MW3 Best killstreaks / Strike Packages and your highest scores

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2011

Earlier on this week we asked you for your best weapons and perks setup for Modern Warfare 3, but now after having a chance to have a good session with the game, we want to know the average scores you are getting on multiplayer, and which killstreaks you think are the best.

For those of you that don’t know, the killstreak system in Modern Warfare 3 is different in the fact that killstreaks now vary depending on which Strike Package you choose. We previously told you that the three strike packages are Assault, Support or Specialist based, with the latter rewarding gamers with perks for kills, rather than killstreaks.

For those of you that have the Assault or Support package activated, which killstreaks are your favorite in the game at the moment? Have you managed to get 17 kills in the Assault class yet to unlock the Osprey Gunner, or are you just happy with getting an Attack Helicopter or Pavelow? Just like previous Modern Warfare games, killstreaks add-on, so getting a few kills from a Predator Missile for example will count towards your next killstreak.

The EMP killstreak for the Support Strike Package is very useful this time in Modern Warfare 3, as aside from disabling all enemy electronics, it will also cancel out any enemy air attacks that are taking place as well. The EMP killstreak in previous COD games wasn’t that effective, so we’re pleased that Infinity Ward has made it much more effective.

And then there’s the return of the Juggernaut, in an all new format of course. Have you used this yourself yet or seen it used by somebody else? Do you prefer Juggernaut as a killstreak here in MW3, or wish it was a perk like previous games?

List your favorite killstreaks in the game so far, and the highest score you have managed to get so far on mulitplayer, listing what mode you achieved a good score on will also be helpful for other readers. If you haven’t heard about the new M.O.A.B which is the new and improved Tactical Nuke killstreak, click here for details on that.

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  • Ps500ftw

    45-4 Team Defender on Mission. Predator/atk helo/strafe run

  • Shaneolmsted

    Got a pave low and got shot down within first 10 seconds. Like support a lot though. I use the recon plane cause its fun when your in a large party. It flashes the enemy and then keeps them on your radar until they die. Also i love that stealth bomber on this because theres a good chance someone has a uav up. Last i like the Escort Airdrop. you always get good stuff. When i play search i use the specialist package which works great when you get 6 kills. Your playing with 6 perks then which is fun

  • Shaneolmsted

    in search my teamate went 23-1. pretty rediculous