Modern Warfare 3 embarassed by Metacritic reviews – Is criticism justified?

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2011

On the launch day of Modern Warfare 3, we initially told you about some of the negative review scores that the game was receiving on Metacritic. It has been three days since then, and we can tell you that the situation has deteriorated, even prompting the Sledgehammer Games boss to ask for help to improve scores.

For those of you who don’t know, Metacritic lists both reviews from gaming critics, and also reviews submitted by the user. As you can imagine, the critic reviews are largely in favor of the game, but the negative reviews are continuing to pour in from users, with many opting to score the game a 0.

Of course there are notable criticisms with the game like re-used content and the old argument about the same engine and game formula, but it definitely doesn’t deserve a score of 0. It just goes to show how powerful gaming opinion is on the internet, and if a collection of gamers group together and speak out on something they don’t like, the whole world is going to know about it.

In this case, gamers are not happy paying $60 for a game they feel is a lot like Modern Warfare 2, adding on top the fact that Elite doesn’t appear to work as advertised at the moment and the fact that incoming expensive DLC is surely going to make things worse for those who are already feeling hard done by.

A story published by IGN a few hours ago reveals that Glen Schofield, co-founder of SledgeHammer games actually took to Twitter to ask for help in solving the metacritic problem. His tweet asking gamers to vote in favor of the game was perceived as ‘begging’ by IGN and although Schofield has now removed the Tweet in question, here is what he said:

“I don’t usually do this but, if u like MW3 go 2 & help our user score. It’s suspiciously low. Be honest but help if u agree.”

At the moment, we can tell you that Metacritic scores from users remain embarassingly low for the game. This is on all platforms as well, as the current score for PS3 is 2.3, Xbox 360 is on 3.1 and PC is the worst of all at 1.5 – ouch.

What are your thoughts on the game first of all – is all this online criticism really justified? Will you go on to Metacritic to ‘help’ the game, or do you view it as ‘begging’ as well?

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  • Politico_Junkie

    My metacritic user scores are gone… I reviewed three games before mw3 and i gave that game a 1 and now i cant find any of my reviews… Cool Meta. Cool.

  • H-_-mxx

    Mw3 Sucks.

  • Anonymous

    It is mostly the fanboys doing that, but I wouldn’t say it’s ‘begging’. I kind of feel bad for Sledgehammer because it’s Treyarch and Activision and partly IW who have messed up the franchise.

  • Maj121685

    My comment is this. If your game just sold 9.3 million copies in 24 hours why would you waste your time with a Metacritic user score? We all KNOW the BF3 fanboys have multiple accounts on there and are giving false 0 score reviews. I saw someone admit to as much on YouTube and get nothing but praise for doing so. My opinion is this: So what?

    Who gives a crap. I don’t. And this Sledgehammer Games moron shouldn’t either. You wanna know what he should care about? His game just sold more copies in 24 hours than most games sell in their lifetime! And his game has a Metacritic score from reviewers of about 90. So don’t play into the BF3 fanboys’ hands by giving them something to ridicule you about. Trust me it only makes those morons more determined.

  • Hollyflo

    Loved modern warfare,,, thought world at war was great,,, liked modern warfare2 and loved black ops,,, but modern warfare 3 is breaking my heart,,, I’m a dedicated cod fan on ps3 and I can’t get my head around this game at all,,, crap shotguns,,, crap maps that just seem really cluttered up with debris that u constantly run into and end up in dead ends I’ve never minded paying the money for the games and dlc cause I play quite a lot and always got value for money,, but this game just seems like they didn’t even bother trying to make an effort,, new game modes!!! Kill confirmid is nothing new at all…..

  • Star Carlton

    Multiplayer Flaws:

    Semtex, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, do barely any damage. I fired a rocket right at an opponents feet and they didn’t die. I fired 3 airburst grenades at an opponent and they didn’t die.

    The shotguns that were awesome in the old versions are now weak as well. Where it used to take one close up shot to blast someone – now it takes 2 or 3.

    The maps: there are parts of the map where you can end up in a dead end room – so you have to run all the way back to get out of there. There are times I am standing there going – how the heck do I get out of here – seriously ??

    I would say this version is the nail in the coffin for this series.

    • Cliffavickery

      they took away most explosive damage because of people noob tubing on mw2 multiplayer. I fired mw2 up about a month ago and couldn’t even enjoy it because of people using grenade launcher + scavenger pro.  I watched an interview on xbox live about a month ago where mw3 guys were talking about doing this very thing, to make the game more than just one giant explosion. I’ve noticed it too, but ill take it vs having nothing but noob tubers and shotgunners running around. I noticed the shotguns have more range on mw3 also, maybe not as much knock down power as in mw2 but definately more range.

  • Memzer

    Disclaimer: PC Version, Australia Region. I loved CoD:BO and I am not a fan of the BF3 gameplay. That said I bought the game ($99 on steam for us in Australia) and honestly I have to say it has been a frustrating waste of money.


    – that the game seems to be a map pack for Modern Warfare 2 to the point that some models and sound effects are directly copied across between games;
    – that it has been poorly ported to PC from the console games, with horrible hit detection*, console user interface, FoV locks, etc;
    – that the single player campaign can be finished in a few hours, and that its difficulty increases do not change how you play the game (AI is fixed and dumb – NPCs simply take more damage, hit harder and do more damage)

    Ultimately the let down for this game has been multiplayer. Considering that this is why most of us bought the game it’s easy to see why people are pissed. Biggest blunder on the part of the developers was utilizing the match making service from the older game again (something which was a consistent complaint with MW2). The service is simply terrible and it is the only way you are able to participate in ranked play. Dedicated servers are available (if you look for the interface option to turn them on) but they are not ranked. For those not familiar with the game ranked play (the main component of the game) allows you to specialize and level your player (perks, kill/death streaks, weapon lineup, etc).

    As ranked play is what the majority of players bought the game for what this means is that now more than 80% of games are spent waiting to find people, lagging horribly in the game (hit detection, fixed / teleporting), migrating hosts (when the game gives up on the current host), or simply being disconnected from the host (when the game gives up transferring the game to another player) because:

    – the player selected to host the game using the ranked match making service is simply incapable; or
    – players are selected with ridiculous differences in network latency (the match making service tries to pair people with equal pings, if it can’t immediately find anybody it searches a higher ping bracket, and so on, and so on). There is no option to simply wait until more players are available.

    Add to this the fact that the developers openly came out and said that the lack of ranked dedicated servers wouldn’t be an issue and that the match making service would help deal with the cheats / bots (which were available on the FIRST DAY OF RELEASE – even the aimbots were ported from MW2). Urrgh.

    Online play has just been a terrible experience. I can not recommend the game to others until these things are fixed it is just not worth the frustration.

  • Anonymous

    The favorably and positive ratting they received from the critics must be questioned. How is it that they get   to take them out/by them items etc?  

  • Dynasty2021

    You could argue that most of them are just CoD-haters dragging the score down to see it fail.

    But at the same time, I cant help but feel we are making a valid point; we’re getting tired of seeing the same thing each year.

    So when I see those low user score, most of me agrees, but a smaller part of me thinks it’s just trolling or whatever. 

    Either way, it cant be ignored, and reflects what the public, the people who actually BUY the game instead of just get paid to review it, are actually thinking.  Maybe the public reviews are what the game is really like.

  • I think sledge hammer need to go back to the drawing board with the call of duty franchise as people have finally had enough of paying £40 to £50 every year for the same game and all their doing is changing bits here and there. On top of all that they are trying to get people to pay for the elite subscription and the bloody thing don’t even work.

  • i only can say this game sucks no matter what its not a competition with battlefield 3 im really really disappointed about this game i usually like call of duty but this one its pretty lame sorry Cod.

  • not worth the hype, the game is a “copy & paste” of MW2 even the maps seem the same 

  • no it isn’t

    • AlexTheRed141

      BF3 Haters are ebrywhere! MW3 best COD til DATE no camping, no noobtubes, no MW2 issues. THE MAPS EVEN ARENT LIKE MW2  -.-   BFanboys3 = NERDS