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Tegra 3 quad-core war with HTC Edge, Samsung Galaxy S III and more

Earlier on this week we informed you that the rumored HTC Edge smartphone may be the first handset to tout one of NVIDIA’s new Tegra 3 quad-core processors, but now we have some information which suggests they may not be first to quad-core after all.

If you missed that news, you can read it back again here. To sum up, the HTC Edge is a handset rumored for 2012 which aside from the new Tegra 3 chip, it could come with 1GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, Beats Audio, Sense 4.0 UI and possibly 4G LTE support as well.

Now then, a fresh article published over at Digitimes claims that HTC will now be joined by the likes of Samsung, Motorola and LG in the inevitable ‘quad-core war’, contradicting initial claims that HTC would have some sort of timed-exclusive for NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chip. This means of course that follow-up handsets from Samsung, Motorola and LG could all feature the new technology.

Don’t forget that LG were the world’s first to release a dual-core phone with the Tegra 2 chip featured in their Optimus 2X, so it is no surprise once again to see the company towards the front of the queue for first dibs for Tegra 3.

Then of course we have another handset that will evitably drop at some point in the future – the Samsung Galaxy S III. Details on this handset are obviously unknown at this point, but there were some interesting rumors back in September suggesting that the handset would include a quad-core processor. Could this be identified as the Tegra 3? – We would take a guess and say yes on this occasion.

Motorola has their hands busy with the Droid RAZR at the moment, but we wouldn’t be surprised if their next Droid handset features a quad-core chip. The company are becoming known for producing top of the line smartphones in today’s market now, so we expect them to be competing as well with HTC.

As for the consumer, this is obviously great news all all concerned as it means that you’ll have an option of choosing which manufacturer to go with, rather than just HTC. If you had the choice of picking up a Tegra 3 smartphone from LG, Samsung, HTC or Motorola – which would you choose and why?



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