New Skyrim brutality gameplay reminds us of Mortal Kombat

The reviews are just about to go live for Bethesda’s latest Elder Scrolls game Skyrim, but in the meantime we have another stunning gameplay clip to show you now, which gives you a look at some of the new finishing moves that you’ll be able to do in game after learning various skills.

Bethesda has simply called this video ‘The Animations of Skyrim’, but we would like to call it the ‘death moves of Skyrim’ as that’s what this video basically shows us and it sounds better – to us anyway.

In the video we see plenty of magic spells in action, but it is the finishing moves that steal the show as Bethesda has compiled a collection of them here in brutal fashion, confirming if you didn’t already know that you’ll be able to decapitate your opponent given the right circumstances. The finishing moves we’ve picked out can be seen at 0.10, 0.22, 0.30, 0.56, 1.03, 1.08, 1.10, 1.15 and the most brutal of all saved until last at 1.25.

As you can see, there is a lot of blood in the game, and obviously most of you are a big fan of ‘the more violent, the better’. We’re guessing that most of these finishing moves will unlock in the game as you build up your blade and axe skills, as you probably won’t be able to use them from the very beginning of the game. It’s something exciting to build towards though you would agree.

Which takedown looks the best? We’ve seen that assassin stealth kill before at 1.03 but it still remains one of our favorites at the moment. It’s quite funny in the fact that most of these stealth kills wouldn’t look out of place in a Mortal Kombat game, they really are that brutal, especially the end one where the player slices the guys head off – nasty.

Check out all the stealth kills for yourself and let us know what you favorite one is. Don’t forget to read about the infinite quests in Skyrim if you missed it last time.



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