Bethesda’s next game discussed, PC development is a headache

By Jamie Pert - Nov 10, 2011

With Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim finally being released on Friday, it will be interesting to what Bethesda Softworks’ next major project will be. At the moment a safe bet would be a new Fallout title, but a recent interview between Bethesda’s Pete Hines and JoyStiq’s Russ Pitts could give us some insight into what to expect.

If you are a big Bethesda fan we recommend checking out the full interview for yourself, in our article we will raise some of the main points raised without you having to read 2000 words+ of content.

Firstly we will talk about PC game development. Hine’s describes PC development as a headache, this is because of the millions of hardware configurations which your games will be running on. He empaphises with id Software and reveals how poor video card drivers can ruin a game’s reputation, not only this but he sees piracy as another major problem in regards to developing games for PC. Could this potentially mean that future Bethesda titles don’t come to PC? We hope not!

Hines also spoke about something close to his heart, sports, he reminisces about how Bethesda started of by developing lots of game titles and reveals that he would love to develop a modern NCAA football game, but it almost certainly won’t be happening. He explains that Bethesda does not “chase the hits” or look back, instead Bethesda ignores other companies and concentrates on delivering solid RPGs to the masses.

In this day and age there are lots of platforms to bring titles to and social networking has taken off massively of late, however when asked about a possible iPad or Facebook Elder Scrolls game his response was “don’t hold your breath”. He also suggests that experience has taught Bethesda that exclusivity does not pay off, instead they prefer to “keep gamers satisfied no matter what platform they’re on” – could this mean that Skyrim DLC and future titles will arrive on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC at the simultaneously? It sure sounds that way.

We found the interview an interesting read, did you? Is there anything that shocked you?

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  • Dynasty2021

    So varying hardware is annoying.  But the experience is better. 

    And consoles are clearly making you lazy as you never complained before theywere around.  And I think you complained about Oblivion coming to the consoles after the PC due to restrictions in the console hardware.

    Earn your pay and make it work or dont release at all?