Droid Incredible: 2.3.4 Gingerbread update – Problems after download?

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2011

It is never a straight forward procedure when it comes to Android updates, and this is evident in the fact that a new Gingerbread update is apparently available for the HTC Droid Incredible, despite the fact that many users already updated their handsets in September.

We can tell you that this is actually a new build of Gingerbread, as the build released in September contained various bugs which HTC deemed sufficient enough to pull the update. For those that are still rocking Android 2.2 Froyo, you may want to head to your settings now and check to see if there’s an update available.

If there is, you should see the build number of 4.08.605.2 ready and waiting to download, with the install size reportedly coming in at just 6.7MB. Once updated, your Droid Incredible should be updated to version 2.3.4 of Gingerbread – so yeah, still not the latest version (2.3.5) which is pretty laughable when you think that the first Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 phone is due to hit Europe in a few days time.

Changes listed by HTC in the new update include improved Bluetooth functionality, a fix to the low memory message related to SMS, voice command fixes, tweaks to GPS and a fix regarding app loading problems when using an SD card. You can view Verizon’s update document here, courtesy of Droid-Life.

If you haven’t updated yet, try it out now and let us know how you get on. We’ve heard that some people have had problems mounting apps of the SD card, so check this aspect out specifically and report back to us with your findings. On a side note, what are your thoughts on HTC only issuing Gingerbread now for the Droid Incredible? Does it make you worried for future updates for handsets like the Rezound? This is one reason alone that many consumers will opt for the Galaxy Nexus since it will get all software updates first before any other Android handset.

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  • slimjim93

    My android shut off and I had to remove the battery and put it back in.  The phone was laggy but it came back on.  The apps I installed weren’t loading properly until about 2 minutes and I’m concerned it will happen again.  I have a HTC wildfire S with the new 2.3 Gingerbread software.  Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    Check out the answer here:

    h t t p : / / a n d r o i d . s t a c k e x c h a n g e . c o m / q u e s t i o n s / 1 5 6 6 6 / l o w – o n – s p a c e – w a r n i n g – w i t h – o v e r – 5 0 – f r e e

  • Bricked my phone. Couldn’t receive texts or calls. New one is coming in the mail

    • Guest

      A friend of mine got skipped on Gingerbread 2.3.4 and got Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 updated on his Droid Incredible, how the f*ck did that happen???

      • Anonymous

        ROFL. He lied. There’s no way he got Ice Cream Sandwich unless he went 11 months into the future. That’s how long it took to get Gingerbread on the Incredible since Gingerbread was released by Google. The only way to get Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 right now is if you’re in England and bought a new Galaxy Nexus or the hacker that’s currently working to get Ice Cream Sandwich on the Incredible but he can’t even get the touchscreen to work. I don’t know how it’ll be usable at all. 

  • Ravinskyr

    AWFUL!!! Don’t download it. I have numerous problems since the update. The touch screen in now spotty at best, voice requests made to the phone are not heard or recognized, it erased half my apps, and it keeps telling me that I’m low on storage when I have 6.25GB, and 414MB available respectively in interal phone storage. Verizon said my only remedy is to do a full factory reset: ie lose all my info…

  • Hesiodseris

    updated with no problems, however now my clock/weather widget is broken.  I have to have gps turned on for it to work.  I do not want gps turned on.  Any solutions? 

  • i have best idea you can read it Ijust did the latest update and now my display says 3.6. Lost the 4.4. Besides that I had no problems.

  • i have best idea you can read it Ijust did the latest update and now my display says 3.6. Lost the 4.4. Besides that I had no problems.

  • me

    Got the OTA update message the other day, 14th, and I tried to update it and it just sat at the screen that says “Rebooting…”  for several hours.  I rebooted it myself, and there was no update.  It is still saying 2.2, and that my system is up to date.

    • Mululu m

      Having the same problem did you solve the problem. My phone is rooted.

  • Ckao902

    This thread is quite long, so sorry if someone mentioned this already:

    Before this most recent update, I could plug my phone into my Mac and mount it as a disk drive no problem. After the update, I plug in my phone and all it does is charge. I’ve already made sure to go into Settings and check “Ask me about USB connection type…”, and I’ve turned on debugging mode.

    Is anyone else having this problem?? Any solutions?? I’ve heard that it may be the type of USB cable I’m using, but I never had problems with the cable before this update.

    • Mgrunden

      Same issue here.
      Windows XP machine. No problems mounting phone as disk drive prior to the 2.3.4 update. Now it will not mount. When turning debug mode on and off  I will briefly see the drives show up, but then they disappear. VERY annoying.

  • Grrrr Verizon Grrrr

    For everyone who recieves the Low Memory warnings…I have had them for awhile even before the update. Go through your apps in Settings then Manage applications and clear the cache. The major ones I clear are Facebook and Market. Usually after I clear those I dont get that warning again for about a month. DO NOT click the Clear data button unless you want to lose high scores on games and stuff like that. I DO click Clear data on the Facebook app because it is such a data hog. Alls you have to do is put back in your email address and Facebook password…no big deal. I hope that helps some of you with that pesky little issue.

  • Jtswife

    Got the first update yesterday, then the second update notification this morning, tried to install but was told to delete some apps. Deleted some apps then tried to update & now it won’t update. What is going on? Why the incremental update? Who on earth would release the same update they pulled months ago? Not to mention, why couldn’t they just go directly to the newer update? Puzzeled

  • Awdiokid

    Same problems as some others here, got the 4.06 update, and shortly saw the 4.08 update available, but it won’t complete the 4.08 update since it claims low memory. Now I’m stuck at 4.06, and just to top it off, it seems that 4.06 created two horizontal dead zones in the touch sensitivity of my screen.

  • Jhartranft3728

    I got the notification yesterday for the update.  I pressed the button to install and it gave me the standard “this may take 10-15 minutes” message, but about 15 seconds later the screen turned black and said that my software is up to date.  According to the software information, I’m only running Android version 2.2 build 3.26.605.1  What’s up with that?!

  • dkl

    Got an update yesterday and another today.  The one yesterday would not load any apps from the SD card so I had to reload all those.  My kindle app also registered my phone as a 2nd droid so I had to log into Amazon and send all my purchased books to the 2nd android then deregister the first.

  • Raddy

    I got the 4.08 update this morning but when I went to install it, it said I had insufficient space and installation couldn’t complete.  I removed some stuff and tried to update again, but I can’t figure out how.  I tried going to system updates, but the screen says my phone is current.  Any thoughts?

  • hello i did the update but the software bulid num says 4.06.605.3 not 4.o8.605.3 any reason for that plus it not take ten mins it took like less then five no lost appsi run off of my clear hotspot on the version part it says 2.3.4 just software bulid num is diffrent then the one they talked  abt on this site

    • That is the build number of the first update, you should have rec’d or will be receiving the 2nd update. The issues that I had were limited to the 1st update and could have been resolved by unmounting and remounting the SD card. I went the long way round and just reinstalled the apps and it is working just fine post 2nd update to 4.08.605.2 .

  • I had the same issues yesterday that everyone else here seemed to have. That being said, the 2nd update went smooth as silk, with no issues what so ever.

  • randy

    I just did the latest update and now my display says 3.7. Lost the 4.3. Besides that I had no problems.

  • Cozy

    New updates came this week, first Android 2.3.4 and last night Software no 4.08.605.2.  Everything loaded fine, it took about 10 to 15 mins each.  All my apps were still there after the update.  No problems so far.

  • Scissorfingers

    Ok did the first update yesterday morning with no issue, now wants to do another update this morning? Hmmm I think I’m NOT gonna fix something that’s not broken here…. From lots of the replies, I can’t afford to lose this phone, or my pics…. I will keep checking in here to see what everyone else does… had the low memory warnings before but lately it has been fine, found that by moving apps to SD card helped, I don’t want that issue to come back either….

    • Scissorfingers

      Ok couldnt resist the update, got tired of being reminded to update. No problems here everything working like it should… Wonder y some have problems, and others are ok? Wtf

  • Flstfi151

    I also had to reload SD app’s yesterday but it went well, this morning another update but wouldn’t complete due to low memory space!!

    • Flstfi151

      Also can’t find this mornings (2nd) update to try again??

  • ChChChCheckIt

    I’m having the same problem.  After horrible update, nothing would sync while the Low Storage icon is on, 
    and numerous apps were deleted.  I had to redownload those lost apps that were deleted after the upgrade.  Last night a new upgrade came through but could not load because of low storage.  

    Since then I’ve deleted almost everything from the phone and moved the VIP stuff to the sd card, which made the icon go away and it is now syncing again.  However at what cost?  I want it all back again.

    And that update from last night can not be found.  This is so frustrating!!!

    • AnnoyedDroid

      Having the exact same problem.

  • Ksr

    Hey HTC……keep up the substandard performance on the updates and I move over to the i…..you’ve heard of them right? Another update was sent to my phone this morning and it wont install because i lack resource space. Are you kidding me? I’m running at 75% available. What is going on with you guys?

  • Dennis McCracken

    Woke up to another incoming update this morning. However it won’t load due to insufficient system resources. It wants me to remove mail and apps. I think I’ll hold off for now.

  • grace

    I got the 4.06 update yesterday morning. It did it’s thing but I was missing some apps. I went back to the market and reinstalled the apps, well only Angry Birds. Then I was afraid that all my fully completed levels would be gone, the were still there. It made me happy.
    Just right now, I just got a message stating another update to 4.08. I am now scared to update since I had no problems other than missing some apps that were easily reinstalled.
    Guess I will check back here  later to see if 4.08 at 8.6 mb is a success. 

    • Kolya Matteo

      The 4.08 update is the one that fixes your apps disappearing from the 4.06 update.  It would have brought them back without reinstalling.
      (The 4.06 update is the one from September which was pulled because of its bugs.  The 4.08 fixes those bugs, but is being rolled out separately for some terrible reason.)
      The upshot is:  If you get the first (4.06) update, MAKE SURE you get the 4.08 update also.

      • grace

        The 4.08 update was on my phone this morning. Ran the update, all is well, no glitches and all my apps are still there. 

  • Drizzlefoshizzle

    This is funny. Now I’ve got the rerelease update, but it wont load because of the low memory problem. Haha. FML

    • Tony Stark

      SAY THE SAME FOR ME! No low memory notification but says the system cant load due to low memory. FTW FML

  • Ahtitan

    I had very few problems with the update. Some of my icons were changed from the real ones to Android ones. These programs no longer worked, and I had to reinstall them. Not a big deal. I can still access the SD, my default ringtone mp3 is still active, and everything else seems ok.

  • sweet

    All my apps that were on SD card are gone and my battery lasts half as long. Merry Christmas, me!

  • Sharraye

    Low storage warnings.I do not have low storage.Can’t access Facebook. Force close programs all day long.I have had my Droid Inc for a year and no problems until this wonderful update today.I have spent too much of my day messing with my phone and is still screwed up.

  • keenan hansen

    Evening, so i forced updated my phone last night, i did the install and currently wish i had not. my phone never prompted the update in september so i thought i would try this out.
    Things i have noticed so far, UI and a few icons have changed for the better, screen animation is faster and smoother. a few less hang ups here and there.
    The bad things i have noticed so far have far out weighed the good. it is a puzzle every time you reboot your phone in order to get the SD card to actually read, then when it reads only the apps that show up on the basic screens(homes screens) however if you have apps in a folder on the homescreens they will work just fine and all but they will not load the icon. 
    furthermore i can no longer access any photos, music, ringtones or gallery. through a 3rd party app i have been able to confirm that the SD card is readable and works just fine as all my files are there, however the update made it so the device can not access or have anything to do with them.  

    now the word on the street is that the follow up update is going to fix some of these very annoying issues. however i have NO CLUE how to get this new update………. GAH!! and we wonder why people choose apple over android?

  • Rjbarden

    Are you kidding me with this garbage update?!
    Force close loop to start was fun now realizing tons of SD apps are gone, low storage warning with 90% actual free space, and probably a few other goodies left to find. all for some smaller text and some stupid fixes that I never noticed were a “problem” in the first place. Not a very funny joke HTC.

  • Mine’s on a force close loop, fun! HTC Incredible

  • Loladinardo71

    updated last night and hate it. my phone volume is all screwed up. low space pops up-even though i have plenty of space and the worst thing is it is draining my battery at an alarming rate. i want to remove this update.

  • Ej_crane

    It took away my default ring tone – great, subtle ring tone (forget what it’s called – just a single *ding* twice, followed by dings of a lower pitch) and used one I don’t like (Solaris) as the new default.

    Thanks for the tip below – move an app from SD card to phone then back if the app does not work.

    The new OS has smaller font on the dialog boxes – not sure what the benefit is there…

  • NOT happy. Before update, everything working perfectly.  Now after 2.3.4 update, low space icon showed up, and my apps that were moved to my SD card are GONE.  Deleted a bunch of apps, low space message still does not go away.  Tried all the standard fixes, battery pull, unmount, etc., nothing works. this sucks.

  • NadaLemming

    Got it this morning… 2.3.4. Apps on SD card had to be reinstalled but all sign in data and otherwise for them still present and functioning.  No other problems.  Happy Camper here…

  • Anonymous

    UN-Mount the SD card then RE-Mount after a few seconds.  Give it a few seconds to load the SD card storage. The should fix the SD card issue. 

    YOu can also shut down and physically take out then reinsert the SD card after unmounting, then after the re-boot, mount the SD card and it should be fine.

    For the Low Memory notification. Goto the Mail app and delete all the contents of the Trash folders to regain some memory.

  • My-An Le

    I’ve had issues mounting a few of my apps from the SD card. I re-downloaded the apps that weren’t mapped anymore, but I’m sure I’ll find some more that I’m missing. 

  • Dlorenzopaso

    the apps on the sd card show but have no logo… wont open…when i got into and try to move into phone it says app does not exist… ideas?

    • neeneewit

      Im having the SAME problem.  I’m wondering if this will ever fix?

      • ChChChCheckIt

        You have to go back into the app store and redownload them.  One of mine was Angry Birds, and luckily the score wasn’t deleted.

    • Set

      The apps are still there.  You dont’ have to redownload them.  They are located on your SD card.  Go to Menu>Settings>SD & Phone Storage>Unmount SD Card.  Wait a few seconds to have it fully unmounted, then press that same section again it will say “Mount SD Card” now.  After you have it remounted, after a few seconds your apps should reappear.  While there are there I would go to Applications and move them to your phone.  If you don’t, you may have to keep going to the unmount/mount after every restart unless they fix that eventually too.

  • Ksr

    I’m a heavy user of JAVA script. Thanks to 2.3.4s update this morning I can’t run JAVA anymore. HEY DEVELOPERS………how did you miss that?

  • KB

    I had the update this morning, and I get a warning now saying “Damaged SD Card”. A lot of my apps gone, along with ALL my photos and music that were on there. Anyone else???

    Tried to mount, but get the same message. 🙁

  • Beth Harpel

    downloaded this morning….recognizes there are apps on the sd card but i can’t use them.  tried to move back to the phone and it says the app doesn’t exist.  restarting and pulling the sd card doesn’t help.

    • neeneewit

      I tried this too…nothing…same as you.  Im sooo frustrated!!  I wish I never would’ve updated!!

    • Set

      Just pulling the SD card wont work.  You have to unmount and remount it.  However, I had to keep doing that after a restart.  After I remounted the SD card I went to applications and moved all apps from SD card to phone. 

  • Tlpeter1986

    Updated yesterday, 11/14/15 around 2100hrs, update went fine. No longer receiving low space notifications. Only issue I’m having is the HTC music player. My album art will not show on either of the 2 widgets. Plugged phone into pc, deleted all music and re-copied all music to SD card. Restarted phone and the album art showed for a minute then was gone. Small problem but kind of annoying. Hopefully it fixes itself.

  • updated last night…got low on space warning this morning…moved all apps to sd that I could…seems fine now

  • updated last night…didn’t get low on space warning until this morning…moved all apps to sd that I could…seems fine now

  • Jimmie Lee Perkins

    Got my update this morning no issues really fast a few changes nothing to get all hyped about just glad I don’t have the issues others are having just don’t pull the battery while on the Droid eye screen it takes a while to boot “)

  • Laurie

    Can’t get my phone to keep the connection to my WiFi!  Have tried rebooting it a couple times.  ALso getting low space.  Geez this is frustrating!

    • Persianiam

      sam here

  • Woke up to an update this morning showing “downloaded and verified” 2.3.4 update with a file size of 87.8MB. I hesitated at first, so I waited an hour and decided to go ahead with the update.  It tried to reboot and then nothing happened but my phone says the system is up-to-date, but it’s still on 2.2.  


    • Alex Cooper

      exact same boat!

  • Julie Merryman

    Downloaded the new update this morning…Nothing but problems since! Low space warning, camera stopped working, deleted all my contacts, lost all contact photos (separate issue from deleting contacts as they happened at two different times…) So frustrated with this update

  • Steve

    I installed update this morning, had to reload apps, got low space warning, and noticed that when using my HTC music widget the album art doesn’t show like it used to. Don’t like the new volume sound, can it be changed?

  • Elizabeth

    My husband updated his last night.  It seemed to work fine other than not being able to find the SD apps. 

    I got the notice for my phone this morning. Like another commenter, I was in the middle of something so I postponed it.  When I resumed the install, I had to go to a meeting, and didn’t see what happened.  But when I returned to my phone, it looked like it always had.  Checking the version number, it is still on 2.2…

    So I restarted the phone.  And now everything is deleted off the screen.  Even in the other scenes.  All of my apps are still installed, but I had things organized…   And going to “System Updates” says my version is current.  And I don’t have a “check for updates” button.  So, do I wait?

  • Justusfoure

    I allowed update last night, and all contacts are gone this morning – except some on computer, but some are just addresses?  Best update ever – it told me some of my SD apps didn’t exist (fixed with remounting), has techno-brick sound effects for each press of the volume button, and the back-assistant has been backing up all morning.  On the backup assistant site, I was prompted to press the button on the right to create my first contact. 

    I am VERY SAD and scared.  WHHHYYYYY?!!?

  • My phone stated that the upgrade was available. It wasn’t a 6mb file it was 80+. After I tapped on restart and install it went to the update screen saying my device is up to date. Did Verizon pull the update?

  • Naughtyzut

    I lost over 50 apps, not all of which were on the SD card.  I got the 4.06 build, also–why is this, when they’re touting the 4.08 build?

    • Lynnels

      All apps came back and work properly after a simple unmount / mount of the SD Card for me.

  • Felicialenae81

    I thought my phone had a virus the way its acting. Is there any way t
    o switch back?

    • neeneewit

      I was wondering this too…If i can go back!!!!!  this is the pits!!!

  • psichick

    I thought my phone locked up on the Droid eye screen, but left it alone. Almost 20 minutes later my phone was up and running. Had to unmount/mount the SD card (not physically), but otherwise, everything seems to be running faster and smoother. Nice.

    My only complaint is why have so many of us received the 4.06 instead of the (advertised) 4.08 version? I also dislike that when I hold the Power button, “vibrate” is no longer a profile option. It only has silence, reboot, and power off. Bleah. I’m just grateful I don’t have any of the other issues people are having, but dangit, I wanted the 4.08 version.

  • I got a notification that a system update was available this morning.  I selected install now and the program attempted to reboot my device but nothing ever happened.  I tried turning off my device and then turning on my device but it was to no prevail.  Needless to say, I am still waiting for my update here in Grand Rapids, MI.

  • jjj

    Make sure to be patient and let the rebooting cycle complete.  It will take a while.  I suspect some problems are comming from taking the battery out before the reboot completes.

  • Scissorfingers

    Found out that in order for the apps to work that were on your SD card, move one of them back to your phone then back to SD card, and all of the apps will be working right again… Hope this helped someone 🙂

    • Bredwell2

      You’re my hero!!!!

    • Naughtyzut

      I tried this, but got an error message that the application did not exist.

    • Tony Stark

      When I go to the SD card tab in my Incredible, it shows no apps. My laptop and other incredible show them….wtf. FML

  • jjj

    Got the update today.  The only problem was that google aps such as maps, mail, etc would not run until I updated them.  I never received the previous update in sept.

  • Blizzard_fairy

    I updated and phone freezes and loops a restart over and over.

    • Soundmandaved

      mine too. 

      • Dave

        Mine froze and loops and starts over as well but I figured out how to fix it.
        Once it loops and has the error regarding HTC Sense, click “FORCE CLOSE” and then sometimes you will be taken to the “D/L, All, On SD Card, and running Applications” page.  You will need to go to “All Apps” tab from there and then to the HTC Sense App.   Click on “Clear data” and “clear defaults”.  Note: This will reset your 6 screens back to the original format but it didnt delete any of my information (texts, contacts, emails, apps, etc.).  You’ll just have to add all your widgets and/or apps to your screens again.  That fixed mine tho. 
        I was getting ready to take it to VErizon, but this fixed it!  I can see the results of the fix as well.  Seems faster.
        Let me know if this works or you have any questions. 

  • TCBrownII

    I got the update this morning and the very first thing to happen when it was done was I got a “Low on Space” message.  I did a Google search and found out that others had the same issue when the update came in Sept.  Per thier suggestion, I moved as many apps as I cold to the SD card and the message has gone away.  I am crossing my fingures that it doesn’t come back.  The last time this happened I had to have verizon replace the phone, twice.  The replacement phone had 2.2 and I didn’t have any issues.  Now the update comes I am back to the same issue.  I love my Incredible, but this is really starting to bug me!

    • Ibexscribe

      I had a low on space message as well.  I moved a few apps to SD card, but noticed that I wasn’t really using much phone memory at all, so it was really a bogus message.  It’s possible that the phone was using temporary storage for the update and then removed the temp stuff when it was done.

  • Engineer5629

    Just update this morning now I keep getting the “low on space” message. Tried dumping all my pictures and some apps still says I don’t have enough space…. JUNK!!!

  • Anon

    No major issues from updating this morning.  All apps came back online and work properly after a simple unmount / mount of the SD Card…  Some things look a little different or sound a little strange (i.e. Mail now uses a grey/green bubble to let me know how many emails I have, versus the old all green bubble – and turning the ringer volume all the way up makes a weird beep noise compared to the old version).

    My only complaint is that my contacts have gotten a little jumbled.  For some reason, they are now sorting by last name, first.  I’m also seeing duplicates, so it’s syncing strangely between Google and Exchange, I’m guessing….

    • Lynnels

      Thanks for the info….unmounted and mounted SD Card, now all apps there.

    • Anon

      Update to my post…  Everything seems to work well, except for Contacts.  Nothing seems to sync properly and the deeper I dig, the more issues I find.  As it stands, I have a strange portion of my full contacts and it doesn’t matter whether I sync with Gmail, reboot, sync with Exchange, or whatever.  Still debugging, but I’m not finding any consistency that will let me work around or fix this issue.  If anybody finds a solution, please advise.

      • Anon

        Think I might have got it, though I’m afraid to reboot again, now.  🙂

        To fix my sync-ing / contacts issues, I started by rebooting, killing all apps, and shutting down Advanced Task Killer app.  Then, I went into Settings > Accounts.  From there, I removed every item possible, leaving only a primary Google account that it wouldn’t let me remove, the backup admin, and possibly one other item.  I also turned off all sync checkboxes in those items I was not allowed to remove.

        I then added back extra Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Exchange, etc. accounts one at a time – all from the Settings > Accounts menu, mind you, not the individual apps.  My contacts have again normalized, my apps are all working because of another unmount / mount, and all seems okay, for now.

        Best of luck to all others out there struggling.  Not a fun way to spend the day!  

  • MWW

    The update seemed to go okay, then the phone went into a reboot loop. I had to take out the battery to get it to stop (hard reset didn’t work). I also lost all of my phone numbers and text history. I was able to recover some with Back-up Assistant, but not nearly all.

    I have had a number problems with my HTC Incredible. I will be switching to an iPhone as soon as I’m eligible for an upgrade.

  • Kcrump5

    Oh. My. God. My volume sounds like a virtual ping pong game. What happened to my original sounds?! I lost 2 apps, one being my Need for Speed that I paid good money for and when I tried to download it, it says that my phone doesn’t support it! What the heck?! I do think the phone is a tad bit faster, but who knows. Still playing around with it. Wish that something useful was included in the update! 

  • Cody

    updated to 4.06.605.3… got stuck after updating on the red eye then finally came to go laucher… looks fine, i had to move an app from my sd card to my phone then back to my sd card and that seemed to jump boot all my apps on my sd card so they work now…still have all my contacts and everything works great..

    Main things i noticed right off the bat.. the 3G icon is blocky, new power button menu (they took out volume option), sped up start animation yet stays black at end unitll start up. overall pretty good..

  • Alorlando

    I lost most of my apps.  I still had the icons.  I had to remove reinstall them all, remove all the icons and put the apps back in their folders I had.  What a PITA!  I did not lose my contacts, texts, etc.  For the person who lost his contacts.  You can recover these from backup assistant.

  • Jcperodeau

    Got the update this morning, build was 4.08.605.3.  The first of two issues I’ve noted so far was that apps on the SD Card weren’t recognized (didn’t show in All Apps list) until I unmounted and re-mounted the card.  I didn’t need to physically remove the card, or to power-off the phone.

    The second issue was that shortcuts I had installed were replaced by the stock HTC Favorites and Messaging widgets.

    One more change, but not an issue:  When I go to Power Options (hold power key down for a couple of seconds), I see a new option, “Restart – close all apps and restart phone.”  I don’t recall that option.  I don’t see the Silent Mode option any more.

    When I select the Restart option, the phone goes through an apparently complete power down and restart.

    There is no easy way to select Silent Mode – I have to go through the settings menu.  WHOOPS – just found the Profile widget, and it works.

  • Bradeymm

    some of my apps were copied to the SD card but not all of them.  

  • Dave

    My phone updated this morning to v2.3.4 but to build No. 4.06.605.3 and NOT 4.08.605.2
    I read that they might have to force out this original build of v2.3.4 before sending out the new build.
    Any word on that?

    • Jpripper88

      Same.  Also, I hate the loss of the quick choices for sound/vibrate/silent profiles when holding the power button.  Now the only options are power off, airplane, or restart.

  • Dolcezzaom

    All of my photo’s, voicemails, text messages, videos, contact list and apps were deleted from my phone during this.  Does anyone have a solution so I can recover these?  This was my first Droid update, and I have learned a valuable lesson about ever installing another.

  • Kverdi10

    Lost all my contacts!!  I had Backup assistant before the update…now nothing!  And app store won’t open!

    • Dolcezzaom

      Ditto, I am going into Verizon today and hope they can remedy the situation.

    • Julie Merryman

      I had the same problem! Fixed it by going to “verizon apps” app on my phone (one I wasn’t aware was there before) it updated back up assistant and I got my contacts back. I just about had a heart attack though!

  • Aa

    @9dbf22aaa9100e4859a3539a4280d36c:disqus i just seen mine as 87.8.MB and will be doing the same. Move the Apps to main storage. I’m going to wait it out a few days too, just in case. Seems like the big organization don’t like to do testing any more

    • Anonymous

      Updated just now 87.8MB installed but now I got the 4.06 NOT the 4.08 build.

  • cefrayer

    My update was 87.2MB (yes, eighty-seven point two megabytes)!!!  Took about 15 minutes.  Froze my phone for awhile on startup.  Then it kept trying and failing to connect to my WiFi.  After letting it churn for about 15 minutes, I restarted it and now almost everything is perfect.  The only reason I say almost is because I think my battery might be draining faster (supposed to be improved in Gingerbread), but I can’t be sure until later in the day.  I just finished testing all 66 apps and each one works fine.  FYI – don’t know whether it matters, but I got my Droid Incredible on the first day it was released.  Still does everything I need, but I might finally be tempted to upgrade when the Samsung Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich gets here.

  • PRandroid

    Mine just came this morning, says 87.8MB…  I am in the process of moving apps FROM the SD card prior to applying the update, so I don’t lose any…  Hopefully it will get rid of the low memory message I often get.  

    • Ty74

      I still am getting the low on space message. It was not there before the update, but now it is and wont go away.

    • Eta423

      Unmount and mount  sd card and all my apps came up.. 

  • Vladimir Chibalov

    I’ve got this update last night. Everything looks OK except for Google Maps. Since it was installed by HTC I can not do much about it. Restart the phone does not help. So I need to try something else…

  • Hiddena

    Got update last night, but without warning or notification. At first I got worried, why is my phone downloading a huge file. Anyway, after the update, everything including all my apps works. In gate, overall the phone seems a little speeded starting and virtual keyboard behaves a little better. Very happy with the update; even my music seems to sound better from the built-in speaker!

  • 618Bearsfan

    For those of you that lost your apps that are on your sd card, try unmounting and mounting your sd card. I actually had to unmount, remove sd card, restart, insert sd card before mine worked properly.

    • pdphotshot

      This also worked for me still have the low storage icon tho

      • Justusfoure

        Worked for me too

    • Dennis McCracken

      This worked for me.  Thanks for the suggestion.

    • samurai926

      Thanks, worked for me.  Had to reboot after re-inserting sd card.

    • Dodge00neon

      Worked like a charm

  • Mine didn’t install right last night.  I saw the update message on screen.  I still had some work to do (emails, etc.) so I went back to the homescreen.  Then, after the emails, I pulled down the window blind notification that said the update was waiting.  I tried to run it from there.  It went into a weird “Rebooting Now” screen with a couple of “OK” and “Cancel” messages on the background screen (nothing to tap on, though).  In the end, it just stayed on that screen over night.   Powered my phone off and back on this morning when I saw it was still on the “Rebooting Now” screen.  No change to my OS…still at 2.2 Froyo.  When I went to system updates, it says now that there are no updates.   Oh well…

  • Jajensen681

    Installed last night – lost all of the apps on my SD card, but they find the old data when reinstalled. Getting that really annoying low memory notification, though, with no texts stored, and my phone was fine on memory last night. Anyone have a workaround for this?

    • Nick1234

      I had the low memory warnings for a long time, then I uninstalled Adobe AIR and it hasn’t returned.

      Maybe that will work for others too.

  • Nicole

    Ugh I just got the update this morning and it came a day late.  After several frustrating days of not being able to open texts because of ‘low memory’ according to my phone I finally did a factory reset yesterday.  I was tired of my phone saying it had low memory even though I cleared almost everything from it.

    So far all my apps are there and working properly. Fingers crossed no problems pop up. 

  • Anthony

    I just updated and my phone is not working because of it. It keeps saying the HTC Sense application stopped unexpectedly. It tries to load all of my apps and background, but nothing pops up until the error message.

    • JoeB

      I also had this HTC Sense problem. After dozens of tries i finally did factory reset, and the problem is gone and it installed 2.3.4. Lost my apps but oh well, at least i can use my phone again. Not seeing much difference with new OS yet.

    • Whatur

      I have the same problem and I don’t know how to fix it.  🙁

      • Hitek1234

        Try this: Turn the phone off. Remove battery. Remove memory card. reinstall battery. power up.after it is all done turning on, then shut if off again. Remove battery. Reinstall memory card. Replace battery and power it up. good chance all will be well

  • Guest

    So far most of my apps have not uploaded that were on my memory card, widgets are also needing to be replaced.

  • 11/15 – up-dated this morning…  35 of 60 apps gone, data there…  reloading…  get low memory…  does anyone know how to allocate more memory to “application data”  I have plenty of mem on phone & SD card… 

  • Dennis McCracken

    Got my update this morning.  Sure enough, all the apps installed on my SD card show as “not installed” in the market.  Looking for a work around now.

  • Joeeeeeeee

    Already running much faster. Starts up in a fraction of the time, and I have all my apps.

  • Eric0669

    Received my update this morning.  My apps on the SD card will not load. 

  • Fatches

    So far my apps work from SD card, had to re-download some apps that were missing, all the data showed up after it they were reinstalled.  ***My battery life is draining as I’m watching!!  When I check the battery use it shows that the display is using 95% after having it unplugged for 1 hour.  I have brightness setting almost all the way down, I have no idea why it’s using so much power. At this rate my phone might last 7-8 hours, and that’s when I’m not using any apps…

    • Bg

      My battery has not charged up all day.  40% around 10a now it’s only 70% @ 4p.  This is much less than optimal.

  • Lobrau

    You’re living in a police state. Enjoy your update!

  • Powertrain11

    Just downloaded the update and all of my apps on my SD card won’t load

  • Miranda Stacey

    I just updated, I still have all my apps. I do not see any issue yet.

  • Rcmartin82

    I just updated and now I’m getting that damn ” Low on Space ” warning again. 

  • Cmbarsotti

    Just got updated and about a quarter of my apps are gone. I think they all lived on my SD card.

  • all of my apps such as mycountry and paradise island were uninstalled from my phone, this is extremely irritating, considering this happened with the last update too so now i have to start all over for the second time i should be able to use my phone and update it with out any fear of losing months worth and hours of work on my games its absolutely ridiculous  

    • Sethro1234

      just reinstall the app, paradise island loaded up my map just fine