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iOS 5.0.1 battery life on iPhone 4S – Consumer reviews

Earlier on we informed you that Apple had quietly released an update to iOS 5.0.1 to the masses, following on from the final beta version of iOS 5. The new software is now available to download but the big question that remains to be seen is – Has Apple solved the battery life issue on the iPhone 4S?

According to Apple, fixing up battery life problems with iOS 5 is their biggest priority, and if you have already updated to iOS 5.0.1, you’ll see that it was first on Apple’s checklist, with other fixes including adding multitasking gestures for original iPad, resolving bugs with Documents in the Cloud and improving voice recognition for Australian users using dictation.

As many of you are pointing out, the release of iOS 5.0.1 is also a landmark moment for iOS users as it is the very first time that you can update your device OTA, with users no longer having to connect cables to iTunes as before. We have already updated and we can tell you that the whole process took under 10 minutes to fully complete and install. Apple advises you to connect your iPhone to a wall charger, but we didn’t and found that it only zapped 3% of life to update – so again, this is pleasing for those who don’t have a charger handy.

So, after hundreds of complaints about battery life on the official Apple boards, have you experienced an increase in overall usage, or is it too early to tell at the moment? Once you have updated to iOS 5.0.1, be sure to leave a comment with your overall impressions so that other users can read the feedback. We know some of you have been having battery life issues on the iPhone 4 too, not just the 4S so if this applies to you, let us know how your iPhone 4 is handling after performing the OTA update.



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