Battlefield 3: Tactical Light, Repairable Jets patch update coming soon

If you are a regular player of Battlefield 3 online and have become increasingly frustrated in the way which the tactical light accessory works, we have some good news for you. EA DICE has confirmed that they will be tweaking the tactical light after a wave of criticism from gamers.

For those of you that are not aware of the problem, gamers are angry since the tactical light is overpowered at the moment, in the fact that it still blinds players even if the person with the tactical light equipped is miles away. In reality, the tactical light should only be effective up close, but if you play multiplayer now you’ll see that it still hits players from a long distance.

The good news is that EA DICE has acknowledged this problem and are working on a patch to fix things in a future update to the game. What’s better, is that one of the designers for Battlefield 3 has uploaded a few images onto Twitter which gives you an idea of how the tactical light will look once the game has been patched up. Here are the images below thanks to Alan Kertz, as reported from VG247:

As you can see, that looks a great deal better and many BF3 gamers will be very pleased if the final result looks like the pictures above. Other changes that we’re hearing will come into effect include the mobile AA machines dealing less damage, and also changes to give jets the ability to repair themselves – we’re not quite sure what to make of that last one at the moment. How can you repair a jet in mid air? Unless they are talking about grounding it first, which will require some of the best Maverick Top Gun pilots for sure.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming changes to the tactical light – are you happy about this or not?



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