The hidden Skyrim feature that you didn’t know about

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2011

Bethesda tried and failed to keep Werewolves in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim a secret as it’s now public knowledge, but one huge feature that they have revealed prior to release has only just come into the limelight. If you didn’t already know, Skyrim will feature infinite quests.

Yes, we’re not kidding. Bethesda’s new game will actually allow the player to play Skyrim for the rest of his or her life if they wish, and it is all thanks to the brand new Radiant system that is featured in the game.

Todd Howard confirmed the news in a recent phone interview with Wired, stating that Skyrim will offer ‘a never-ending stream of procedurally generated content, giving players an infinite number of things to do.’ Howard specifically said: ”The vibe of the game is that it’s something that you can play forever”.

For those that played Oblivion, you should be able to remember that quests were specific and mapped out accordingly. Even though there were hundreds, there was still a set number of quests, like the guild quests for example which would end once you reach the highest rank. In Skyrim though, we’re hearing that even guild quests will be infinite as once you complete the main guild missions, you’ll still be able to take part in minor guild quests like acquiring gems or killing certain Skyrim inhabitants – all of which are randomly generated.

It sounds too good to be true, as this is a feature that many Elder Scrolls fans have been dying to see. We’re hoping that the new Radiant System will throw out some varied random quests though, as we wouldn’t want to see similar quests time after time again. We’re guessing that Bethesda has created it in a way though that different types of random quests will never be the same twice in a row.

What are your thoughts on the new endless quests feature in Skyrim? Are you feeling slightly shocked in a good way? – We never expected to see something like this, and we love it of course. Don’t forget PC owners, you can now pre-load the game if you haven’t already.

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  • Gs1233211aa

    Daggerfall had random generated quests over 10 years ago. So nothing new.

  • Well the DLC is still going to warrant for download cause it will be a totally new area unless you just like walking around the same scenery Andy

  • As mentioned before, the “infinite quests” is likely going to be simple, and repetitive generic quests, “Go clear X dungeon for the umpteenth time.” or to fetch an item from said dungeon. Regenerating dungeons aren’t new in Elder Scrolls (pretty sure Oblivion has them) now they are just giving you a reason to go to them.

    While it’s not something that will keep me hooked on the game for an indefinite time (say going around and hunting for these quests for hours a day), it will be a cool aspect to have if I’m looking for a way to waste 30 minutes, like if I’m waiting to go to the movies, or for dinner or something.

  • I look forward to the day that voice synth is good enough, and AI is clever enough, that an entire storyline can be written, voiced and executed with dynamic content.

  • Dynasty2021

    Guarantee this is more of a marketing thing.

    By that I mean, if atleast one of the quests can be repeated forever, they can say they have infinite quests. 

    That or they have infinite quests that are so menial that nobody in their right mind would do them over and over (collect x herbs..oh yay..), but because they exist, they can be used to draw in new people to buy the game, then be disappointed when the realisation hits them, but Bethesda dont care as they already have your money.

    It’s like the huge sales adverts you see outside shops.  60% OFF THIS WEEKEND ONLY! the underneath in small writing ‘up to’, and they can legally put that because they reduce something nobody would buy by 60%.  Like a toilet brush or something.  And everything else in the shop only has like 5% off.  But because 1 item has 60% off, they can say (up to) 60% off.

    Still preloaded and getting Skyrim though.  Not holding my breath about this feature, and expecting to be disappointed by it.  But If I’m wrong, that’s awesome.

    • Anonymous

      Nice insight!

  • Andy

    If the game contains an infinite amount of quests, then the DLC is going to have to offer something impressive to warrant a purchase

  • VatoLoco

    Ill do it all anyway 😀 (till I get tired)

  • John May

    Reminds me of the first Elder Scrolls.

  • Sam

    Well their goes my plan of doing everything in tha game..

    • Anonymous

      You and me both Sam!