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FFXIII-2 Collector’s Edition first look, price and pre-order bonuses

If you are looking to purchase Final Fantasy XIII-2 next year we have some great news for you, a Collector’s Edition version of the game has been confirmed and will soon be available from Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop.

This edition of the game will cost just $80, which makes it roughly $20 more expensive than the standard version of the game, here’s what the Collector’s Editions consists of: Final Fantasy XIII-2 game disc, Premium Packaging, 4 disc original soundtrack, 20-page artbook and a manual (the same manual as what you get in the standard case).

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Collector’s Edition is the 20-page artbook, this is said feature concept art showing weapons, landscapes and monsters. The game’s “Premium Packaging” is said be a hardcover case which features plenty of illustrations drawn by Yoshitaka Amano – this name has been associated with Final Fantasy since the late 1980s.

If you decide to pre-order yourself a copy of the Collector’s Edition we can confirm that certain online retailers have special pre-order bonuses for you. Amazon will throw in an exclusive boss battle, Best Buy will give you a hardccover novella which is said to tie “together the events of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2” and GameStop will throw in an alternative costume for Serah. We think Best Buy’s novella sounds like the best freebie – do you agree?



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