Skyrim companions: How to cure werewolf lycanthropy disease

To say that you guys were excited about becoming a werewolf in Skyrim in an understatement to say the moment prior to release, but now we have some handy information for those who are actually looking for a cure to rid yourself of the lycanthropy disease for good.

Since Skyrim is now out there to the masses, it is no secret anymore that players have the option of turning into a hairy beast, which will then grant the user various abilities as well as taking away some standard gameplay features as well – such as not being able to loot, talk to people, can’t use items and so on.

If you have already started the companions quest line and have gained the ability to transform into a werewolf, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a way to completely cure yourself, but it will come at a price as you will no longer be able to become a werewolf for the rest of your Skyrim adventure.

If you’re still interested in finding a cure, you’ll need to first complete the companions quest line till the end. After this, if you talk to everyone you will discover that Kodlak, commander of the companions is looking for a cure. Once you have done this step, talking to him will then start the Blood’s Honor quest, in which you have to kill at least one of the four Glenmoril witches and take one of their heads. Take two heads though if you want to cure yourself of lycanthropy for good measure.

Once you reach the Glory of the Dead quest you then have to use the blue flame combined with the second Glenmoril witch’ head to set your wolf spirit free. This is done in Ysgramor’s Tomb where you used the first witch head to cure Kodlak. Once you set your wolf spirit free, it will then come out of you. Once you kill it you will then be completely cured of lycanthropy!

So there we have it, we’re not sure you would want to cure yourself though as many of you will agree that being a werewolf in the game is a pretty enjoyable experience and allows you to do things you couldn’t normally do – like killing victims with ease without gaining a bounty.

If these steps helped you, leave us a comment below. Let us know if you are having any problems with getting this to work as well, since we have heard that one or two glitches may appear when starting quests.



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