Westinghouse 46″ LCD HDTV VR-4625: Specs and consumer review

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2013

We recently informed you about upcoming televisions made by Emerson and Sharp that are likely to be big sellers during the 2011 holiday sales, but we have a new entry now which may tempt you into a purchase. The infamous Westinghouse television deals are back, and we information on the 46-inch VR-4625 LCD model to tell you about.

If you have bought a Westinghouse TV model during last year’s Black Friday holiday sales, you’ll know that these sets tend to go for half the original price and are always one of the quickest doorbuster products to sell out at selected retailers. You can bet that there will once again be a chance to purchase a Westinghouse model for a good price this year, and one model which you may want to look out for is the VR-4625.

Main specs of this LCD HDTV include full 1080p HD, thanks to a 1920 x 1080 picture resolution. This model weighs 70.5 pounds, has a 60Hz refresh rate, a brightness of 400 cd/m² and a digital TV tuner. You’ll be pleased to hear that there are three HDMI slots on this particular model, as well as a VGA port in case you want to hook up your old PC if it doesn’t have a HDMI port.

A few things to take into consideration before buying:1) It isn’t an LED model, meaning that you are not going to get the best picture quality for your model. 2) The overall reliability of Westinghouse TV models have been called into question on various support boards online, so it may be better you spending just a little bit more for that extra guarantee.

However, if you just want to pick one up as a secondary TV for another room, then go ahead. Good luck trying to get one though, because as we said these models are one of the hottest items you can buy each year. Since the VR-4625 looks to be a brand new model for 2011, there doesn’t appear to be any reviews as of yet unfortunately. It may be a good idea to take a look at a professional review for a different Westinghouse model though, like CNET’s review for the 40-inch VK-40F580D for example.

If you have owned a Westinghouse model in the past or still own one, let us know your thoughts on the overall performance. Is it worth getting excited about or not?

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  • Mad as hell

    I bought a 46″ in 2011 it whent grey on the left side and Westinghouse wants me to send it back they will pay for shipping and I pay for packing..but in the warranty it states 46″ will have in home repair now they renig. I am attempting BBB and Attorney General. I feel they are not telling the truth to the public.

  • carl

    I bought this model on black friday this year and quite seriously since that night this tv has been running virtually 24/7 up to the day of this comment. I have a baby and it’s helped him sleep better so i just leave it on all the time. only time its off is if we go to the store and even then not always because of shady neighbors.  its had close to about as much run time as is possible and it’s still running flawlessly no picture troubles whatsoever.  out of the box the remote was a POS and had to be 100% in direct straight line of the sensor to use but the speakers were lackluster anyways so we used surroundsound and had little use for the tv’s remote anyways. I only had the set on its base for about a month and have been using it since mounted on a tv stand again no problems.  ive used the vga, hdmi, rgb inputs all no problem –   for the amount of time this tv stays running and hasn’t had an issue it was definitely worth the amazing low price.  there are of course bad eggs in all electronics but I got a good one 🙂

  • Ltk6260

    Another broken “neck” here. Tv was leaning forward more than normal, thankfully we caught it before it completely snapped off. Took off the base and the neck is cracked in multiple places and would have been moments away from braking off. Hopefully there are good wall mount options. Besides this, have had no other issues since last November when we got the tv.

  • Miska_man

    Another base problem here! The plastic “neck” on the stand cracked in several places. I noticed it was leaning forward during the last couple weeks and figured I should take the base off an look at it. Well now someone lightly brushed it and luckily caught the TV. But now I have the rest of the TV propped up against the wall and can’t really watch it sideway. Currently waiting for a wall mount now because I don’t want to have to deal with warranty.

  • Jstelly648

    Is there a current fix to the VR-4625 TV base problem? I noticed that my TV leans forward on the base. I took the base off to see if I had not properly put it on correctly, I reinstalled it but I did and still have that forward tilt issue. Also we noticed when we bought the TV the sound sucked big time with a high pitch buzzing noise. We bought a Vizio sound bar that works great.

    • Jstelly648

      Just a follow-up to my post about the forward tilt issue. The solution is to place a tennis ball between the base and the TV just under the Westinghouse logo in the middle of the TV. This will adjust your TV to its upright strait postion and place all that weight on the tennis ball and not on the mounts hold the TV. Make sure that you use a new tennis ball and not one that is old.

  • Tony

    i got one for christmas at target have had no problems

  • Cbraxton1

    We purchased the 46″ Westinghouse at Target during the Black Friday. The TV has been really good to us until last night we heard something fall and it was the TV!  The freakin neck or whatever you call it broke which caused the TV to fall on the floor..I guess the TV was too heavy??? Has anyone else experience this same problem?  I called Westinghouse and was told to take pictures that I had to send to them and they would investigate and get back to us…

    • Kyle

      same thing just happened to me

  • Rachel803

    So we were lucky enough to get one of the 46″ Westinghouse tv’s this past black Friday. Has been good until now. Watching tv and the picture and sound went in and out then totally off. Turned off the set then turned it back on, no picture, no sound. Pushed every button on tv itself and remote, doesn’t do anything. Unplugged and plugged back in, hoping maybe a cool down time on it will work…

  • Thequiez

    OMG Sam Problem my mount just broke as well, WTH this model really does suck 

  • Yudgar

    Crap tv. The mount broke and caused the screen to break. It’s only been 2 months. I followed all the instructions for installation of the stand too! I’m gonna return to Target and they better take it back! Stupid cheap plastic stand to hold up a heavy tv. Leaned forward from day 1 and finally gave out.

  • Katpankaj

    Somehow I lost the remote for VR-4625. Any suggestion where I can get the remote for it. Is other remotes compatible for it? The TV is working godd for me for past 2 months. Got it from Target

  • LakerGirl

    I bought the 46″ VR-4625 on Black Friday.  Hooked it up just a few days after Christmas…..so we’ve been using it aprox. 1 month.  4 days ago, when I turned it on there was a low buzzing sound that stopped after 3secs and when the picture came up, there was no sound at all.  I tried turning the volume up and down, changed channels….nothing helped – there was no sound at all.  When I turned it off it made a high pitch squeal that started out low and got louder, lasted about 4 secs and then stopped.  I waited about 2 mins turned it on again and the sound was back and no buzzing.  The following day it happened again. Then yesterday it was fine….. but then today the buzz and no audio was back. The squeal was even louder than before and lasted almost 7secs.
    So this is a HEADS UP, for any of you out there that may experience the same thing.  Good Luck! 

    • SHARPcashregisterwoman

      Wow, thats crazy cause the exact thing happened to me. I bought this TV on black Friday. Have had it since December but, the first minute I turned it on I had no sound. I was messing with it for a while and suddenly I turned it back on and the sound came on. Soon after about two weeks I turned on my TV no sound. I turned it off and that’s when I heard a buzzing sound as it was turning off. I had to figure it out on my own. Sometimes when my sound does not come on I have to turn the TV on then turn it back on before the buzzing stops in order for the sound to work. I don’t have any problems with the picture quality. I mean for the price I paid I really can’t complain. Great TV I still love it.

  • Coolredneck6500

    trying to get a mac laptop to play on the tv, hook it up and there is no pic, what could be the problem

  • Beauty0608

    Has anyone figured out how to channel scan for digital with cable?

  • JWH

    Can anyone please recommend a sound system that can be controlled by the VR-4625’s  Remote?  Also, would I plug it into HMDI, Coaxial, or Audio Output jacks?

  • Rita Peniston

    Who do I call to help he with the connect, I get to choice of cable or satalite box choice everything goes fuzzy and I can’t do anything else.  I try to push TV but nothing works.. I need someone of the phone to guide me through this.  This is the second time this has happened but I dont’ remember who I called.  SO frustrated.

  • Pmckinney831

    This is an excellent TV for the price, no problems on my end.  Sounds like most of your problems are “user error” anyway.

  • ididit

    For anybody wondering if you can get digital channels. The answer is yes! I got it on black friday and just figured out right now how to get the digital channels. When you go to menu, push the channel button, then press signal type and choose QAM. It will tell you that you need to call or text tuner to 95495 so you can get an access code. It will ask you to reply, Tuner Serial # of tv QAM. Then it will start scanning the channels and get the free HD channels.

  • Sarahdiamond80

    *to complain about the issue, not the “missed”. I’ll be calling them on Wednesday, as I am off and will have time to speak with someone. Anyone else having this problem, or do your bases actually swivel??

    • The Nerd Returns

      The instructions say youre supposed to remove the section of the TV that connects to the base, attach it to the base, then mount the removed section again.  I didn’t see that part until after I installed the TVs to their bases.  I noticed one of my TVs tilts slightly toward the right, but it’s not enough of an annoyance to do anything about it, since it’s the bedroom TV.

      When I looked at the back of the TV, I noticed a few black screws around the section that connects to the base.  I’m wondering if we could loosen them to see if the TV will settle properly into place?

      Just a thought.  After having the TV for almost 2 weeks, I’m starting to notice these TVs aren’t as bright as the TVs in the store.  Everything about these TVs is great, so long as I don’t have other, more expensive TVs to compare these to.  I’m considering purchasing SquareTrade warranties for them, just to have the 3yr warranty.  $41 per TV, with coverage only up to the price we paid for them ($331 each, total).

  • Sarahdiamond80

    We installed the base while the TV was upside-down on the floor, being sure to align the little guide holes. Flipped it right-side up and set the television on a nightstand. It was crooked, so we tried to turn it to center it….nothing. Wouldn’t budge and wobbly as all get out. Put it back on the floor to realign it so that the television was straight on the base, but the holes wouldn’t align to screw it on straight. Called the 800 # located on the instructions and was told that I wasn’t the 1st one to complain about the missed, that apparently this is a problem, that they would create a case and I would receive a call with a resolution in 1-2 business days. This was last Saturday, but to date, I’ve received no response 🙁

  • Tonia

    I have one  to these tv for sale new still in box never open! Just email me tonia301977@yahoo.com $475.00 CASH!

  • Oren Stephens

    can this tv be wall mounted?

    • Tonia


  • Ann Dekrey

    We were one of the lucky ones to get one but have had a few issues. In connecting one of our tablets we got both sound and picture. When connecting a Phillips blue-ray we got neither. When connecting a Daenyx dvd player we got picture but no sound. As a last ditch attempt to work out what was going on we connected a Samsung dvd player…both sound and picture but signal is at 1080i instead of 1080p.

    Any ideas? 

  • The NeRD Returns

    Here’s an update.
    I’ve had my TVs for 7 days now, and everything is 100% functional.  Both remotes work fine, none of the buttons are messed up.  Speakers are plenty loud, picture is crisp & clear.  Although the stand is on the cheap-side, the TVs have never wobbled on their own – I have to walk up to the TVs and move them by hand, to see the “wobbly” effect.

    Hope everyone else is enjoying their VR-4625!

  • Jhcomptech

    I bought the Westinghouse VR-4625 LCD TV and set it up at my house and tried turning it on. The TV did not turn on until the 5th or 6th time I pressed the power button. I called tech support and was told that it takes a bit to warm up. Has anyone else dealt with this situation? Are all of these LCD TV models like this? Please help!

    • Carrie

      Ours turns right on…no waiting.

  • Hoxsie323

    how do u get the 5 diget code for the qam? qam is to get the digital channels  

    • Daiusda

      You got to call or chat online to the company.

      • Hoxsie323


    • RCarranza

      i googled it got a link to the website put in my tv’s model, serial number, email, and got my code via email

  • Vince

    The only way I can find to install the stand is off-center (due to two small prongs projecting down from the tv’s harness) .  It seems perfectly stable, but I’m not aware if the stand should be centered below the television.  Any ideas?

    • Daiusda

      Just turn TV to adjust.

    • Crzydr4gonboi

      yea it may be a bit stiff but its supposed to rotate so you can move the stand

    • The Nerd Returns

      I turned my TVs upside-down and placed the base (upside-down) onto the the mount properly.  I didn’t read the installation manual.  I got them both on properly the first time.  The prongs are actually guides, which line up with the 2 odd holes on the base.  

      Trouble-free, I assure you. There’s no wrong way to attach the base, if you flip the TV upside-down.  Hope it helps.

    • RCarranza

      just intall the stand that way once you put it on the tv and set the tv itself with the stand installed on something youll be able to center it i think the base needs the weight to be able no oscillate

  • Ervgotti2007

    I waited in line last year 9 hours and was able to get two of the 40 inch TVs. The only complaint is the built in speaker is very poor. Add a sound set up and it works great. This year waited 11 hours and picked up 2 of the 46 inch. The long wait is worth the savings. With a few other door busters I got my savings were $800

    • Daiusda

      Can you search digital channels from CABLE? 

    • Daiusda

      In the 40″ TV, you can search digital channels for CABLE, but in 46″ TV I don’t think you can do that.
      So this is big trouble for people who bought it in this Thanksgiving.

  • Daiusda

    For VR-4625, can anybody search digital channels from CABLE?  

    • CR

      I am having the same problem.  It will not search for any digital channels from cable.  Nor will it pick up any anolog channels. Have you found a solution this problem?

  • Art_lo

    I bought this off a friend who couldn’t fit this in his place, I may ask him to just return it… as I am having a wierd problem with the TV.

    I have a cable box HDMI connection to the TV on HDMI1 it works great and all, but the moment I press ANY of the number keys on the Remote, the TV goes into System Setup, and there is no way out of it other than going through, ENGLISH, PACIFIC, CABLE BOX, HDMI, before it will let me out.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Art_lo

      Apparently Westinghouse thought it would be a good idea to make any of the number keys or volume keys jump you out of the mode your in into the TV Tuner mode… This is super annoying because that give your 12 buttons you can accidentally press that will drop you out of whatever your doing. I guess thats ok, since the remote is so bad, that chance are the TV wont pick it up anyways. I think this TV is going back, it doesnt play well at all with my Logitech Harmony remote.

  • The NeRD Returns

    Wife & I were #9 & 10 in line, with over 1,000 people behind us.  Total mayhem at midnight, and I almost got pushed down/stampeded over the 46″ doorbusters. We were in/out & back home with our new VR-4625 TVs in less than 30 minutes.  One for the living room, one for our bedroom – both with cable TV & XBOX 360, EACH using different connections.   Here is my review:

    TV #1 (bedroom):
    – XBOX 360 via HDMI
    – Cable TV from wall via coax ant. cable

    – – – – – – – –
    Modern Warfare 3 looks superb, with crystal clear quality. Whether playing campain or online multiplayer mode, the graphics are smooth and fluid.  No noticeable motion blur on MW3, Crysis 4, Forza 4, Gears of War 3.  Netflix HD looks awesome.  We’ve watched Limitless, many episodes of Bones, Law & Order, How It’s Made, and Kick Buttowski on this TV.  Stepping up from a 19″ sqaure Westinghouse TV, I was finally able to chage the console’s video setting from 420p to 1080p – YES!!!

    Viewing cable or satellite television service without an HD tuner box between the wall & your TV should be considered a crime punishable by death.  The quality was so horrible, I almost ripped the cable out of the wall.  Read my review of the other TV for further comparision.

    TV #2 (living room):
    – XBOX 360 via HD component video thru Denon HT receiver
    – Cable TV via HDMI
    – WD TV Live Plus via HDMI
    – DV7t-4100 laptop via HDMI

    – – – – – – – –
    MW3 & all other games looked virtually identical to the bedroom, even without the HDMI connection.  I used the HD AV cables supplied with the console, and the video/audio signal passed through our older Denon 7.1 receiver.  In my HONEST opinion, there was no noticeable difference in picture quality from the other TV.  The XBOX was able to be configured to 1080p via component video, and the Kinect games were much more fun on this TV, compared to the 26″ sharp 720p TV that previously held the throne in our living room.  All games were crystal clear with fluid motion, blur-free.

    Cable TV via HDMI looks great on this TV, though the TV indicated all HD channels were broadcasted in 720p.  I will visit the local Comcast service center Monday morning to see if there’s anything that can be done to set up 1080i/p viewing.  The HD content looks great, but it seems like something is lacking.  For those of you with 1080 HDTV service, I envy you (=

    We have a nifty little gadget in our entertainment center:  Western Digital’s WD TV Live Plus! media player.  This is what we originally used to watch Netflix streaming, before we discovered XBOX Live Plus.  While we no longer view that service on this box, we do use this media player to play our 1080p HD movies in .mkv format.  We’d never been able to view 1080p content from this media player until we brought these TVs home the other night.  I’ve never seen Star Wars in such stunning quality.  We also watched Monsters Inc, Green Lantern, X-MEN first class, to name a few.  For the first time, my wife & I worked out in the living room tonight, to Jillian Michael’s Yogalates in .avi formatted (ripped from the DVD).  Since we finally have a television with enough viewing room for more than one person, i was obliged to be my wife’s workout partner.  DVD quality is NOT as good as HD content, folks.  Our workout video was noticeably pixelated, to say the least.  I played a DVD in the XBOX to see if uncompressed 420p content fared better, and the results were the same.  HD is simply better on this TV. 

    I did notice while watching the local news channel in HD, the news ticker that scrolls from right-to-left along the bottom of the newscast was in fact blurry – I believe this is due to the 60Hz refresh rate.  My well-to-do friend’s 55″ Samsung 240Hz LED tv does not have the blur effect at all, and he will most likely laugh in my face when he finds out about this )=  Too bad he can’t play MW3 if his life depended on it! (=

    For kicks, I connected my HP DV7t-4100 (ww179av) laptop running the Windows 8 Developer Preview OS to the third HDMI port to the TV, mainly just to use up all the HD connections more than anything.  X-MEN First Class played just fine from the laptop, with no jitter or lag.  The audio & video were synced throughout the entire movie.  I played Left 4 Dead 2 at max settings with a wireless keyboard & mouse from the couch just fine, although my laptop ran noticeably hotter.  I believe it was because this was attributed to nothing more than the laptop pushing the game to the TV at 1080p, whereas my laptop’s LED screen is only 1600×900 resolution.  1080p was a little more than my laptop could handle on MW3, Battlefield 3, Dead Island, but the games played very well on this TV at lower resolutions.  Surfing the internet on the TV was nothing short of excellent!  Youtube videos played fine.  Watching Kick Buttowski on Netflix looked great in HD.  If you have a laptop with an HDMI port, you will not be disappointed if you connect it to this TV.

    – – – – – – – –
    The included remote control is mediocre, but I learned quickly that you do indeed have to point at the lower left corner of the TV in order for the clicker to “work good”.  I programmed the TV to my Comcast clicker & tossed the included one in the hallway closet with the other useless junk we’ve accumilated over the last couple yrs.  Perhaps a universal remote would serve everyone else well, also?  Configuring the Picture & Audio settings was easy.  We are provided with a basic featureset in the menu.  The factory settings are not ideal for video gaming; I had to change the brightness & contrast settings several times before I could properly adjust the gamma settings in Modern Warfare 3 & Crysis 2.

    The included stand is rather wobbly.  The TV doesn’t tilt, rotate, or wobble on it’s own, but I do recommend a wall mount if you’d like to save space & not worry about it falling over.  The bedroom TV is sitting on my nightstand at the foot of the bed, with no room for the XBOX, so a wall mount seems to be an ideal solution.

    The VR-4625 has a digital audio output, which we used to route the WD TV Live Plus’ audio through the home theater, until we acquire a receiver with HDMI connections.  Works great and we were able to watch Star Wars Episode III in 7.1 from the USB hard drive attached to it. 

    – – – – – – – – – –
    In summary, these TVs were a terrific buy at $300 each.  I’d honestly consider buying another one for my office at the full $549 MSRP, just to hand out beatdowns to my co-workers on the XBOX when we shouldbe working.  If you have this TV, I have no doubt you aren’t disappointed.  But if you feel the TV fell short of your expectations, consider selling the TV for the actual doorbuster price you paid – there are a lot of needy folks out there who would appreciate it.  If you haven’t purchased a TV but plan on doing so this holiday season, consider this TV, even if Target isn’t selling them for $298 anymore.  It’s a great entry level 1080p TV, and my personal opinion is that it’s worth paying $500-550 for.  I’m ordering wall mounts Monday morning, then presto – no more toys needed for the living room!

    I have not exaggerated anything in my personal review of these TVs; these doorbusters took care of all of our digital entertainment needs – “needs” being the key word.

    I’m off to play some more games, before the wife kicks me out of the room & I’m stuck playing on my son’s console in the living room.  If only there was a way to sync my gaming data between my consoles, over our WiFi network, using the same gamertag.  )=  At least Microsoft got a bunch of things right in Windows 8 (=

    • Daiusda

      Obvioiusly you are a specialist for VR-4625. So I have question for you.
       Can you get digital channels from CABLE?
      When setting up channels, it just searched ANOLOG channels, didn’t show the option for DIGITAL channels. That means we can’t watch any DIGITAL channel with it!
      Could you please show us how to overcome the issue?


    • Tonia

      Hey I will sell you one not open still new in box! 475.00 cash! Email me at
      tonia 301977@yahoo.com @yahoo:disqus 

  • Ren

    Also the base stand is very unstable….. after i installed it….the tv has a lot of wait and it rocks like a bobble head.

  • Ren

    remote works awful….only works if you are directly in front of the IR receiver. The picture is also not bright compared to my my 5 year old Polaroid lcd tv.

    • Daiusda

      You are right, VR-4625 is too dark. What’s meaning “a brightness of 400 cd/m²”?

  • Beckd70

    the batteries that come with the tv are carbon not alkaline batt I changed to better batt and helped but still have to point at the left corner

  • Beckd70

    bought two and work well for the price . no dead pixels. my only complaint the remote has to be pointed at left lower corner to work .

    • Daiusda

      Can you get digital channels from CABLE? I don’t think so because it has no function when you search digital channel!

  • Tuscawilla

    I bought 3 of them, and mine is hooked up with a Cable HD box, where as my kids are not, and the difference in the picture quality is “Stunningly” different. Highly recommend getting an HD box from cable/satelite co. to recieve an absolutely georgeous picture.

  • Carrie

    We purchased this TV on Black Friday and set it up last night. We think the picture and sound are fine for the price, but we have 3 frozen pixels on our screen (one green and two red). We called the phone number provided, but they do not open until Monday.

    • Carrie

      I wanted to update my post. We were able to take the TV back to Target and get a replacement. They will only replace it if it is in stock, otherwise you have to just return it for a refund or deal with Westinghouse.

      We just set up the new TV and there are no dead or frozen pixels and it appears fine so far.

  • west

    the remote is rmt-19.  my remote hasn’t been working well.  anyone else have any issues.

    • CMW75

      Ours hasn’t worked well either …. Up Direction does not work, Power button does not work, and the Volume down button does not work, you ????

      • Tuscawilla

        my guess would be to try a fresh new set of batteries first..dont know how long the ones that came with unit have been sitting on the factory shelf.

        • Tuscawilla

          Also noticed you must point directly at bottom left corner and be fairly close for remote to be “quick”

    • Daiusda

      The remote is not sensitive, you must direct it to the left corner of TV.

    • Urban4freeride

      I have the same problem with mine you have to point the remote directly at the corner of the tv for it to work otherwise the tv works great. I want to mount it on the wall but the back of the tv doesn’t have any screw holes for the mount it has a 18″ square that sticks out an inch and a half with 1 screw on each corner.would that work to attach the mounting bracket to?

  • Nicolenutt

    will be returning.  The colors are awful Spongebob is tan. or the wrong color every way I try and fix it.  Good price…bad TV.

  • Fire911Shawn

    I am trying to hook up the tv and all I get is a blue screen.  What do I need to do to get to the menu?

    • RCarranza

      have you tried the input button?

  • Spades

    I have had the 27″ (or is it 26″) Westinghouse 720p TV for over 4 years. Never had a problem with it and has exceeded my expectations. Tonight I picked up the VR-4625 from Target’s Black Friday. I will be setting it up tomorrow. Based on my experience so far with Westinghouse, I don’t forsee an issue with the the VR-4625…I will let you know if I do.

    • Mex_1_can

      did you get the remote and manual for the tv because i purchased the same tv from target and i didn’t receive mine and if you did can u email me the remote model number so i can order one on line because they told me it would be to months before the can get me one my email is mex_1_can@yahoo.com thank you

  • Don

    I got the Westinghouse 40″ last year on black friday.. at first it had a weird line accross the screen and we thought we were going to have to return it, but within a couple weeks it went away and has worked absolutely perfectly ever since! far exceeded my expectations as well. love it! can’t wait to pick up the 46″ this year!!

  • David

    I’ve had a Westinghouse 32″ LCD TV I bought over four years ago.  I’ve had absolutely no problems with it at all, and not a single dead pixel.  I’ve heard Westinghouse TV’s were notorious for having various problems but mine still works fine.  I hope that helps.

  • Chris

    I bought the 40″ doorbuster westinghouse at Target last Black Friday and I’m perfectly happy with it. I didn’t have high hopes but it far exceeded my expectations.

    • Clakatos

      MY Westinghouse 40″ has better pop and brightness, contrast…. then the 46″ i picked up this year….I don’t see how this could happen?

      • Jonesy

        I noticed the same exact thing.  Got the 40″ last year and loved it so much that I went and got the 46″ this year.  As soon as I turned it on, I noticed it is not the same picture.  The black levels are just horrible.

  • Jay

    I owned a 26″ Westinghouse that Target was advertising about 2 years ago. I had no problems whatsoever with it. Quality was what I expected from a 720p television.