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Galaxy Nexus Accessories: Are official cases a hint of imminent release date?

We have some positive news for US consumers who are patiently waiting for updates on the US release of the Galaxy Nexus. Official cases have now started to pop up at Verizon stores, and it could be an indication that the Galaxy Nexus is just around the corner.

At the moment, we have heard a multitude of release dates associated with the first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone in the world, those being November 10th which obviously won’t happen now, a release date after Black Friday, and most recently, a potential release on November 21st which would be online-sales only.

Now then, Droid-Life has managed to get hold of an image showing two official Galaxy Nexus cases that will be available as accessories for customers. The first is a shell / holster combo with a kickstand and the other is a standard silicone case for the device. Unfortunately, there is no price attached to either case, but we are guessing by the build quality that they will be affordable upon release and not marked as a ‘premium’ accessory.

Since cases are now out there in the wild, it is safe to assume that the Galaxy Nexus is definitely coming soon, but obviously when that exact date will be remains the million-dollar question. Now that you have had a few days to reflect on a potential web-launch only for the Galaxy Nexus, are you still prepared to buy one, despite the fact that demand will be through the roof as everyone heads to Verizon’s order page at the same time in the hope of getting one first.

Are any of you interested in these two cases on offer here, or will you wait for something more glamorous or even try a case from a third-party company? We’ll update you when we hear of any release updates for the device.



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