Lenovo Tablet Vs Transformer Prime: Q4 2011 Ice Cream Sandwich showdown

By Alan Ng - Nov 14, 2011

Just when you were under the assumption that ASUS would release the first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet aka the Transformer Prime before the end of the year as an exclusive, it looks like there’s a new device which wants to share the Android 4.0 limelight – and that honor falls to Lenovo.

We’ve just heard that the Chinese company will also release an Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of the year, but unlike the Transformer Prime, this one will apparently come pre-loaded with the delights of Ice Cream Sandwich, according to an article over at Engadget.

There’s no official name for the device yet since it isn’t official as such, but there are some juicy specs details to share you. Aside from Ice Cream Sandwich, Lenovo’s tablet will also be packing a state of the art 1.6GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor straight out of NVIDIA’s lab, as well as 2GB of RAM on top, giving consumers some serious firepower in terms of gaming potential.

There’s also a camera on the back of the tablet as standard, but we don’t know what megapixel quality it will be yet. Interestingly, the tablet also comes with a ‘host USB port’, meaning that it is located on the tablet itself rather than on the side – this can be seen in a provided image from Engadget below.

Hopefully we can expect an official announcement from the company sometime this week, as we’re very eager to see full specs of this beast. We are still waiting to see what kind of display Lenovo will supply with this tablet, and what kind of availability we should be looking at. Remember that ASUS said that their Prime tablet will release with Honeycomb 3.2 with an update to Ice Cream Sandwich coming afterwards. Does this now make the Lenovo tablet more favorable?

How would you rate Lenovo’s build quality compared to say ASUS and other leading computer manufacturers – do you rate them or not?

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  • Lenovo build quality is superb.  This tablet will probably be called the IdeaPad K2 Tablet and be the follow up or big brother of the K1 that is now out. We’re discussing it over at the thinkpadtabletforums dot (com)

  • Mario Irelan

     they did not support their first tablet with software updates. asus released loads of updates. Asus is so much better. a little better hardware doesnt matter if the software slows it down. transformer prime for me

  • Dreams

    The Asus Prime looks a lot sexier. Lenovo always seems to target the biz sector, so usually more clunky and industrial (and more pricy). The Prime looks sleek and light with great battery life.

  • Guest

    That’s a print reader, not a USB port.

  • Guest

    That’s a print reader, not a USB port.

    • It’s a USB port. 😛

      • Guest

        It’s a fingerprint reader and a game controller.

        • There is a fingerprint reader on the back and a USB port on one side; The USB port has a metallic pop-out cover.

          You should actually look at the PR before posting…

    • Darkeyce

      You are correct…the image shows the camera (top center) and the Fingerprint reader/joystick.
      Additionally, “host USB Port” has nothing to do with the location of the port rather it refers to the ports ability to support USB peripherals (i.e. Keyboards, External hard drives, etc.)