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Xbox 720: New Windows 9 design, specs and release date insight

It has been a while since we last had any big news on Microsoft’s next Xbox console, but now we have something rather juicy for you to digest as the latest rumors are suggesting that the next-gen ‘Xbox 720‘ will be based on Windows 9, with ARM architecture.

The information has originated from a user known as ‘MSNerd’ who posted the details on Tumblr, which was then intercepted by BusinessInsider. To pick out the key information from his post, we’re hearing that the next Xbox console will be custom built by Microsoft along with two partners who are based on the ARM architecture.

There’s more: The console is meant to be codenamed ‘Loop’ and will contain hardware platform similar to the Zune HD – ie, a main processor, followed by multiple cores which will separately handle tasks such as graphics, physics, AI, sound, networking, encryption and sensors. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of this report though, is the fact that the next Xbox 360 may be even cheaper than the current Xbox 360, if you can believe that. Kinect integration will serve as a primary function while going back to design, Microsoft’s next console is claimed to be smaller in size than the Xbox 360 as well – which is obviously fantastic news if true.

Meanwhile, the supplementary article at BI states that this console has been scheduled for a release sometime in 2015, suggesting that the current Xbox 360 is far from dead yet whilst at the same time, contradicting rumors that the next console will be unveiled at E3 2012.

What are your thoughts on the new information? How would you feel about the next Xbox 360 being based on Windows 9? Windows 8 isn’t even out yet so perhaps it’s far too early to drop premature complaints that a new UI would be more favored with gamers.



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