Disappointment as GTA 5 release date may not be until March 2013

By Gary Johnson - Nov 10, 2011

Just over a week ago Rockstar Games released to the world a trailer for its upcoming Grand Theft Auto V title. Since then we have had various rumors about the games release and content. Some have said the game could be released before E3 2012, and that the game will be huge in size. Now there may be some disappointment as GTA 5 release date may not be until March 2013.

According to an article over at CVG.com, Take-Two has just revealed their second quarter financial earnings report. It also had an update on future product launch dates that included a delay with XCOM. The product list also included the recently announced GTA V, which had many thinking could be available next summer and even before E3 next June.

What could be disappointing for many fans though is that GTA 5 is planned for release by the end of Take-Two’s 2013 financial year. This financial year runs to the end of March 2013, and Rockstar’s new installment of the franchise has a “TBA” release. There hasn’t been much official information regarding the game since the trailer first made an appearance, but CEO of Take-Two did have something to say recently.

Strauss Zelnick said that Take-Two currently has the best development in the pipeline than ever before. He added that the next installment of the GTA franchise was at the center of this, and has sold over 114 million units so far. It was pointed out that Rockstar Games set new benchmarks with every new release, and promised gamers “will be rewarded with a breathtaking entertainment experience that can only be provided by Grand Theft Auto”.

Do you hope GTA V comes out next year?

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  • Hehehe

    I figured this out on my own from just looking at the release dates for the 1st trailers of the GTA games. All of the trailers released a few months before the game did, but then again, GTA4’s trailer was released a year after the 1st trailer, which didn’t have a release date listed just like GTA5’s. So GTA5 is either going to be released a few months from now or a year from now going by Rockstars history.

  • CJ

    If they announce it in 2013  im gonig over to R* and do a drive by!!!

    • Im Saujanya

      yeah…i wudnt hesitate to go wid u @CJ………C’mon we cant wait till 2013!