Galaxy Nexus news: Release date and price update on Verizon

By Alan Ng - Nov 14, 2011

We have another Galaxy Nexus update for you now, as there has been a few new developments on the elusive handset over the weekend which you may have missed. We could have a new off-contract price for you to consider, as well as more claims to a rumored release date this month.

We previously told you that the Galaxy Nexus could be launching on November 21st, based on a Verizon roadmap document that had leaked. Well now, a competition that Google are running in which users can win a Galaxy Nexus may have just revealed the price and release date for the device, as reported from Droid-Life.

If you check out the competition listing here, you’ll see that in the terms and conditions at the bottom, the date for the competition ending is November 21st, the exact date revealed in that roadmap. Also listed in the competition rules is a $500 figure which Google state that the competition prize (The Galaxy Nexus) is worth. This could be a further indication of the full retail price for the handset, although this may be increased to $649 so that it falls in line with the HTC Rezound and Droid RAZR which are also heading to Verizon.

Imagine the possibility of the Galaxy Nexus being $500 off-contract though, that is surely a price that a lot of you wouldn’t mind paying, especially considering it is Google’s first handset to run Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. The Droid RAZR is already available to buy now as of Nov 10th, but how many of you are clinging on to these Galaxy Nexus rumors in the hope that the November 21st date is legit?

It will be seen as a pretty big disappointment if the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t release in the US before the end of the month. A Black Friday release would be perfect in some consumers eyes, but don’t forget that those in Europe will be able to get theirs on Thursday, November 17.

How confident are you that the Galaxy Nexus will release on November 21st? Does a rumored $500 off-contract price tempt you into getting the device without a two-year Verizon contract?

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  • visitor

    If they would sell a GSM version here in the states for that much I would jump on it. I would prefer to just upgrade to it with AT&T but I don’t see that happening this year, so I would probably just upgrade to the iPhone 4S and then sell it brand new for $500 that way someone is getting an off contract iPhone 4S for cheaper than buying it from AT&T and I can get the phone I want. 

    Hopefully by the end of the month us AT&T users hoping for a Galaxy Nexus will get some good news.

  • Anonymous

    $500 would be really nice. I payed $530 for Galaxy SII E4GT on launch day and thought that was a steal.