Steam hack confirmed, rivalling competitors could benefit

By Chris Cook - Nov 14, 2011

Members of the gaming cloud service Steam will be on full alert at this moment in time as the company behind the service, Valve, has just confirmed through its forums that it was hacked last week. As a result warnings have been issued urging users to watch their credit card statements closely as data may have been stolen.

Kotaku reports that early last week some gamers began to receive emails from a hacking website after the service forum had been defaced. Gabe Newell, Valve co-founder addressed the company forum on Thursday with a message confirming the breach. Later warnings were issued saying ‘the attack goes beyond the Steam forums.’ As a precaution all forum passwords were reset. They later recommended other passwords be reset as there was evidence to suggest a deeper intrusion, despite the forums being the only section thought to be affected initially.

Further reports suggested the company was still investigating and it has now been confirmed that the hack does in fact go beyond the forums. This was confirmed after they found evidence that a Steam database containing encrypted credit card information, billing addresses; email addresses, purchases, passwords and user names had been accessed.

This hack comes at a bad time for Valve as the company is beginning to launch some of the biggest games of the year so far, but for companies like EA and OnLive, who also have cloud gaming services, this couldn’t have happened at a more convenient time. They will be looking to take advantage of the unfortunate Steam situation and may benefit with deflectors, which would boost their success as they are just trying to get a foothold on the market at the moment. Users are more likely to join a service where security of their details can be assured.

Are you a member of Steam? Will you be looking to join a different service after this breach?

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  • Dynasty2021

    If you want a provider that guards your security and card details properly, believe me, EA will see no benefit to Valve’s situation.  OnLive is a gimmick and is proven to be unwanted, because they’re just raking it in aren’t they…

    So Steam is still the best choice.  Valve have had absolutely no problems for a good number of years now.  Steam is great.  It works.  Rarely has problems.  They just have terrible pricing, but then all digital providers do (surely digital should be less than retail…but noooOOooo). 

    The hack wont affect Steam that much.  Anyone who has been using it for years are there because they love Valve as they are Half Life fans, well that’s an arguably agreeable assumption, I for one am one of them, and wont let this attack affect their attitude toward Valve.