Skyrim Walkthrough: Dragon shouts location and word wall guide

By Alan Ng - Nov 14, 2011

If you are currently in the middle of your Skyrim quest and are looking for a detailed insight on all of the dragon shouts in the game and their selected locations, you have come to the right place. We have a full list of shouts to share with you, and also information on all of the dragon words of power that you need to find in order to activate a particular shout.

Once you have defeated your first dragon in Skyrim, you’ll find that you can absorb the soul of a dragon. In order to use a dragon’s power though, you’ll have to acquire shouts which in-turn requires you to locate unique dragon walls, to start using the abilities of a dragon shout. Each dragon shout has three words of power and there’s a total of 20 in game. Only when you have collected all three words of power for a shout will you unlock the full potential, with a level 3 shout obviously being the most effective.

Thanks to the official Skyrim Wiki page, we have a full list of all dragon shouts in the game and their word wall and words of power locations. However, the information contains many spoilers, so if you want to find each shout yourself without the aid of a guide, then you probably don’t want to look at the full chart.

As you can see, some of the best shouts in the game provide the player to complete the main quest first, such as the Call Dragon shout which allows you to call Odahviing to help you in battle. Todd Howard dropped a few hints about this particular shout and we’re guessing that some of you have already had the chance to use it – how are you finding it in game?

Without further ado, here’s the full list of shouts with a description by each one. Have you used the Call of Valor shout yet, and which is your favorite in the game?

If you have any queries regarding a particular shout, drop a comment below and we’ll try to help.

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  • Wrestleman1010

    I have a bunch of shouts and have just beat the game but I can only use the quest shouts, when will I be able to use the others?

    • Mhrudicka

      You need to get dragon souls and unlock each indivisual shout

    • Mhrudicka

      You need to get dragon souls and unlock each indivisual shout

  • Brianw

    I have 6 shouts that I have found and killed/absorbed 8 dragons so far with only two shouts still being active, the other 6 will not activate???? 

    • Rorybusby123

      u have to unlock them, go on the shouts menu in the magic menu and unlock them, on ps3 its square

  • Elder scrolls veteran

    you get the words from the walls, you need to souls from dragons to unlock them.

  • Ahrivers

    ive killed 3 r 4 dragons since the first dragon and still havnt recieved a new shout

    • Andrew_J_mcg

      same here

      • Brandon

        the dragon shouts are on walls to learn just walk up to the wall that would have glowing blue letters
         you recevie dragon souls by killing dragons