Lenovo 15.6″ Laptop G575-438343U: Specs review includes no HDMI

Earlier on this week we informed you about the HP 2000-239WM laptop that you may want to consider picking up during the holiday sales, but now we have another budget model that will definitely interest you as consumers look to find the cheapest, but reasonable models available.

The laptop we are talking about now is the Lenovo 15.6-inch G575-438343U, which you’ll be able to pick up for a very low price during the holiday sales. Lenovo are becoming renowned for their well-built solid computers, and this particular model we have here offers decent specifications at a very good price.

Here’s a quick run-through of specs for the G575: It features a 15.6-inch display with HD glare technology and runs on a 1.3Ghz AMD Dual-Core E-300 Processor with 2GB of RAM backing it up. This model will come with a 250GB hard drive, and offer reasonable battery life with its included 6 cell lithium-ion battery. You’ll be pleased to know that this isn’t a laptop that comes with those pesky ‘Intel Integrated HD graphics’ as you’ll be able to enjoy low-end PC games thanks to the included Radeon HD 6310 graphics card – don’t expect to play Skyrim on optimal settings though as this won’t be possible.

As our title suggests though, one major setback for consumers looking to get this model, is the fact that it won’t come equipped with an HDMI port. This is usually a standard feature in new PC models and allows users to hook their laptop up to the TV, allowing audio to output through the TV as well which is a very useful feature. Sadly though, you won’t to use this with the Lenovo G575-438343U.

How important is this feature to you? Will you still look to pick this model up during the holiday sales? If you have owned a Lenovo in the past, give us your overall impressions of previous devices.



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