Modern Warfare 3: Is the Osprey Gunner killstreak overpowered?

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2011

Earlier on we were the first to break the news to you about the 25 killstreak reward in Modern Warfare 3 which offered players the M.O.A.B, but now we want to discuss another of the killstreaks featured in the game. Many people are surprised how powerful the 17 kill Osprey Gunner killstreak is, so our obvious question to you is – do you think it is overpowered or not?

There are always going to be divided opinion on this one, so there will never be any correct answer. Players who manage to get a 17 killstreak on the Assault Strike Package will get the Osprey Gunner and it acts in the way of a Chopper Gunner, with the added bonus of that it drops care packages for your teammates as well.

Those who use it will feel it is a suitable reward for getting so many kills in the game, but those on the receiving end of it may feel that it is slightly unfair and ruins a multiplayer match. We have a video to show you below which could back up some of these claims, as watch how the Osprey Gunner stalks victims for over a minute, with an unlimited cannon and thermal view to add which shows where all the enemies are.

Perhaps the worst aspect of this, is the fact that those respawning really do not have much chance of getting out of the way of the Osprey Gunner, maybe a good idea would have been to make respawned players immune to the Osprey Gunner for a few seconds so they can run for cover.

If you have used it, you probably think that this is no big deal, but for those who haven’t used it and have experienced something similar as shown in the clip below, what are your thoughts on this? Should Infinity Ward tweak the Osprey Gunner to do less damage and protect respawned players more in the next patch update or not?

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  • StrykerStorm

    It’s not overpowered at all, I’ve gotten one about 40 times and only get about 4 kills on average with it, every map has countless places where you can hide, it all depends on the intellegence of your enemy, it only takes one person with a stinger to down it in two lives, or two players with two stingers, or a stinger and a javelin to kill it in about 10 seconds.

    That video was one of Ground War with nine enemy players instead of the usual 4-6, it would be very easy to rack up kills with an Osprey on that mode.

  • I love raping noobs with My Osprey <3 it's not over powered it sort of under powered because of all the high buildings they should update it with bullet penetration!

  • Hello Osprey.  Meet Javelin

  • Nice video. Very sorry for the double post. 🙁

  • s1lversamurai

    The only thing I see wrong is the fact that no one on the opposing team seems to fire any rockets at the heli. Just take it out of the sky and it can’t get you, simple as that. 

  • Stevie

    Came up against one before, predator missile takes them down no problem. then got two kills a heli and won the game. Simples

  • David

    if your getting railed by a heavy machine gun you die lol and as for it being “overpowered” if you just got a 17 killstreak you want something decent unlike the ac130 that stays in the air for about 10 seconds.


  • Anonymous

    That was a bit overpowered…it was in the air to long. That can be annoying…