42″ Sharp LC-42SV49U LCD 1080p HDTV: Full specs a mystery

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2011

If you are thinking of picking up the Sharp 42-inch LC-42SV49U LCD 1080p HDTV during the upcoming holiday sales, you may be surprised to hear see that detailed information on this particular model is no where to be found.

It looks like retailers such as Best Buy may have this model as an exclusive, as we couldn’t find any official information on Sharp’s website about this TV. What we do know about it though, is that it will have a 60Hz refresh rate, 176/176 viewing angles and 3 HDMI inputs to suit your media needs.

Considering the secrecy regarding this Sharp model, you can bet that quantity is going to be extremely limited, so if you intend to pick one up during the holiday sales, then prepare yourselves accordingly by getting down to retailer queues early.

As a point of reference, Best Buy will be opening their doors for the start of their Black Friday sales on November 24 at 12am. We’ve heard however though that those planning to buy doorbuster items will be able to pick up tickets starting at 10pm, so make a note of that if this TV interests you.

Once we gather more intel on this elusive Sharp HDTV, we’ll update this info, but in the meantime feel free to post any information that you have found as well. Does the 42″ Sharp LC-42SV49U interest you this year or have you found a better TV to aim for this year?

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  • finalword

    OK, it has been a few weeks and the price is now $379. I am just looking for a solid TV for my kids to game on so I can free up the 58″plasma for important things like football games. Is this a good deal at $379. If not, any suggestions for an alternative?

  • Aidynphoenix

    anybody find any websites with detailed reviews? such as response time? or the real contrast ratio, and not the fake dynamic?   
    I got one. im using it as my computer monitor, went from a 21″ to this.. its awesome for my games and movies and desktop backgrounds in 1920×1080 are pretty awsome.  
    it just doesent look as vibrant and colorful as i remember the 46″ sony bravia i repaired for a friend looking. however it might just be me. its been awhile sence i had that television. im useing the hdmi connector, computer rez set to 1920×1080 like it should be, i have a nvidia 9600gt, dont think nvidia has problems with scaling. 

    sofar so good, the television works well, i was pretty lucky, my store had 14 of these, i was 15th in line, and my younger brother was 16th, right at the end of our 13hour wait when the bestbuy employees showed up to hand out tickets two of the people in front of us got into a verbal almost physical fight and the cop made them both leave, so me and my brother both moved up two spaces in line and got one of these televisions.. 

  • Gotthelastone

    I waited 30 hours…that’s right 30!!!! for my TV and I was number 12 in line, the store only had 12 TVs. I was pretty lucky. I didn’t plan on waiting in line that long but when I drove by my local best buy there were people already there so I parked my car to wait with them. The TV works fine so far…for $200 for a Sharp brand HDTV 42″ there should be no complaining.

  • Jljcavalier

    So, I’m one of those “idiots” that stood in line. The tv works like a charm and the picture is awesome. 200$ was way worth it. It has the same quality as my samsung and my Sony. I don’t see why so many are negative about the tv. If you’re not interested then let it be. As far as I can tell, the people that got the tv, love it. So maybe next year you fools talking smack with be in line for the tv sale for 2012 black Friday. Plus I bought a 4-yr warranty for 30$. So beat that haters! 😀 youre just mad because you either didn’t have $ to spend on black Friday or you didn’t have patience to wait in line. Aha.

  • thatdude

    I stood in line 12 hours to get this tv(actually bought 2) and for 200 bucks u cant beat that. i recently bought a 32 inch tv that was 500 bucks after tax and everything and to be able to get 2 LARGER tvs for LESS $$$ is a steal. point me to a better deal when u find one!!! plus i even added a 2 year warranty to both tvs so if anything happens to them best buy will come to MY HOUSE and repair em…im pretty sure in 2 years i would have gotten my money worth out of both tvs.

  • Mcely62627

    anyone who thinks that tv is worth 200 dollars is an idiot and even dumber for wasting an entire day for waiting in line to buy it Sharp stop making these tvs because of all of thier problems and Best Buy picked them up cheap just for a door buster to get all you idiots to fight over a spot in line (man get a life) . YOU DIDNT SAVE ANYTHING LIKE YOU THOUGHT YOU DID. For just a few bucks more and saving your thanksgiving. But society has brainwashed you all so thats why america is loosing a grip on whats important.

    • 42″ TVmonster

       blah blah blah. Go ahead and comment on a TV you didnt even try out for yourself. Hater.

    • STFUHater

      society has brainwashed you into thinking there is some value behind thanksgiving and all the other dumb holidays we celebrate in order to boost economy…. STFU. If someone wants to meet a cool group of people that camp out and have fun to wait for a TV then they will. Where I was, most of the people that was there for 30 hours had tents, a guy brought a TV and DVD player, people had a corn hole, there was a grill and s’mores…. people had fun and had a story to tell rather than being a loser that sit and hate online on the people who actually had the balls and time to do it. get over yourself

  • lazy_bargain_hunter

    my question is how many of these did you see for sale at the store?  10, fewer, more?

    • 42″ TVmonster

       our store had 28 in total

  • Ruben_G

    So I was first in line at BestBuy 3rd year in a row…. Bought the 42″ SHARP and it works great!!! Its way better than my 50″ SAMSUNG 720p (and I love my Samsung)….

    I didnt really care if it was crapy since I bought it for my bedroom…

    Being out there for a whole day was soooo worth it…. plus I made $80 bucks selling my leftover tickets.


  • 42″ TVmonster

    Im sitting home watching my favorite show on my NEW 42″ Sharp LCD HDTV TV!! All you losers keep hating, this tv is awesome and im sure your regretting not buying one now, froze my ass for 10hours just to get it, and it was so worth it, cant get better for $200. peace out, haters!

    • Happy2craft

      Us too! We had a blast waiting in line for it. Fun fun fun!

  • AwwUMad?

    I came here to find out about this tv…..ended up reading an argument about religion. #thanksinternets

  • Daw731

    Did find one review on the Sharp Site.  Wasn’t pretty.

    • John

      Can anyone else verify that it is actually running 720 and not 1080?

  • Dusty

    Basic Specifications

    Screen Size Class
    42″ Class (42″ Diagonal)

    Panel Type
    Full HD LCD Panel


    Pixel Resolution
    Full 1920 x 1080 HD Resolution

    Viewing Angles
    176º H / 176º V

    Audio System
    10W + 10W

    Tuning System

    Dynamic Contrast Ratio

    Aspect Ratio


    AQUOS® Series

    Quattron™ quad pixel technology

    Digital Still Picture Display



    USB Input

    4 (1080p compatible)

    HD Component

    Composite Video

    4-pin DIN x 1

    Audio Inputs (L/R)
    RCA L/R x 3, 3.5mm Stereo Jack x 1

    9-pin x 1

    1 (15-pin D-sub)


    Power Consumption AC (watts)

    Power Source

    Weight & Dimensions


    Dimensions (wxhxd) (inches)
    40-51/64″ x 25-63/64″ x 3-23/64″

    Dimensions with Stand (wxhxd) (inches)
    40-51/64″ x 27-11/16″ x 11-15/64″


    Product Weight (lbs.)

    Weight with Stand (lbs.)

    Additional Specifications

    Cabinet Color

    Limited Warranty
    1 year parts and labor from date of purchase

    Included Accessories

    Remote Control

    Table Stand

  • Rickymaster123

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. If you are not buying this tv then you shouldn’t care (RIGHT)
    Whats with all the negativity? If you watch that much tv that you are so concerned about
    60 this, and not enough ports, and its gonna blur. WOW! When do you find time to play with the kids,
    Talk to the wife, and oh yeah go to church. That’s right you can do all that right in front of the screen.
    Well enough said, actually I don’t even what this thing anymore. God bless, remember what the season is really about. Jesus Christ! Romans 10:9,10,13.

    • Spkmky

      Your imaginary friend is just that ricky, imaginary. 

      I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god
      than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible
      gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.

      Stephen Roberts

      • You said it Spkmky… you believe… takes a lot of faith to be an atheist… most atheists just refuse to admit it… now who is imagining things?

        • lrrbrrgrbl

          Both of you are, for even thinking that you have answers with no evidence.

    • I’m pretty sure that the holiday season is about family and caring for others, “goodwill toward men”, and all that (possibly loosely based on the giving nature of Jesus Christ, but as there is no historical fact proving any of the charitable acts he supposedly performed, it could possibly be the *gasp* better part of human nature instead). But I am positive it isn’t about shoving your religious views in others’ faces. So, yes, you have a valid point about people spending more time with their family, however, being that this is a FREE country, where I am FREE to believe in whatever I choose, going to church has nothing to do with the holiday season. And speaking of something having nothing to do with anything – why are you posting religious dribble on a frickin’ tv review site? I was looking for some opinions about this tv for sale and I get your verbal tunnel vision. If you are so upset about the posts debating the pros & cons of a tv, turn off your computer, go play with your own kids and wife 😉 and then for, God Sakes, go to church! Merry Christmas everybody! And Happy (whatever-it-is-that-you-celebrate)!!

      • Lynne7

        As someone who has a personal relationship with Jesus, just as I’m sure others here do too, the last thing He would want is people being critical about TV use, etc.  If a person has a relationship with Jesus, I trust that they will listen to Him if He tells them that they are not using the TV in a way that does not bring the glory and honer to Him.  Desiree, I agree that some things that were said seemed critical and attacking.  Let’s move on – in case you don’t know this already, God loves you and everyone who has ever lived, so He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to take the payment for every wrongdoing we all have ever done so that those who put their faith in Him and repent for our wrongdoings, can spend eternal life with Him in Heaven.  You can have your own opinions of God, but HE LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OF HIM!  Isn’t that amazing!  Can you say that about anyone else?  I cannot.  His love is unconditional, and not based on what we do.  Bible-based, Christianity is based on the principle that salvation from our wrongdoings is ONLY achieved by what Jesus Christ did, by dying a horrible death on the cross and raising from the dead 3 days later, defeating the power of death so we (we respond to His call and follow Him) will spend eternity with Him.  “For grace you are saved by faith, this not of ourselves, it is a gift from God.  Not by works, so that no man can boast” (Ephesians 2:8-9).  This Bible verse and so many others show the main distinction that Christianity has with EVERY other religion – we believe that we go to Heaven based on what JESUS did, NOT what we do.  EVERY OTHER BELIEF SYSTEM attributes salvation to what we do.  Also, to address your comment about “better part of human nature” – we have all sinned and we all need a Savior to save us from the consequences of that sin.  Look at the comments that have been posted – there’s rampant negativity.  Judging from yours and others’ reactions to that negativity, it would seem as though you feel the initial comments stated were morally wrong, critical, etc.  Goodness, being critical is a huge thing I try to do less and less of but it sure is difficult, but the blessing of it, is that God is there no matter whether I do things right or not.  

        You and others can attempt to dismiss the miracles of Jesus, the existence of Jesus/God, and/or the accuracy of the Bible.  However, BE CAREFUL to do that before you have thoroughly considered a few things:  first, consider the complexities of the human body – a single cell is enormously complex, as is everything to do with our bodies (i.e. DNA, breathing without having to think about it every second).  It is IMPOSSIBLE for anything to be created without having a Creator and for humans, this should be even more obvious because we are the only beings that have free will and the capability of using that free will.  Second, the complexities to do with the world we live in – I’m talking about how this planet is at the precise distance from the sun that human, animal, plant life is able to thrive – if the distance was much closer or further, this would not be possible.  Third, consider how historians such as Josephus have CONFIRMED what is in the Bible, just like the Dead Sea Scrolls did.  Historical literature records that the disciples that hung around Jesus for 3 years fled when we was captured by the Romans and then crucified.  It has also been recorded that a large majority of these disciples ended up dying due to preaching about Jesus’ life and teachings – something caused this change for people to run away scared, to dying for that same cause.  Not only the disciples, but Christians in the early church were tortured, stoned to death, thrown in a den with lions, crucified; yet they were peaceful people who continued to spread the Good News of Jesus.  There are reportedly more Christians put in prison, hurt, or killed now more than ever before in human history, yet Christianity continues to spread.  Not only this, but the Bible does not contradict itself and EVERY prophecy in it that has been fulfilled, has been how the Bible stated it would be.  Last, just as you would confirm something was legit by talking to someone who has that item, talk with someone who you see has a relationship with Jesus.  He is Father, Savior, friend, forgiver, empathizer and so much more – I feel Him and I see His work in my life.  There is no question as to whether He is alive and active in this world because I have seen Him work in so many ways all around me, in others’ lives, in my life.

        Desiree and everyone who reads this,  I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!  Thanks for reading!

        • Jason63

          Lynne7 you’re a f*cking nutjob.

        • Mfryslie

          Wow, wacky as hell. Please don’t have children.

        • Elsaracen

          I Don’t understand why people have such little respect for those with religious fervor, even if you are an atheist. Being an atheist I have no probs with religious people as long as they aren’t hypocritical and crazy preachy. You should acknowledge that you wouldn’t exist if it were not for religious people who existed in the past, and the world would be a much darker place if it wasn’t for one lone figure who practiced perfect discipline and became an external inspiration for others to do so (even if there’s a chance he never existed) even in spite of what some have done in his name 

        • Dwilk62

          Jason,people said that to Jesus,too.

        • grrbrrbrl

          Then they were like “But we love you anyways, say hi to your kids, Carla and Mario, for us!”

        • Personal relationship with jesus? LOL

      • joye26

        I am tired of hearing everyone talk about “shoving religious views” down their throats when all you hear on television anymore is the promotion of gay marriage, cross-genders, and biased political agendas that promote unethical and immoral ideologies. If you can promote your worldly views than talk of religion and the FACT that Jesus Christ performed miracles as witnessed by others can be discussed openly as well.

  • Bgeralds2011

    Honestly, I think everyone who is talkin trash about this tv is just tryin to discourage everyone else from buying them, because they want one themselves. Who really bothers to bad mouth a product on black Friday? Are you people actually dumb enough to think I’m gonna change my mind? Worst case senario, I just get my money back if it sucks. See you chumps in line! I’ll be the guy at the front with 42″ for $200! Peace!

    • Fjmurray25

      you sir, are both correct and funny! I wish everyone would read this and then re-read it!!!

    • Brrgrrbrbl

      Good luck trying to return a model that is only returnable for instore credit.

    • Deftrhiney

      STFU n00b, haters gonna hate. sincerely, /b/

  • blu

    Right now I have no TV at all, and watch everything on my computer.  I was hoping to somehow find a 32″ for $200, and planned to hook up my computer to it to watch regular tv shows with my daughter and/or my boyfriend, who has big flat screens and is kind of tired of watching on my 15″ laptop screen.  I had a Westinhouse a friend let me borrow for a few months, and it was not a great tv, but it was good enough for me.  I think this one will probably be no worse.  For $200, I’d like to get it, but I just don’t know if I can handle the crowd, and I’m so not standing in line.  So, we”ll see…

  • momofpreemies

    Sounds fine for our bedroom tv – basically for news, music & some early morning kid shows.  Would never work for our main set though. 

  • Withchza

    Specs are at the website below.  For $199 it will probably be okay, but don’t expect 3d or anything.  It’s just a good tv for watching regular shows and dvds. Televisions from 3 years ago were pretty good, I don’t need the latest and greatest (which is over-priced anyway) just to watch satellite programs.  If you’re looking for the best possible tv, please look elsewhere.  Bargain basement tv for a bargain basement price.  
      If it lasts a year, and I get a voucher for another one, that’s fine by me.  Maybe it’ll last until black Friday 2012!  lolhttp://bestbuy.shoplocal.com/bestbuy/default.aspx?action=entryflash&promotioncode=112411MWSNKPK&sneakpeek=y

  • Warrenhenske

    Greed, Greed, Greed!! Doesn’t surprise me at all that during the season of exercising “giving”  to honor our Lord and God the white or whater creed pencil pushers from any and all companies come up with another scheme with glitz and glamour to fool you into buying a system that has less bells and whistles. 60hz refresh rate!?..spare me. I can only imagine what refurbished junk is on the inside; as a former tech. Some random person yesterday spoke to me and said ” what do you expect, America’s built on bullsh!t!” Btw im middle aged W/guy who’s fed up with making the rich get even richer with out getting a fair share; not all but a fair share because w/out you and me it’s over for everybody.

    Thanks for the disappointment Sharp

    • SummerGlau

      So, let me get this straight. You’re going to sit there at your computer
      and berate companies for selling products during “the season of
      exercising ‘giving'”, and you’re going to go on to bash a product you
      don’t own for what
      you *think* might be in it (“I can only imagine what refurbished junk
      is on the inside”). And further, the “season of exercising ‘giving’ to
      honor our Lord and God” is supposed to be observed year-round. And what
      does the race or creed of the business owners have to do with anything?
      And what’s the problem with some products having less [sic. Try “fewer”
      next time] bells and whistles? Some people are actually in the market
      for products like that. And if you aren’t part of that market and the
      60Hz refresh rate isn’t good enough for you, which TV would you buy for
      yourself–or someone else–and not “make the rich get even richer”? And
      in the “season of exercising giving”, how would one go about giving
      gifts if they didn’t purchase something along the way? I know you
      certainly wouldn’t promote theft because that’s not at all a way to
      “honor our Lord and God”.

      And I’m sorry to hear that you’re disappointed in a television that you’ve never even owned or seen from a company that’s done nothing to degrade, impair, or affect your day-to-day life.

      — Summer Glau

    • warrens conscience

      I agree with Summer. Your ignorance and attitude is one example of the greatest single cause of atheism in the world today…which Is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips then walk out the door and deny him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.
      Spare us your philosophy on greed while mentioning our Lord and Savior.
      ….and thank you Warren for the disappointing ignorant comment.

      Again….what do you expect for $200? It’s an LCD with 1080p.

      • grrbrrbrbl

        I would put the spread of atheism to the fact that the world isn’t run by the church anymore, people aren’t being burned for producing printed literature in a language the people understood, and we have this wonderful freedom of information, which fights hearsay and speculation.

        People are outlearning religion. It’s a wonderful time to be alive.

    • HappyHolidayWarren

      Warren, If you really want to honor our Lord, drop your $200 in the poor box and forget the TV, forget what everyone else is doing and tend to your own flock, forget what ‘some person’ told you….stop hanging around the water coolers and listening to negativity.  I hope you aren’t a former tech because of your negative attitude and lost your job.  Have a great holiday season Warren

      “Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24  Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ

  • Nfalquez

    Warranty Terms – Parts
    1 year limited

    Warranty Terms – Labor1 year limited
    Product Width40-51/64″
    Product Weight43.6 lbs. with stand (38.4 without)
    TV TypeLCD Flat-Panel
    Screen Size Class42″
    Screen Size (Measured Diagonally)42″
    Vertical Resolution1080p
    Screen Refresh Rate60Hz
    Product Height (with stand)27-11/16″
    Product Height (without stand)25-63/64″
    Product Depth (with stand)11-15/64″
    Product Depth (without stand)3-23/64″
    HDMI Inputs4
    USB PortYes
    USB InputYes
    DVI Inputs0
    Component Video Inputs1
    Composite Inputs1
    Media Card SlotNo
    Speaker Output Power20W
    Power Consumption (watts) Stand-by0.9
    ENERGY STAR QualifiedYes
    Mount Bracket/VESA Pattern400mm x 200mm
    PC Inputs1
    Power Consumption (watts) Power On58
    Ethernet PortNo


  • ZAP

    Years ago I bought a GE TV at Walmart and thought I had scored a super bargain.  Then when I brought it home I found out it had no RCA jacks.  I had to go out and buy a specialty box and ran wires everywhere to get the VCR and the DVD and converter box to work. It wasn’t a bargain, but a cheaply made custom product to sucker bargain hunters into thing they had scored.  Now I read reviews and stay informed.  The way it should be.  Have fun thinking you saved $100’s while you watch the action blur.

    • Deal Searcher

      This TV actually retails at around $500 so it will be closer to a $300 savings.  And unless NASCAR puts a camera on the fence in turn 3 at Daytona, the 60Hz refresh rate won’t cause a blur.  Sharp is not GE so you shouldn’t talk crap about a TV you have never owned.  (by the way someone listed the actual spec’s on this TV below)  Let’s face it…for $199 I don’t expect perfection.  The Yahoo bargin buyers bought 2 of these sharp TV’s three years ago and have had no problems yet.  For this price I hope to get two and hang them in the bedrooms.

  • TVadvocate

    When this TV breaks, which it will, and if you purchase the bogus best buy warranty – good luck. They will make you wait 2 weeks for a part that won’t be available. After 2 weeks, corporate will issue a voucher (another week) then you will have $199 in a store voucher to buy another set. That will leave you enough to buy a 19″ westinghouse. You tell me if that’s worth waiting 3-4 hours in line?

    • Carl S

      You are completly wrong in regards to the Best buy warranty. I have purchased those and have always received a full replacement at the current cost on everything I have taken back with problems. I bought an Epson printer 3 years ago and had a problem with the first one within the 1 year factory warranty, Best Buy let me pick out the newest matching model, and gave me the money back on the BB extended warranty. I then purchased a new warranty and that printer gave out within the factory warranty period. BB again gave me another one even though is was a lower price, they gave me difference on a BB card and the money back on that I paid for the warranty. So I have never had anything but good experiences with BB

  • Tigerjan62

    Well I run a TV repair shop & looked it up ….. it’s a Sharp, has all the main boards that die available, and remember for $200.00 bucks in a year it’s only costing you .55 cents a day.  It’s worth buying – if it croaks your not out much at all.

    • Pdpoints1

      I just wanted to say that the 60Hz refresh rate will give a poor picture quality.  Enjoy your poor picture quality at .55 cents a day.

      • The human eye can not detect anything over 50 Hz ,so 60 Hz will be fine and at $199. it s a steal.

        • Drafty

          False. So false.

          And I assume the human ear can’t detect anything over 192 kpbs?

        • scare

          It can’t actually. The reason 256 and 320 sound better is because of the decoding of the hardware playing your music and it’s ability to fill without loss.

              60hz is the good enough for a 200 dollar TV, but yes, that’s completely within the range motion judding during fast-moving sequences. This is a 42″ anyway, and the focus should be on the response time, not the refresh.

             And to WarrenHenske above. Shame on Sharp for making a cheap, entry level TV? Really?

        • John Wentworth

          I can hear differences above 192kbps, I encode music at 256, but I’ve had a good quality philips 60hz LCD tv for a few years now, the lower spec bothers me as a nerd, and sometimes I consider upgrading, but I’ve never been able to tell a difference between my 60hz tv and other newer 120hz + tv
          and I watch mostly high quality HD and Blu-ray content on my TV along with xbox 360 games. 
          From all of the research I’ve done it’s supposed to only affect fast motion, but I watch a lot of action movies and sports and I’ve never been able to detect the difference.

          I wouldn’t worry about the 60hz, especially if it’s just to watch tv and movies

        • Mrpassinthru@yahoo.com

          You put a 60 right next to a 120 and tune to a channel that is scrolling news or sports scores across the bottom and tell me you dont see the difference. If you dont then you are blind my friend.

      • Bob22

        I have a 4 year old Sharp 42′ with 60 hz and find it to be an excellent picture.  Never noticed any blur.  I’m sure the new 240hz models with all their high end features are better but for most TV watching, I wouldn’t be able to tell much difference.  Few will get these $200 sets so discussion about it is probably already overdone. But if I could get one of these, I would.  But I’m not standing in line either.  Its not that important.

  • I’m so buying this … I have a 51″ HDTV but it’s an old school CRT Rear Projector at 1080i and in a way these have some advantages over LCD but it’s 6 years old and needs a professional tune up and I’m flat broke. The tune up alone would be more than $200 and who knows how much longer it will last as it is already 6 years old.

    For those that say 60Mhz is crap … well … you don’t know what you are talking about. The whole 120/240Mhz stuff is utter BS. The whole motion smooth thing pretty much ruins almost anything other than MAYBE sports. However I am not a sports fan and could care less and even then it looks …weird. It’s a bunch of bunk. My mom bought a 120Mhz TV and I had to turn all that “smooth motion” stuff off to make it look normal (i.e., good) and people all over the internet are saying the same thing.

    As for the contrast ratio … I think the number is misleading. Sharp currently has a 26″ LCD that says 3,000:1 on their website yet I saw it at BEST BUY a week ago (was thinking of buying it as it was on sale for $229 or so) and it looked absolutely great. My guess is that the numbers are just plain wrong.

    The only thing that sucks is having to get a ticket and trying to get one when it very well may sell out 🙁

    • so then we should all take the word of an admittedly brokedown jerkoff.you have no idea what you’re talking.the refresh is one of the most important aspects of the tv.enjoy your shitty set which ill almost guarantee has speakers that sound like they came from a 1950s radio.

      • The only time the refresh rate (60hz versus 120hz) not response time (5ms versus 10ms) matters is if the television is larger than 50 inches, lower and it is absolutely unnecessary. In most cases, the refresh rate turned above 120hz causes blurry lines to form around moving figures, which isn’t a great picture. Response time is definitely important however, especially if the television is going to be used for video gaming — so that’s annoying that I cannot find information about that on this tv.

      • Anon

        It’s so nice to see a thought-out, researched, well-written, courteous response to a post. Where would the internet be without you?

    • Bill

      it’s called a ghosting effect. I have a 37 inch 1080i TV that I bought 4/5 years ago. You will get this effect when watching sports or a fast pace movie every time. 

      • James

        Ghosting is related to the refresh response time of the TV which is measured in milliseconds.  TV is broadcast at 60Hz.  Try again.

    • Mrpassinthru

      What is a bunch of “bunk” is the fact that you people think you are watching Full HD just because you have a 1080P tv vs. a 1080i or 720. Not true I have full HD 1080p and have yet to find any channel that broadcasts in full HD. Hell ESPN only broadcasts in 720p.

  • Mike Barker

    Be warned that Best Buy sells odd models on Black Friday that you can not find anywhere else. Getting parts will be impossible!

    • Withchza

      For $199 I’m pretty sure they’ll just give you a replacement voucher.  If it lasts at least six months, that’s just fine by me.

  • Ronjoy175



    Customer Reviews



    Warranty Terms – Parts

    1 year limited

    Warranty Terms – Labor

    1 year limited

    Product Width


    Product Weight

    43.6 lbs. with stand (38.4 without)

    TV Type

    LCD Flat-Panel

    Screen Size Class


    Screen Size (Measured Diagonally)


    Vertical Resolution


    Screen Refresh Rate


    Product Height (with stand)


    Product Height (without stand)


    Product Depth (with stand)


    Product Depth (without stand)


    HDMI Inputs


    USB Port


    USB Input


    DVI Inputs


    Component Video Inputs


    Composite Inputs


    Media Card Slot






    Speaker Output Power




    Power Consumption (watts) Stand-by


    ENERGY STAR Qualified


    Mount Bracket/VESA Pattern

    400mm x 200mm

    PC Inputs


    Power Consumption (watts) Power On


    Ethernet Port




  • Slautterback3

    Why bother, its obviously a sub standard item.
    I would rather put the $200 toward a better featured 120HZ TV, that way I wont regret it as prices
    keep coming down on these tvs anyway.
    And all you have to go through to even have a chance without them selling out ?
    Not worth it.

    • Planeric


  • Jspec

    I’m going to be there at 4pm and I’m buying three.

    • Lilah407

      1 per person.

    • Planeric


    • 42″ TVmonster

       well, i will be there at 3:55pm and im going to buy 6! jackass

      • Anonymous

        Hey Pal!!!  I’m heading there right now and I’m buying 7!!!!

        • Dr.Evil

          i went yesterday and i bought 8!!!

  • donyan

    How early do you all think we need to be in line @ BB to be able to get “tickets” for the items we want?

    • stevo1307

      thursday morning or sooner! camping out is usually the only way to get it for sure! also depends on where you live. if its a big city go sooner and set up home outside the store. smaller towns thursday morning is probably fine. just have someone go with you and take turns going to thanksgiving dinner if youre celebrating

  • JasonJ

    is this a Brand New TV and 
    exclusive with best buy why no reviews can be found ? ? ? like if its not just Good Deal but also a Good Tv guess can always return but who like returning 

  • JasonJ

    is this a Brand New TV and 
    exclusive with best buy why no reviews can be found ? ? ? like if its not just Good Deal but also a Good Tv guess can always return but who like returning 

    • Danni

      The review I saw gave it 1 star and said if you’re planning on getting this for Black Friday, beware…

  • nugget

    15,000:1 contrast ratio is garbage, despite this its not a terrible buy for $200…

    • Anonymous

      Contrast ratio is really not THAT important.  It’s a sellers tool a big number sells, which is why it’s posted. 

  • stut

    is this tv a good buy or not

    • Kojkh

      i cant believe all this crap people are saying…

  • For full product details, check out the Sharp’s official website

  • Rob-B

    I cant find nowhere that says it 60hz?

  • Gary Stout

    Ho would this work as a computer monitor that you would mount on a wall?

    • tarnag

      Connect to pc via HDMI. If your computer doesn’t have sufficient ram/processor speed then you might have to lower the screen resolution and it’ll look like crap. Also make sure your computer has an HDMI input!

      • Jimstut

        adaptor? duh?

    • Withchza

      It says it has PC inputs, so it would work fairly well.  It does cost $200 though, do don’t expect too much.

  • Billw

    Screen Size Class42″ Class (42″ Diagonal)Panel TypeFull HD LCD Panel3DNoPixel ResolutionFull 1920 x 1080 HD ResolutionViewing Angles176º H / 176º VAudio System10W + 10WTuning SystemATSC / QAM / NTSCDynamic Contrast Ratio15,000:1Aspect Ratio16:9

  • Mrtech

    specs , the tv is junk the contrast is wayy to log ,

    Screen Size Class42″ Class (42″ Diagonal)Panel TypeFull HD LCD Panel3DNoPixel ResolutionFull 1920 x 1080 HD ResolutionViewing Angles176º H / 176º VAudio System10W + 10WTuning SystemATSC / QAM / NTSCDynamic Contrast Ratio15,000:1Aspect Ratio16:9

  • Radical Mindset

    what source did you confirm the 60hz?

    • Mike McDonald

       there are specs listed on bb website as well as sharp’s

  • PNH

    It says LCD in the Ad

  • Thomasluhrs

    Is there some way to see if this will be available elsewhere, to pricematch

    • There will be no price match as stated before there is limited quanities. this MAY be a Best Buy exclusive.

      • It’s always really hard to price match bestbuy anyway because they purposefully manipulate their skus so other retailers can’t piggy back off their discounts. Although I might be confusing them with costco…

  • TheMatrixHasU

    Well honestly even if its a 3 year old model, what do you want for a bf deal? its a 200$ 1080p tv. Makes a great gift to someone that has a fat tv.  I know I’ll be inline early to buy 2.

  • Ryan S

    ill be in line for that best

  • Ryan S

    ill be in line for that best

  • Connor Joyce

    From what I have heard its a special made tv from sharp that will be made solely for this black friday, it will match different specs from tvs that are about 3 years old. This is definitely a lost leader for bb

  • Anonymous

    Perfect size for my bedroom. I’ll be in line Thursday night to get mine.

  • Pete

    Manufacturer Information
    Date on the Market: October 3, 2011

  • scythian

    the model Sharp 42-inch LC-42SV49U is quite old 2006, even doesn’t exist on manufacturer website. Most likely Best Buy going to sell refurbished one.

    • Varcoris

      Wow, that is just…wow. Best Buy isn’t selling a refurb TV as a doorbuster. Best Buy and most of the other major retailers ink deals months prior to Black Friday for “unique” electronics. Laptops, Desktop systems, TV’s, etc. The manufacturer slaps together a limited run using parts that are neither top of the line nor ancient. The parts are often something the manufacturer is having a problem getting rid of in whatever the current market may be.

      The price is low, the quantities are limited, no one expects platinum quality and the manufacturer gets rid of parts taking up space either at a mild profit or a mild loss (versus letting it all sit and taking a heavy loss). Also, since it is a one-off device there are no negative reviews online or in the news to contend with and it is easier to keep the deal a mystery/surprise prior to the ad release.

    • Thetrueone82

      FYI does exist on Sharp’s website

  • Ge30542

    do you think at that price it could possibly be led backlit?

    • Justinc

      I sure hope not, but it doesn’t say lcd-led so lets cross our fingers… 200 for a decent gaming tv. I mean, 60hz refresh rate but that doesnt beat out that price tag

    • Anonymous

      Yes I doubt it will be LED, but you never know.

      • Pazz43

        No its advertised as a LCD