matters much, just curious, if you keep doing quests for her.