Battlefield 3: Your best sniper rifle and marksman bonus

By Alan Ng - Nov 14, 2011

If you have been playing a lot of Battlefield 3 multiplayer and tend to focus on the recon class, there’s a good chance that you are trying to find which sniper rifle is best for you, and of course looking to get as many headshots as possible for that crucial marksman bonus.

We have a video to show you now which gives you an example of what can be done with a sniper, but we would like to hear which sniper rifle you are best with in your opinion, and the maximum marksman bonus in distance that you have managed to get so far.

The M98B bolt action rifles is one of the last weapons you can unlock on recon and many of you will probably feel that it is the best in the game, although it is pretty disappointing that it isn’t a one hit kill. Other popular sniper rifles include the SKS with its impressive accuracy and stopping power and also the M40A5 which is another bolt-action rifle and a classic favorite since it featured in other Battlefield games.

One video we have for you below shows off a pretty stunning double headshot on Operation Firestorm, performed with the M98B and just watch how the user racks up the points thanks to a 751 point marksman bonus. Since the recon solider has to bide his time and wait for the right shot, you can argue that he is at a disadvantage to the other classes as they’ll get lots of points for healing, resupplying, taking conquest points and so on. If you think of it like this – the marksman bonus is really important on the recon class so it’s all about the headshots – not an easy thing to do by any means.

What is your best marksman bonus as a sniper on Battlefield 3 and what rifle do you think is the best in the game? Are you a bit disappointed as well that EA DICE has made the best snipers in the game a one-hit kill? On a side note, don’t forget to list your best weapon overall and equipment here.

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  • Distance: 1,517m

    Map: Wake Island (Airfield to Carrier)
    Weapon: L96A1, 8x scope. (No other extras as I did not have them at the time.)

    Saw a few guys on the far right end of the carrier sniping out toward the island closest to them. Figured it was a great opportunity to get a decent headshot.

    For a while, they didn’t really seem to notice. Eventually they fired a few shots in my direction… But by that time, they hadn’t trained themselves to that distance as well as I had…so I was left with the advantage.

    One shot came close enough to cause suppression. I repositioned on a rock behind the airstrip. I had a narrow field of fire between an antenna and a building…which also served to absorb some fire.

    I let the firefight rage on around me as both teams battled for the airfield. We kept the advantage well enough to keep me from getting killed from behind while being focused on long-distance targets.

    Finally got my headshot after about 10-15 shots.

    You can verify on my stats profile. (I posted a link but the comment has to be approved by a moderator because of it…)

    Look me up as “BlackMoonWolf” on Battlelog. (PC of course.)

  • Samggp1

    1324 caspian border l96 in american base headshot reacon in hills

  • Bombard

    I got 1115m headshot on gulf of Oman. The guy was on top of the construction building and I was on the carrier
    -BF3 for the xbox360

    • Bombard

      I was using the m98b w/ a bipod

  • Adam Regan

    playstation 3 – operation firestorm, defenders, furtherst mountain top to quite far into attacker spawn area 956 marksman bonus

    i used the M98B 12x scope and bipod have his this shot twice now once on firestorm but in another spot i jus cant get past it but apparently its limited to 979 or summin ??? 

  • Martscheperssite

    245 marksman bonus – *M98B*straight bolt*12x scope*

    After the game : longest headshot = 245 m ?

    if i look at this video above, i tought wtf + my shot looks the same distance, aimed same distance above enemy.. 

    I play at playstation 3, battlefield 3..  but question is :

    After the game : longest headshot = 245 m ? BONUS = not meters ? or am i wrong cuz 245 meter is not very far.

  • CbtEngsNvrSrndr on PSN

    Op Firestorm Defenders Mt. top to Attackers initial spawn, 950 with M98B w/ 12x scope, bipod…  Can’t seem to get any further than that though…  Want a 1000+ shot…

  • iSniper

    747 with the M40a5, 12x and bipod.
    Backed it up one shot later with a 728.
    Op firestorm from the crane back to the attackers hills.

  • Leon

    Sv98 727 bonus head shot from spawn to a guy waiting for a little bird on a boat

  • Lol this crazy it’s like 100km far and headshot that’s incredible and funny hahahahahahah