MW3 Easter Eggs: Teddy Bear locations and Samantha Zombies secret

We have some Modern Warfare 3 easter eggs to tell you about now, and they are some pretty exciting ones, especially if you are a fan of zombies from previous Call of Duty games developed by Treyarch. Teddy bears have been spotted in the game, as well as one surprise teaser involving Samantha.

Firstly, let’s tell you about the teddy bears. For those of you that don’t know, the teddy bears have been something of a tradition in previous Call of Duty games from Activision, as both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have included them easier as easter eggs, or in Treyarch’s case as main gameplay features.

In Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward has planted various teddy bears around the maps, most of which players have found using the no clip feature of spectator mode in a private match. One such example is a giant teddy bear located on the Lockdown map, towards the bottom left-hand side of the map. If you investigate the windows in spectator mode, you’ll see that one of them contains a giant bear, which is equipped with two golden desert eagles in each hand.

Other teddy bears have been spotted on Seatown, Arkaden, Mission, Outpost and Village – have you found them all yet? Maybe’s there’s some more too which we don’t know about, perhaps you could help us out on this.

Now then, here’s something we didn’t expect to see in Modern Warfare 3 – a homage to Treyarch’s zombie mode. If you played the Bag and Drag campaign mission in the game and didn’t spot this, we can tell you that there is actually a picture of Samantha at the bottom of a set of stairs. Below is a picture taken from the video showing the Samantha easter egg.

If you are thinking this is just some random picture, then notice that Samantha is also holding a teddy bear in her hand, and she’s a wearing a dress with ribbons on it, similar to her appearance in Treyarch’s zombie mode storyline. On closer inspection, you can also see that the sledgehammer she is holding has the initials ‘SHG’ on it, leading us to believe that this could be the work of Sledgehammer Games primarily, rather than Infinity Ward.

We’ll be discussing that Samantha easter egg in greater detail later, but for now, let us know what you think of the teddy bears and Samantha’s inclusion in Modern Warfare 3. Have you found any other secrets in the game?



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