Element ELDFT404 40″ LCD HDTV: Specs, comparison review with ELGFT401

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2011

With the huge holiday sales just a week away, we have yet another television to tell you about which may take your preference this year as you hope to pick up a bargain. Element’s 40-inch ELDFT404 LCD HDTV is set to be a big seller this year, and we have some additional information on the TV for those that are interested in getting one.

As you may have noticed, this particular model isn’t selling anywhere at the moment as it is one of Element’s brand new televisions which will go on sale next week. The company hasn’t even listed a product page for this model on their official website, as the closest match we’ve found for it is the 40-inch ELGFT401, although we expect the specs to be very similar.

What we do know is that the ELDFT404 has a LCD quality display screen, and will feature 1080p visuals thanks to a 1920 X 1080 maximum resolution. It will also have a refresh rate of 60Hz and if specs are similar to the ELGFT401 as mentioned above, we could be seeing as many as three HDMI ports on the ELDFT404, which is obviously very good indeed for a 40-inch model.

Other specs will include a digital TV tuner, a separate VGA input to connect your PC to the TV, a possible 8 watt output for the built-in speakers and a handy digital noise reduction feature. Another feature that is listed for the ELGFT401 that may be included on the new ELDFT404 is a removable stand, meaning that those of you who want to mount this TV on the wall, can do so without worrying about the TV stand getting in the way.

There’s no review for this model unfortunately, but there are some consumer reviews for the ELGFT401 over at Walmart here which you may find useful to get an idea on the brand quality of Element if you’ve never heard of them before. Let us know if you have any new details on the new ELDFT404. Don’t forget to check similar information for hot TV deals made by Emerson, Westinghouse and Sharp.

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  • got this TV last year black friday and it has been working flawlessly for me since!

  • Stuck pixels, then speakers stopped working after less than 2 weeks. Junk.

  • Michaelmcg1

    hi just bought a element 404 has 3 pixels so i took my camera and flashed it 8 times now it is ok .jason

    • Bagman37

      not sure what you mean by flashing it I bought one of the tvs on black friday but never took it out of the box yet? I hope I have better luck than the four reviews i have read so far. Thanks

  • Jack Frost

    Bought the 404 at Target on Black Friday.  2 pixels are already showing as I plugged it in.  For approx $75 I can ship it back and they will send me a new one in 10-12 weeks if they come in from China they told me.  or I can have it refunded at the store.  Tom, the gentleman I spoke to at Element said, “you are Not the only one that has had this problem, Element had this TV specifically made for the Black Friday Sales”.  His enthusiasm sold me to never wait in line 4 hours for an Element product again.

    • Tkscollard

      I also got my TV at target on black friday. When you go to Elements website the 404 isn’t even on there. My pixels are going out. I hope target will make this right or Element.

      • tink7963

        Hi T….this HD stuff is new to me, but my husband bought one on Black Friday also, have only had it up for a day, but not sure what you mean about pixels going out. Just wondering what to look for..