Skyrim PS3 Vs Xbox 360: Shock as PS3 wins in video comparison?

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2011

Following on from our earlier article which identified possible texture and freezing issues in the recently released Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game, we now have something for console owners. You can now debate on which version looks better, thanks to an early Xbox 360 Vs PS3 video comparison that we’ve found.

Before you take a look at the video below, you should be aware that prior to release, Bethesda had been reluctant to show off the PS3 version of the game, seemingly prefering to show the public the Xbox 360 version, with even the PC version taking a spectators seat.

Now though, we’re thankful that this comparison video courtesy of AllGamesBeta has shown the PS3 version side-by-side along side its console counterpart. Usually we would take a neutral stance and let you guys draw your own conclusions on graphics comparisons, but after watching this video, it does appear that the PS3 version has the edge, with much better lighting effects, sharper textures and brighter colors – would you agree with us here or strongly disagree?

That is just my personal opinion and we’re guessing that some of you will probably say that the Xbox 360 version gets the edge. Here’s one rumor that we’re hearing though that you may want to take into consideration – we have seen some feedback online that the Xbox 360 version actually contains a bug, in that if you install the game to the HDD disc, you won’t be able to enjoy Skyrim with hi-res textures, whereas if you don’t install you will. Again, these are just rumors to bear in mind if you are a bit suspicious on how the Xbox 360 version looks in comparison to the PS3 version shown in this video.

Watch it for yourself and tell us what version you think looks better. Perhaps those of you with the Xbox 360 version of the game now can chime in on this debate by saying how the game looks on your TV right now.

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  • pancake man

    these debates are stupid. PS3 and Xbox were meant for people to have fun, and not argue about how games come out looking. both are better than looking like 2d scroller games right? And honestly, it would be stupid to buy a xbox or ps3 just because Skyrim looks better on one. Both consoles have their good points and bad, so lets grow up a little.

  • RiuChan

    Who cares which graphics are better on what console the only real thing is that the game is awesome and playable. I think that the graphics are fine either way. 🙂

  • XBOX360 WTF! GayBox360 FTW!!!!!

  • Ps3 xbox is gay and also who would name a game consle xbox WTF is that suppose to mean gay box is a better name!

  • youcef

    xbox 360 is better ..

    see ..the games in ps3 and xbox360 are nearly the same .. except uncharted and god of war or kinect games  .. and as you know in the ps3 there is NO kinect ..

    but the difference is bigger in prices .. the ps3 games are much expensive .. and the design of the xbox and the controller of the xbox in much better .. even in size ..

    so .. i don’t see how may the ps3 be better than the xbox360 ! ! 


    • George Quinnell

      How are PS3 games more than 360 games when they both cost 60 bucks at release? You don’t use logic very much, do you?


    PC has better graphics then xbox or ps3… (:

  • Joshua Casey29

     yea 360 blows ps3 out of the water on any game elder scrolls included.

    • guest

      how? the graphics on the ps3 look better……… you might need to get your eyes checked

      • Ashray Manepalli

        You probably did’nt see the lag problems, or bethesda’s reply to them. Bethesda said that to remove lag, they would have to rewrite the engine, or downgrade the graphics to lower than xbox.

        • guest

          I have a 150 hour save for skyrim on my ps3 and have barely seen any lag.

        • Snatericks

          as you might no the lag issuehas been fixed so xbox lost

  • Star28c

    People why are you still on this same old topic
    do your self a favor just enjoy the game on whatever system you happen to own. It’ has already been said the xbox out of the console win.. Pc wins for graphics, xbox wins out of the 3 it had less issues beside the graphics, texture install issue, ps3 had the most technical problems the lead for graphics pc wins xbox 360 takes lead in console this probably has alot to do with the ps3 frame rate issues.. I don’t know but who cares enjoy the game already.

  • carman

    im shocked. is this really how low and pathetic this lame PS3 vs xBox debate has gotten? im in the market for a better console, i have a wii, a samsung bluray player and a sony led tv, ive seen the difference between bluray and dvd and its huge, sharper clearer, minimum 2 times better in every way.
    based on this video alone, the difference is not quite as big as bluray vs dvd, but c’mon are you xBox people insane or what? the PS3 version is WAY better and whilst both look a lot better than my pissy little wii, the difference between the 2 is massive and obvious.
    im really suprised at the comments of some of these xbox people, the fire and anger, how shameful to rant like that when you know your clearly wrong, based on what ive read most of the angry xbox owners seem to have the intelect of mid-teens on average.
    but anyway, glad im not regularly a part of this type of discussion, when people are too proud to admit it and blatantly lie to support their ends i could only imagine how frustrating it must be for all you people.
    based on the impression that i get of the ps3 owner being more mature and slightly older, and that it has so many features included – especially bluray, i could put the samsung in the bedroom for movies – and zero ongoing costs of owning the ps3 other than new games, i cant imagine why anyone would be willing to compromise so much to buy an xbox, ps3 owners all seem so pleased and xbox owners seem unhappy about it.
    but ill be honest, a close friend of mine got an xbox and had that strange disk burning “ring of death” malfunction happen to him 4 times, lucky he was under warranty and got it replaced for free, i just wondered how that company could stay in business selling broken products like that without being sued by someone? 4 out of 4 xbox’s broke down, i cant imagine paying a few hundred bucks for something that based on my friends experience has a 100% chance of breaking down, only to have to pay more for batteries and to use that xbox internet service.
    he has since decided to get a ps3, i look forward to trying it out. it seems increasingly obvious that buying a ps3 is the smarter choice, with such obviously better graphics and bulletproof japanise built quality, heck i even heard they use 100 ps3’s wired together as some u.s government/millitary supercomputer, now thats saying something!
    i wonder if someone could tell me why i should get an xbox instead?

  • Z1ross

    I can’t stand gaming on the PS3. It always defaults to 720p resolution on 99% of their games. No way to force it to upscale to 1080p. So this video comparison isn’t fair as I’m 99% certain that this is being done on 720p and not 1080p

    • aworley.rdh

      you have to go to your settings on your home ps3 screen and change your resolution…prob solved.

  • oldgamer

    I have both Xbox 360 and PS3 and most games do look a little better on PS3 than on Xbox but most the time not enough to matter. I will usually buy the games on Xbox because I don’t like the PS3 controller I have aftermarket for it but still like Xbox’s better. The biggest reason I buy Xbox games is because PS3 lack of party chat. I am not die hard Xbox or PS3 they both have good and bad qualities. I do feel that because of the PS3 controller and lack of a decent chat system makes Xbox a point higher when I am deciding on which system to buy my game for. Of course Xbox has one of the worst customer service department out there they are disrespectful, rude and a lot of times just plain dumb providing you can get someone to speak with that you can understand I have yet to have them solve a problem I have or they make it worse.
    BTW: I started out playing game with Atari 2600 then had a commodore 64 after that an XT PC so I care more about game play and story line over graphics besides compared to the old days they all look great to me.

  • NintendoLover

    Why discuss this, XBOX is better than ps3, this is the truth anything else is a lie

  • Siblackberry

    ps3 looks better

  • E

    that sucks for xbox cus i like the controller better but i dont hate the ps3’s controller so its ok

  • not a shock, blu0ray has a lot more capabilitied. The only reason xbox ‘won’ any previous comparisons is that companies prefer to make games for xbox 9easier and cheaper) then copy them to ps3. if it was done in reverse it would not work properly. So maybe the companies are changing the way theu do things, as the storage on a BR disc gives them much more freedom. Personally If xbox had BR both would be exactly equal in graphics and then we can end this stupid ‘console war’ you nerds are embroiled in.

  • Star28c

    i wonder if they compared the 360 version to the ps3 without stalling the game to the hard drive if there is a difference then

    • Koldobika2020

      “mit” and “ohne” means “with” and “without”. They showed that installation makes no difference on the xbox with a side-by-side comparison starting at 0:45.

    • Koldobika2020

      “mit” and “ohne” means “with” and “without”. They showed that installation makes no difference on the xbox with a side-by-side comparison starting at 0:45.

  • Star28c

    Well if ps3 take the lead why no ps3 reviews I don’t understand the hold back

  • Steliosg13au79

    PS3 4 EVER

  • You know the best way to do this would not be to even say which was on which console, have the video run, let people come to a decision, then a few days later say “360 was the left, PS3 the right” so it takes no bias into consideration.  Then people will have based their opinion on what is actually there to see, rather than what console it came from.

    Some people will be biased as long as they know which is which.  The footage on the right is better, but it’s  a harsh way to judge it, if one has bugs.  It would be like putting the PS3 version on SD and 360 on HD and comparing.

    Wait until everything is patched, then compare.

    Or, don’t even bother so much about it and play the game.  I don’t have it yet, from what I have read and seen, it’s phenomenal.  Go enjoy it.

    Beano, x

  • Ryan

    Or… you can play on a PC and get the best graphics and smooth 60 fps. And you will be able to mod it to no end once people start making the mods/unofficial expansions.

  • Fogmoz

    So… playing first day with it installed on my brother’s 360, and I was extremely disappointed with the graphics.  Luckily there seems to be an error with it using lower resolutions when not taking advantage of the 360’s cache memory, so i’ll uninstall it tomorrow and try some more.  Judging from these pictures, the PS3 definitely wins, especially with the second comparison (though i’m inclined to think that was taken from an installed copy…).

    Overall they both look perfectly playable, and this PS3 vs. 360 debate becomes laughable when fanboys get involved, as the pc version “wins” every time – given one has the proper hardware to excel.  Not only in graphics, but you also open yourself up to console commands and mods. My pc barely meets the minimum, and i’m still planning on getting goty on pc over console.  Content beats graphics any day. =)

    • Star28c

      Not in this case the pc is the port this time the developers stated it read it..

  • Are you guys even talking about the same video? Did you not look at it? Did you go running away screaming – na na na..I can’t hear you or see you…

    PS3 wins in every department.

    360 – Has only come down $100 since 2005
    PS3 – Has come down $350 since 2006

    360 – No wifi for 5+ years (pay $100 more for an ugly adapter)
    PS3 – wifi built in since launch (just like Wii)

    360 – No browser even though this is M$ hello bing, internet explorer
    PS3 & Wii – Has a browser

    360 – No true exclusives, all their best one’s are on PC with free online play the PC way

    360 – The only gaming platform pay to play, $60/year ($300 every 5 years) basically rebuying the most unreliable and featureless console in the history of gaming every 5 years.

    Then of course RROD, disk scratching, huge power brick, old cd tray, controllers eat AA batteries unless you pay another $20 on top of $50 for a battery pack (PS3 comes with built in batteries).

    Xbox sucks, they scam and scam and they will do it again. Like making Halo 2 for PC Vista only  – scam to push their new at the time OS.

    And shutting original servers down on paying customers (original xbox) where as PS2 is still sold and supported to this day.

    • MightyLemur

      I can’t help but correct a few of your misguided points:

      Firstly, the point about browsers is completely irrelevant. There’s no use in arguing a feature that has no practical use. Sure the consoles DO have a web browser but that doesn’t mean that’s something to boast about if nobody uses them anyway! :’)Secondly, I think you may have slightly gotten your fact about the Xbox’s adapter wrong; the (more) recently released adapter was their second improved version. The original adapter has been around since shortly after release if not release itself.Thirdly, stating your opinions on which Xbox exclusives are best as facts in a failed attempt to find a valid argument is just plain tragic. ..My friend you seem overly passionate about the PS3 to the point where you show ignorance and the beginnings of blind rage towards it’s main competitor.

      • Anonymous

        i use the browsaer

      • Cow2k2000

        I use the browser

      • web browser on my ps3 has proven useful over the years.

      • Bigjershby

        i can watch porn on my ps3 i cant on my xbox lol…….and wtf is up with xbox interface being setup for advertizing on my 250g 360 it takes me 10 mins to find setings on my ps3 everthing is easy to find and not hidden behind 1000 adds

      • Joob

        They are always better on PC. If you don’t know that you’ve never played one on a PC.

  • Mj

    Everybody saying the PS3 is “definitely superior” are idiots. You can’t compare a game experiencing an OBVIOUS texture bug with one that is running correctly. That’s not a scientific, apples to apples comparison. Wait until a patch fixes the X360 texture issue. Bethesda already responded to this saying that the X360 bug is most likely due to a bootleg copy of the game and/or a dev console being used to test it. I’m quite sure we’ll see a fix to this problem and then a real 1:1 comparison can be made.

    BTW, I’m a PC gamer…so I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about one console vs the other.

    • CreamOfWeber

      No… they didn’t say that MJ… you were spreading these lies on another website as well. 

      And you OBVIOUSLY give a rats ass. Fangirl. 

      • Mj

        CreamofSomeYoungGuy, I posted this at the other location that you are internet stalking me at (seriously? get a life lol), so figured I’d copy and paste it here: apparently you have difficulty understanding the definition of “scientific” or “scientific method”. You might want to google it, but that might be a stretch for your pot-addled brain and low-rent, lack of education IQ. So, I’ll sum it up for you: in short, when you are determining the cause of an outcome, it is only “scientific” if all variables are held constant/controlled except one. You are making a classic logic flaw assuming that the two versions were tested identically. And, you are flat out lying that Bethesda didn’t respond to this German video “issue”. They most certainly did. In short, you have NO idea what the hell you are talking about and are simply talking out your ass because you want to like the PS3 version better. Until we have more concrete comparisons available, all we know so far is that the X360 in some pre-release form is experiencing some form of texture issues, and this may or may not be a bug which made it through to final product and may or may not be repeatable on other X360s. Also, you need to get back on the meds kid…the anti-social personality disorder is kickin in somethin fierce. lol Thanks for playing though….:)

        • Joob

          It doesn’t matter if its the buggy version the PS3 has far greater capabilities than an Xbox 360 and the only reason it would be better on the Xbox is negligence on the developers part, by not taking advantage of BR, and better processor. Just look at the Hardware and software specs PS3 is always better.

  • Ji-yeon

    Try comparing them when the XBOX version isn’t having texture problems. Until then, enough with the fanboyism.

    • Bob

      They may never fix it. so until they do PS3 > 360 in graphics. After they fix it we can have a new discussion about this.

  • Yentty

    i would say the PS3 looks better but are both games on the same brightness? Also with the thatched window (Or whatever it is) the Xbox version looks like its closer to the window than the PS3 versial as you can see more of the surounding. But to be fair it doesnt look THAT far off or very noticable while your playing 🙂

  • Dan

    The only reason the Xbox version has a SLIGHTLY higher score is because it’s had way more reviews 56 instead of ps3’s 36 so basically it’s just down to the reviewers disposition to the game. Although I’m not a fanboy I have to say the ps3 graphics win hands down on this one.

  • sirsimon

    Firstly, the xbox 360 version has had higher reviews 96 rather than 93 and secondly the graphics look great on both consoles. It pisses me off when people rate games via their graphics. While PS3 certainly looks better, does it have a better performance? Doubtful

    • Actually the PS3 does have faster loading times.  So yeah, better performance.  😉

    • if you trust the critics and their opinions this much then you are a pitiful specimen. Critics are humans, their opinions mean the same as anybody elses, only people think they mean more because they get paid for them. Truth is anybody could be a critic. Trust your own opinions, don’t even pay attention to the critics who think their opion matters more than everyone elses because they get paid for it.

  • Tom2k123

    PPs3 wins so don’t even bother with your snide comments xbox fanboys

    • Guestbryan

      damn straight man plus if anybody read about the comparison it was also said that the xbox version seemed to have more bugs and way more graphical pop up than the ps3. So with that being said try and keep coming up with excuses because pretty soon you will run out and just agree.

  • Anonymous

    Before I even glanced at the logo, I said the column of pics to the right… happens to be PS3

  • Gunitt96

    Nobody can argue that the Xbox has better graphics with this, the PS3 is far superior.