MW3 cheats / boosting will result in bans – FourZeroTwo

By Jamie Pert - Nov 9, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has only been out a day or so, however we are now hearing reports that some cheaters are sitting high on the leaderboards thanks to boosting techniques. The good news is that Infinity Ward will not stand for this and have revealed what actions will be taken if they spot a cheat.

This subject was raised on Twitter when @SexuaIChocolate asked Infinity Ward’s community manager, Robert Bowling (aka FourZeroTwo), how Infinity Ward planned to combat the obvious cheaters who are on the leaderboards. The response he got showed that a no-nonsense approach would be taken, you can see the reply for yourself below:

@SexuaIChocolate By banning them from playing, removing them, and making it so they can never rank on the leaderboards again.

FourZeroTwo also stated that they (Infinity Ward) can apply bans temporarily or permanently.

We like this response a lot, however we will undoubtedly see people claim that they have been falsely accused of boosting, especially if multiple people have access to one console. We think the best thing to do is password protect your Xbox Live / PSN account, this way they will have to know your password to play online.

Whilst we are talking about cheating on Modern Warfare 3 we will quickly raise another conversation which FourZeroTwo had with another Twitter user. Someone complained about the game’s report system as he was wrongly accused of cheating and received a report, but it turns out he need not worry. Bowling confirmed that reports are reviewed, this allows the guys at Infinity Ward to review full stats and footage from the game where the report was filed, this should ensure that people do not get punished for something they didn’t commit.

We have to say that it is nice to hear such details about a game’s policies towards cheaters, let’s just hope the guys at Infinity Ward are not overwhelmed with reports etc.

Have you spotted people boosting in Modern Warfare 3? If so, are you happy with the action being taken by Infinity Ward?

You can see evidence of boosting in the video below:

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  • Glennswain

    Doesn’t worry me if they cheat, they are only cheating them selves. I play it & come last most of the time, never been 1st, well unless my son gets on there lol

  • Cheaterz get fucked

    pathetic niggers

  • Alisha161Fishy

    Will they also do it with MW2?
    There’s thousands of cheats on PS3 ”leader-boards”… -.-

  • A Crawford5

    i think this is brilliant how ever i  have heard about a website that has been created to cheat the game itself ie: being able to go out of the map to come behind some one, aim bots and sky dive. I am totally fed up paying for games that get totally spoiled be cheats. If you cant play a game without cheating there are under 5’s games that might be better suited to you

  • It’s funny how TheMarkOfJ is on there. Should see his videos on YouTube, clearly he’s a booster/hacker.

    • SuckaMooHudda301

      Great game. Too bad I will not buy another Infucked-Up Ward MW game again.  Wasted my money and time.  IW doesnt care either.  They knew MW2 had issues and they did nothing, absolutely NOTHING about it.  They are all laughing at us all as they count their money.  STOP buying these games people!!!!

      • I know. This is the last Call Of Duty game I’m ever buying. I’ll probably trade it in soon to be honest. A real let down, mainly because of the people that ruin it for everyone else.