MW3 uses recycled content from COD4, $60 well spent or not?

Oh boy, this isn’t going to go down well with gamers. A recent gameplay video we’ve seen from Modern Warfare 3 shows firm evidence that Infinity Ward has completely recycled a building from Call of Duty 4 ie, the first Modern Warfare game.

While it is no secret that developers often re-use similar content in follow-up titles, the fact that this building looks exactly the same as the building in COD4 may be deemed as the final straw for some gamers and perhaps adds more fuel to the strong claims that Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t offer way in the much of ‘new content’ for gamers.

It’s a heated debate for sure, one which we don’t want to take sides on, so we’ll just show you the video below, as discovered by FinalLevel and let you draw your own conclusions on it yourselves. Is it really a bad thing for Infinity Ward to re-use a building like this and throw it into Modern Warfare 3’s story mode, or do you have no problems with developers using such blatent tactics.

At the end of the day, Modern Warfare 3 sells. People love it for the fast-paced, non-stop action multiplayer mode and if you have all new game modes, weapons, perks and better visuals from the previous game, fans are always going to buy it – no matter what the criticisms may be. The franchise almost seems untouchable at the moment, so we doubt that the fact that IW has copied a building from COD 4 (and COD 1 dare we say it?) will send shockwaves to the designers of the game.

Having said that, it will still be interesting to hear what IW has to say on the matter, and we’re sure that you are eager to hear their defence as well. Watch the video below for yourself and tell us – did you spot this from COD4 as well? Is it such a bad thing to recycle content or not?




Is Modern Warfare 3 $60 well spent in your opinion or not?



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