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Galaxy Nexus: Prices for official car mount and HDMI dock revealed

We recently informed you about the official cases for the upcoming Galaxy Nexus, but now we have some more accessory details to share with you. This time we have a first look at the HDMI dock, as well as the official car mounting dock for the device.

Despite the fact that we still don’t know when the device is releasing in the US (we’ll get on to that later), that hasn’t stopped accessory details from leaking out, and thanks to a few images obtained by Droid-Life, we now have key information for the upcoming HDMI dock and car mount add-ons.

The HDMI dock for the Galaxy Nexus looks likely to come in at $59.99 and comes with an included one year warranty with Samsung. The dock will allow you to connect your Galaxy Nexus so that you can enjoy media content with the dock’s built-in stereo speakers system. Whilst your Galaxy Nexus is in the dock it will charge up and you can also connect it up to your TV to view content on there instead but unfortunately, you won’t get a HDMI cable included with the price.

As for the car mount, you’ll be able to pick this up for $39.99 and it is again manufactured by Samsung. It is your standard car mount here, nothing too fancy and no special features. You will however be able to rotate the car mount to whichever view and position is best for you, thanks to a multi-view design. The car mount should be available at launch alongside the HDMI dock and it also comes with a 1 year warranty as well.

Will you be paying extra for some official accessories for the device, or will you prefer to pick up some cheaper third-party alternatives? We’ll inform you when we hear of any more accessories for the Galaxy Nexus.



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