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New 15-inch Macbook release date clues for 2012 – Pro or Air desired?

We have some exciting new rumors to share for all you Apple lovers out there, as we’re hearing that Apple may drop their next major Macbook update during the early months of 2012, with a release possibly coming in March.

Those of you who currently own a Macbook Air should pay particular attention to these latest rumors as it has been claimed that Apple are planning to unleash a ‘ultra-thin’ 15-inch Macbook which could be even thinner than the Air.

The news has surfaced in a fresh report from Digitimes, as component suppliers are apparently preparing to ship parts for the unannounced device at the end of this month. One vital piece of information that hasn’t been disclosed in the article though, is whether this will be a new Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.

Considering that Apple has just given their Pro lineup a quiet refresh, we are hoping that this update will affect their Air notebooks, and consumers will have a brand new, even thinner model to consider buying by the time March 2012 comes around. This story can probably be linked to this article we wrote at the end of October which first dropped hints about Apple’s new 15-inch Macbook. There we told you about how the components for the new model were being ‘tested’, but now it seems like it has reached the shipping phase already if the new rumors are to be believed.

Since then, we have heard that Apple may even be planning to upgrade all of their existing product lineup in 2012, which obviously includes the likes of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad aside from the Macbook Pro and Air models. If we presume that Apple are releasing a new Macbook in March though, what would you like it to be? – An ultra-thin Macbook Air or an ultra-thin Macbook Pro?



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