Skyrim Xbox 360 patch update needed, how bad are textures for you?

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2011

It looks like that the texture issues we told you about a few days ago are actually quite a serious problem with Xbox 360 copies of Skyrim. Bethesda has now confirmed the issue in an official statement, adding that a patch update is definitely on the way. For those of you with any version of game – how bad are the graphics really for you?

We have seen a lot of complaints about textures disappearing and not loading up, but then we have also heard that many of you are having no problems with the game at all. Firstly, here is the official word on the issue from Bethesda which they posted to the official Skyrim boards:

“We’ve seen a few reports of certain textures temporarily scaling down on the Xbox 360, and not scaling back up. We have verified that this issue does not occur when playing off the disc and when the game is fully cached (not installed). Skyrim makes heavy use of the Xbox 360 caching system, and caches over the normal course of play while in menus or interiors. This cache can be wiped when other games are played or when the user manually removes it. We’re working on a solution in the next title update for those who have installed the game.”

As you can see, that confirms previous rumors that the texture issue is specifically related to the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim that has been installed to the hard disk drive. We labelled this as a rumor earlier this week, but it now looks to be confirmed. Bethesda reminds everyone that those playing the game on disc are not affected by the texture problem, but a patch update will be coming in a title update for those that already have the game installed.

We don’t want to be picky here, but should Bethesda have really tested this kind of problem before the game came out? They should have known that a lot of Xbox 360 users will install the game to their hard drives as it’s a very common thing to do these days. As a result of this, the game looks far worse than the PS3 and PC versions when installed, as evident in this PS3 Vs Xbox 360 graphics comparison.

If you have the Xbox 360 version or indeed any version of Skyrim, let us know your opinions on the textures problem. Is it really as bad as some people are making out or not?

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  • Druid_ok99

    yp estpy llenos de problemas de texturas en la xbox 360 skyrim , porfavor ayuda!!!!!! la verdad esque ya no juego skyrim por la estupidas textiras

  • Freehand5001

    Well, I have an Xbox 360, and bought the game when it first came out. After playing the game for some time, I have seen dragons fly backwards, items I have collected disappear, and one of the characters follows me around saying we must return to juravasker. Let me tell you I have been to see this person twice and he still follows me around. With that being said if I beat him up and try to fast forward to a another quest it want let me unless he is with me, and if I try and talk with another character on another quest I can’t complete the conversation without being told to return to juravasker. For the price I paid for this game you would think a lot of the bugs would be worked out. The game lags and locks up and some of the dragons that are killed, I am not able to collect their souls. I sanyone else having problems or did I just get a bad copy of the game.

  • Cruzj60

    I have skyrim for xbox 360 and its sweet but i can,t run anymore. Don,t know why but its a good game.

    • Mlbridwell28

      Cruzej60 Try dropping equipment you might be over encumbered

  • Savatage

    I have the 360 version, did not install it on my HDD, running it from the disc and I’m still having issues with textures loading properly, especially with armor (iron shield, fur boots, steel gauntlets) loading in the inventory. These textures will load randomly based on what region of the world I’m in and what NPC I’m talking with. I work in QA within the video game industry and for Bethesda’s QA Dept. to overlook such obvious bugs really shows their lack of performance and credibility in this area within their company. It’s still the best game I’ve ever played but to allow these bugs to be shipped with the final version of the game is inexcusable.

  • Fox

    My xbox version looks fine, except for the shadows from the trees, but when you get close they look fine

  • Ehehas

    It’s awful…. looks worse than oblivion..

  • Steven

    oh and by the way someone please email me if you know there going to fix the textres for disk users as well

  • Steven

    they need to patch the disk as well… my skyrim is not installed on a hard drive… im playing on the disk itself and i still have the texture issues.. especially on my gloves and hands.. i noticed when i drop my gloves out of my inventory then pick them up then put them back on they look better for only a short time… but i still have bad textures please bethesda fix it for the disk users as well!!

  • Bigjershby

    i have ps3 version and it is flawless looks great loads fast no framrate problems … i think they tryed to jam the game onto 1 xbox dvd and they got burned

    • Ssizeland

      I had it for the PS3 and swapped it for the 360 and I just want to let you know the 360 version looks much better and does not chug like the ps3 version does!

  • Guest

    Graphics is really bad. It is disappointing because there are so many elements in the game that you will fall in love with it. Who did the quality control? How the heck they missed such a downgrade in graphics? Waited so long for this game…

  • Frank

    I also have the poor textures issue with the game installed on the HDD. But when i tried playing it from the disk, the game freezes completely, and i have to reboot the console because everything freezes. It also does this when installing the game on USB. My game disk is in perfect condition as well. So i don’t have a choice but to play from the hard drive, as the game is unplayable from the disk etc. the freezing problem is actually an even bigger issue than the graphics ome as it makes the game unplayable. Very disapointing Bethesda.

  • Sam

    I really hope we’ll get a high res texture patch like Crysis 2 got (and yes, Crytek screw up Crysis 2 because of console optimization, which was kind of bad) But I highly doubt bethesda will put more money in that game. They’ll roll out some DLC to cash in and fo on to fallout 4. Repeat the same stupid mistakes again and again.

  • Sam

    Textures on PC suck, especially after playing the Witcher 2 BF3 and Crysis 2. I run it on high, not because I don’t have a good enough pc to max it, but because the game is a freaking console port (and it seems to suck on console as well). FFS I can max out BF3 and Crysis 2. No reason that Skyrim as a hard time running on high. We absolutely need a patch optimizing that crap for PC. It needs to stop relying on CPU and start relying on GPU. Sli won’t even get me better performances. Thx god for games only getting out on PC (The Witcher, SC2). I can’t stand console ports anymore. 

  • R_riggott

    I have the PC version of the game, and have the graphics set to high and the game still looks AWFUL to me.  The graphics definitely look dated compared to any recent games.  On top of that, (only for PC) the UI is a total mess due to it being designed for consoles.  I’m sure the story will be great (as with Oblivion), but so far the game lacks the feeling that Oblivion had. 

  • nate

    It’s very bad on my 360… worse than original xbox graphics. I did install the game though, so I will try playing off the disc to see if it makes a difference.

  • dude

    i don’t have a hdd, needless to say, skyrim looks like crap on my xbox, since it can’t use the hdd cache…

  • Xbox 360 version has huge issues.  From trying to create a character, to the first dragon landing (and all other dragons after that).  Also, loading times and texture loading times.  I don’t have it installed, but from what I’m hearing, that doesn’t matter, or might make it worse.  It has also frozen on me multiple times, and these “freezing periods” can last from 10-20 seconds while it loads the world/area or it will completely freeze the system and I have to turn it off after that.  

    I am very disappointed overall.  6 years in the making, who the hell was testing this game, and what were they testing it on?  To have all these issues somehow overlooked, is inexcusable.

    • Frank

      I very much agree with you on that, totally inexcusable. I mean, they hype the hell out of that game only to release it half finished, wth ?

  • Llehctim-666

    The only problem I had was the iron shield had hardly any texture in the inventory. But besides that it’s fine .

  • Sammypants

    Graphics are very poor for a game that has been greatly anticipated for 5 years, textures are really bad on everything.. i even found that grass was distinctly blocky and 2d looking.. definitely looks more like a old pc game than that intended for a console besides waiting 5 years for very sad 🙁

  • ReconSpartan010

    It really is bad. Mountain textures/Snow are non-existent. Character armor and weapons as well, the armor in 3rd person in so blurred you just stay in 1st person to save your eyes. At least for me anyways it really poor testing on Bethesda’s part. Just waiting for the patch now. 

  • Justinacarey

    It’s not that big of a deal… But yeah it looks better when played of off the disc, either way it is still incredible!

    • Frank

      No it IS that big of a deal, the graphics are sub-par, too much quest breaking glitches and bugs (go see their forums to read user posts about that) which for a game that was hyped to the bone that it was this amazing thing, and then, ho wow the graphics look like or worse than Oblivion. Its true tough that the graphics are disapointing, but i can live with that, but that the game as texture issues on top of that that makes it even worse is inexcusable, period.

  • Callum

    This is precisely why I did not buy the game on release date. Bethesda are notorious for having game breaking bugs on their games. Whilst the games are awesome, they do come with big problems due to the magnitude of the game content. Glad I’m waiting a couple of weeks.

  • Reddustroad

    I have the Xbox version and it looked absolutely appalling. Worse than Oblivion, a 5 year old game! The problem has largely improved by uninstalling the game, but I can tell you right now that the problem DOES still exist when uninstalled albeit to a lesser degree. In particular, the weapons and items both in your hand and in the viewing mode in the menus seem to lose their textures at random.

    • Frank

      Ho man this whole thing stinks, i am so disapointed because i’ve been waiting a long time for this game, altough i still love the game, i’m disapointed, i save often because i’m afraid the game will freeze on me.