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Skyrim Mods for PC: Creation Kit features to make game better

So you have been playing Skyrim on PC for a good few days now – what are your overall impressions? Have you played enough of the game to know what features would make the game more enjoyable? More specifically – what PC mods do you think Skyrim needs?

If you played Oblivion on PC, you’ll know that it was the release of endless unofficial mods that made the game even better – if that was possible. Oblivion was a great game without mods, but the fact that you could download custom features such as even changing the whole menu interface, character models, new skills and so on made the experience twice as good.

You can bet that it won’t be long until similar mods appear for Skyrim, but we’re guessing that everyone is still addicted to Skyrim at the moment so it may be a while before we see some worthwhile mods available for download. The latest news on the vital Creation Kit needed for modding is that Bethesda’s Pete Hines has clarified that the team are still working on it, just for those who were wondering why it didn’t release on day one with the PC launch

”Still some work left to do on both the Creation Kit and the wiki that goes with it. In the meantime, enjoy the game!”

With that in mind, we want to know your best mod ideas for the game so that we can give Bethesda some great feedback for future titles. Are there any gameplay elements in Skyrim you don’t like and want to see an improvement on? We doubt the menu interface needs much work this time around as it’s a lot more slicker than Oblivion, and we are loving the new perk tree system.

If you’re looking for mods to improve graphics, you can also bet that there will be one or two packs to improve graphic performance as well – the possibilities are really endless thanks to the Creation Kit. If you have the PC version and are looking to download mods straight away, let us know what you want to see released. Click here for a full list of Dragon shouts.



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