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HTC Rezound full retail price at Verizon, in line with Droid RAZR

We have some good news for those of you who are planning to pick up the HTC Rezound in favor of the Galaxy Nexus and Droid RAZR. It looks like we now have a confirmed price for the full retail version of the device, for those who don’t want to get the Rezound on contract.

We recently told you that the Droid RAZR will be priced at $649 off-contract, and now it looks like the HTC Rezound will come in at exactly the same price as well, as reported from Droid-Life. While the price isn’t surprising from the point of view that it’s a brand new Verizon 4G LTE phone, some of you may be unhappy about the growing trend of smartphones now entering above the $500 mark at full retail price.

Does the HTC Rezound match the Droid RAZR for specs though to warrant the same price? Well, that answer could be debatable as both the Rezound and Droid RAZR have their strong points. Firstly, the Rezound comes with a dual-core 1.5Ghz processor compared to the dual-core 1.2 chip featured on the RAZR. Next, the Rezound has a 2MP camera on the front, while the RAZR only has a 1.3MP camera, the same as the Galaxy Nexus too by the way. However, the Rezound will come with a smaller battery capacity than the RAZR, as 1620mAh Vs 1780mAh featured on the RAZR may prove to be a vital factor, as battery life is essential to consumers these days.

If you want to get the HTC Rezound on contract, you can expect to pay $299 as usual, also the same price for the Droid RAZR. Like we have pointed out though, another strong factor in favor of the Rezound, is the fact that it is the first Beats Audio smartphone to land in the US, and many consumers may find the opportunity to own a brand new smartphone complete with a pair of custom Beats headphones, simply too good to turn down.

Are you seriously considering picking up the HTC Rezound from Verizon? If so, will you buy it on contract or at the full $649 retail price?



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