iOS 5 problems still exist after download, possible fix

By Gary Johnson - Nov 14, 2011

A couple of days ago Apple released the iOS 5.0.1 update that was mainly to fix issues concerning shorter battery life for some iPhone owners had been experiencing. Many used the new feature of downloading the software over the air, which proved to be pretty painless for most. But can we now report that some iOS 5 problems still exist after the download of the update and a possible fix.

There are some users who are taking to the Apple Support forums and complaining the update didn’t address issues with battery life, and according to PCWorld additional problems have come to light. Users are now complaining of problems when connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi as well as issues with Address Book contacts.

PCWorld are suggesting the problems may not be with the iOS 5.0.1 update itself and many have tried to replicate the reported problems. An Apple spokesperson has said the company are currently looking into “a few” issues surrounding battery life, so that problem may not have been completely fixed.

The changes that were made via the software update don’t include any of the issues that users are now complaining about on the support forums. There is a big variety between the issues reported by the users, and it could be that they are the result of corrupted installations of iOS. If the update process gets interrupted in any way it may corrupt the data, or even the OS itself. This can lead to a variety of different issues.

If you are having issues with iOS 5 or after updating to iOS 5.0.1 you could try restoring your iPhone back to the factory defaults on your iGadget to start again. To achieve this first connect the device to your PC and open iTunes. Select your iDevice and press the Restore button, but you must be careful not to restore from a backup as this will just backup from the corrupted iOS install.

This will mean though you have to re-sync all of your apps, data, and music from scratch that will take hours to do, so only do this procedure if you can spare plenty of time. But if you are having a lot of issues it may be worthwhile.

Have you had any problems since updating to iOS 5.0.1?

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  • Kevin

    I downloaded the new upgrade in IOS5 and my phone has improved tremendously. I don’t know what people are talking about. They don’t seem to ever get pleased. The upgrade worked for me. I am really happy.

  • Rogue67

    Update went well took less than 10 mins. But no difference in battery life. Not a real issue as I use my phone in dock over night to charge( did the same for previous 3GS) and use alarm clock pro to wake up. Have noticed however this phone doesn’t show full charge upon removal only 98% yet 3GS did

  • Gjs

    Yes battery problems remain with the 5.1

  • Anonymous

    Updated just fine, and my battery problem is fixed.  Spent all day at Disneyland yesterday, using my phone quite a bit while waiting in lines.  Still had 45% when I got home at 11pm.

  • Ducksquat

    No problems here.

    • Drdave

      Updated fine. Battery drains faster even with apps off. Apple Has lost the touch.

      • Kevin

        How you figured? If u ain’t lying about it, you ought to throw that phone out the window my friend. I own a 4S and my battery improved by A LOT! Go get another phone.