Sprint iPhone release doesn’t affect its love for HTC

By Gary Johnson - Nov 8, 2011

After months of speculation customers of carrier Sprint finally got hold of the elusive iPhone, after watching the likes of AT&T and Verizon get access before them. Many customers of the carrier were very happy about the new addition, but the Sprint iPhone release doesn’t affect its love for HTC.

According to Electronista CEO Dan Hesse recently visited Taiwan and told HTC it will continue to support the manufacturer. Work between the two companies had made the EVO 4G one of the most popular smartphones in the US, which suggests the two need each other.

Before Apple joined the party with the iPhone HTC was commonly known as the carrier’s biggest supplier of smartphones. Trouble is the manufacturer could begin to lose out to the iPhone now it has arrived. This year it is estimated that HTC will provide Sprint with around eight million smartphones, which is around 35 percent of HTCs total smartphone shipments.

Already Sprint have said the iPhone 4S broke all records for a new handset launch, and has for now outsold the Evo 4G. The launch of the iPhone 4S on the carrier coincided with HTC reporting a drop in monthly revenue at a time it would normally report it going up. HTC themselves have estimated a fall in shipments for the quarter.

Although data for the iPhone on multi carriers in the country is only available for a short time span, Apple has so far been the biggest individual manufacturer on all of them. The lowest priced iPhones even outsell the top individual Android handset.

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  • Sleepnumber Todd

    Perhaps the Dr Dre on HTC will make it sound better….

  • Sleepnumber Todd

    @twitter-231330538:disqus I own a HTC Evo 3D and bought my wife an iPhone 4s. The Apple sounds better with 2 speakers. The Apple app market seemed to want me to pay for things the Android Market has for free. Siri is cool but my Evo has Google Voice Search. The iPhone has a much smaller screen and looking tiny compared to my 3D. I like the looks of my Evo but the iPhone is smooth and is very quick. Both are great phones. I could have one right now and am not opting for one. But I am tempted daily…..

  • Iphones are nothing but eye candy.