Skyrim Prima Official eGuide, interactive maps and more

By Jamie Pert - Nov 8, 2011

Recently we told you all about the 656-page official Skyrim guide / walkthrough, well in this day and age it is no surprise to see that there is a better solution out there for consumers, this is the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Prima Official eGuide.

Like the printed guide this eGuide will help you on your journey no-matter which platform you choose, it will tell you about all of the game’s weapons, spells, perks and abilities, not only this but if help you become a master miner, farmer and cook – oh and you should also be able to understand the Dragon language, forge great weapons, craft the best potions and master the combat system.

So what’s better about the electronic guide? Well firstly it features integrated search, which means you do not have to manually search the glossary for particular items etc, secondly it boasts interactive maps which you can zoom in and out on and easily locate points of interest and collectables. What excites us the most is the fact that you will be able to fully customize a character with anything you want, you can then see the results of different combinations without having to buy / unlock things in the game – there will also be some pre-defined character templates to check out.

The eGuide will become available on Skyrim’s release date and costs $26.99 here, we can imagine hardcore Elder Scrolls fans loading this up on their tablets / laptops to accompany them during their Skyrim journey – however some will obviously opt to discover things for themselves.

We are sure that a lot of this information will soon arrive on the Skyrim Wiki, as for interactive maps, we are sure that apps for iPhone will probably hit the App Store soon after the game’s release – we will keep a close eye and keep you posted if and when we find any useful links.

Would you prefer the 656-page book or the eGuide? We think that a lot of gamers like to own a physical copy of the guide, do you?

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah. It’s nice to have physical copy of a guide when it comes to massive RPGs. It’s much more accessible than the walls of text that make up typical online walkthroughs, and there probably won’t be anything close to a comprehensive walkthrough online for a good while after the game’s release.

  • Guest

    torrents Here I come!!!

  • Skyrim_is_awesome

    well i would prefer the hard copy, and thats what im getting. 656 pages…. wow thats alot. cant wait!!

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  • Chadberrydrums

    If the ebook, or an app, was available for my iphone, I would definitely consider it. But since I already have the hard copy mostly pre-paid, I won’t bother. The fact that a guide like this has never been so extensive, really makes the hard copy special. You can’t beat a limited edition hard-cover guide that contains an amazing 656 pages of info. Although, what really intrigues me about the ebook is the interactive maps, the search engine, and being able to test various customizations to your character. Honestly I want both, and this is coming from someone who has never bought a guide for any of my games. 

  • Tag62001

    love having the physical copy

  • Jwalk_79_ghs11

    Can I use this on iPhone also?