Hilarious Skyrim glitches, video round-up

By Chris Cook - Nov 15, 2011

By now many of you Skyrim fans would have lost more than few hours’ sleep playing the epic new game. As with most new games, this one hasn’t come without a few minor hiccups that make for some entertaining if not frustrating gameplay. I’m talking about the glitches which many gamers have pointed out and some have even caught them on video.

Courtesy of CVG, who has seemingly been collecting these video clips, a round-up of the most hilarious glitches people have found so far has been provided. Baring in mind these glitches will most likely be dealt with when Bethesda releases a patch update, we suggest that you take a look at the videos provided and if you feel there is something you have witnessed that hasn’t yet been reported you let us know so others can experience them before it’s too late.

There are seven videos altogether highlighting six different issues that people have experienced. The first two videos show that the power of the giants might be a little stronger than the developer intended as when a player or a NPC is struck with their clubs they are sent flying into the clouds before landing several meters away from where they were. A frustrating glitch but hilarious none the less.

The next video is a clip of a player who managed to get their horse to become airborne. As they walk carefully to the edge of the mountain their fall becomes a glide unintentionally, a glitch that seemingly won’t get you from a-b without dying at the end as they crash-land. The next video clip witnesses a little bunny rabbit that is seemingly trapped in the current of a stream. The player finds this very amusing and uses the situation to test out their electrifying powers. The bunny’s fate is not so amusing.

Another clip finds a player faceless, a glitch that is enough to freak out the bravest of players, while another clip shows how a dragon skeleton can be blasted out of a player’s path. The final video they have provided is not a glitch just a hilarious clip of how to steal in the presence of witnesses without getting caught, a trick most players may find themselves doing at some point. Check out all the clips by clicking the link above. What do you think of them? Are there any glitches you have witnessed that haven’t yet been pointed out?

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  • VanessaV

        I have a shitty, but also funny glitch in my game.    I killed a dragon in the air and it’s body fell onto the narrow entrance way of  The Mage’s Collage.   So now there is a dragon skeleton blocking the way.            The reason why it is funny is because the bones look like they are constantly dancing or humping the path LOL. But if I fast travel to the Collage then use the whirlwind shout I can usually get past the bones before they appear! It’s a pain in the ass but I don’t care because  XP SKYRIM ROCKS!!!! <3

    • Anonymous

      Give Fury a try; you should be able to blast the skeleton right out of the way.

      • Vanessahendren

        Thanks godofodd!
         I just tried fury it and it worked! XP

  • dose any one know how to multiply items like u could in oblivion

  • thats not a glitch get ur facts right next time

  • Thats not a glitch in the video dumbass.

  • Kuhen

    I have a glitch where I have an ice pick sticking out of my character’s body…. got shot by an apprentice mage with an ice pick spell and 2 hours after killing him and playing on it’s still stuck to my character…   Well done bethesda studios!!!! Now i know why I had to fork out so much cash for this…

    • did u get the collector one too

  • Motomadman22

    i have a terrable glitch! i joined the Companion clan in Whiterun. i accidentally punched a guard so they started chasing me into the Campaions house, the Companions started fighting the guards for me ( which i thought was cool ) but then when i was hitting the guards with lightning (sparks) one of the Companions ran into my lightning then they turned on me. the problem was one of the men i was on a mission with ( he was following me to help with the mission ) keeps chasing me like he is going to kill me even though we are allies. when he gets close he tries talking to me then i finish the conversation and a second later he talks to me again and again and again!!!  it doesnt matter how far i run i cant lose him, i cant fast travel ever cause it says i am being pusued, i tried unselecting the mission to do another, i tried dieing,sleeping,waiting and a few other things. the really bad part is that my last save point was 6 hours ago!!! i am so pissed!!! does anyone have any suggestions???? PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ HELP!!!

    • werty22212

      If he’s not considered a follower incap him and book it but if he is and he’s hostile towards you just sheath your weapon he should stop. worst case you have to reload…

    • VanessaV

      How about trying to complete a different mission with  the dude following you?

  • MK

    I’ve found a book flopping around in a hot spring, a sword levitating at eye level, and I spontaneously started swimming where there was no water- or maybe the water was just invisible?   I also saw an elk walking up a hill that continued in the same upright position once it reached the top.  My favorite thing, which may not have been a glitch, was an attempted robbery by an Argonian while underwater.

    • Motomadman22

      lol a water theif…nice, well that better than my glitch, almost considering not playing again!

  • Gareth_whitehouse

    i get jammed for about 20sec at the alters used for making magic items. also i don’t think this is a glitch but the lock pick is a bit too sensitive.

  • Music4life77

    is anyone else having issues learning the 3rd word of power Push , Unrelenting force when i talk to master wulfgar all’s he dose is bow and wave his hands and nothing i have the strat guide ses the word will be on the floor but its not there at all

    • Tryda

      He should walk into the main room were you learned the second level and then pit ion on the ground. Then TA-DA you got level 3. Hope this helps.

    • werty22212

      Sometimes it doesnt spawn i had the same problem with the second word but if you press start then press it again it should appear.

    • Carugas_angel

      I am having the same issue I finished the horn quest left the temple gained about 10 levels before I realized that I still had to learn the last part of unrelenting force, I left went back and it’s on the ground but wont let me activate it, I’m thinking if this won’t let me continue with the main quest all my hard work was wasted.

      • Coltonlawrence49

        Did you solve this problem cuz I’m having the same one and I’m so mad:-(

        • Boyd Vanabeelen

          Yeah me too and everybody is inside and inly waves with his hands and nothing happens

    • Zombiehunter

      I had this problem, if you go outside and speak to the greybeard you spoke to just before and wait for him to go inside it will work.

  • Ejeverett30

    The giants power isn’t a glitch its sapposed to do that

  • I’ve done Fus Ro Da to a Fox that glitched and flew like a boomerang off my screen lol