Modern Warfare 3 review: Contradicting poor campaign, all aspects positive

By Alan Ng - Nov 8, 2011

Yesterday we pointed you in the direction of a review which touched upon some of the negative aspects, or ‘linear style’ of the campaign mode featured in Modern Warfare 3. Now though, we’re pleased to say that we have a different opinion to offer you now, and it offers a totally new perspective on the single-player portion of the game.

If you missed the controversial review yesterday, you can read the key aspects of it again here. A new review that we’ve checked out from All About the Games contradicts their views on the single-player campaign though, as they actually loved the story mode in the game and and likened it to a ‘heart stopping, roller-coaster experience’, which gamers will enjoy playing.

Interestingly, their 5/5 review also mentions the word ‘linear’ when discussing the campaign, but unlike yesterday’s review from PixelApocalyse which chose to criticize MW3 for it’s lack of depth, this review from AATG reminds gamers that the Call of the Duty franchise is a tried and tested formula and if the story mode is linear, it is what gamers have become expected to seeing anyway.

Here’s a portion of key information from their review: ”MW3’s single player story mode follows the tried-and-tested formula of all of the previous games. It’s a linear, roller-coaster-like experience with you and your rag-tag band of protagonists mowing through thousands of non-descript enemy forces.”

”While previous games in the series have suffered from simply being one corridor-shooter-like level after another, each and every level in MW3 presents you with a hugely impressive and often bewildering set-piece showdown. You’ll use just about every weapon and piece of explosive ordnance known to man and it’s both a hugely satisfying and rewarding experience.”

We know a lot of you were not too happy with the review put up yesterday criticizing the ‘linear’ style of the MW3 story, so this review here should paint a better picture for you. Having said that, it’s nice to have two contradicting views to share with you, as that’s what we’re all about here on PR – opinion and debate.

We’re guessing that a lot of you have already played the story mode of the game after picking up the game at a midnight launch or receiving the game early of course. If you have already played campaign mode, what do you say to the early criticism of it – is it justified or not in your opinion?

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  • Joanneelizabeth2009

    I thought the campaign lacked any sense of continuity or fluidity after the initial flash-backs that linked it to the ending of MW2. The various levels felt rather tacky and somewhat yester-year in nature and there wasn’t a single moment in the game that left me thinking “wow!! that was brilliant” ala All-Ghillied-Up (MW) or the Blizzard/Snowbike mission in MW2, those 2 were fabulous at the time, the closest MW3 came to anything like that, in my opinion, is in Goalpost where the tank falls through the floor.

    The vast meanderings in the game really don’t disuade you from the fact that each level is exactly the same as the previous – shoot a ton of mobs, walk a bit, shoot some more, walk abit more then watch some building fall over pointlessly with zero connection to the story – been there and done all that in the first 2 installments of MW except most similar occurences had direct links with the story. Activision may have repopulated the payroll as far as departed staff are concerned, but they clearly haven’t repopulated the blatantly obvious loss of talent, creativity and innovation that the departed staff possessed.

    If ya want to have some fun with the game levels then see how much precognition/clairvoyance both Soap and Price display, along with extremely accurate distance judgment and how they seemingly never take any kind of wrong turn in completely unknown areas/locations, ya gotta wonder how Soap couldn’t predict what happened to him, and the amount of times both characters demonstrate the ability to see round corners… I am in awe.

    All just my opinion ofc.

  • its mw3 i didn’t expect more about this game no more words its a bady bady game choose battlefield 3 if u are a true gamer,

    • fredmines

      “choose battlefield 3 if u are a true gamer”

      Not even close lol.

      Choose Batman Arkham Ciry, AC Revelations and Mass Effect 3 if you’re a true gamer

  • im picking it up in the morning, of my door mat after its been posted through my letter box 🙂 

    • demito

      enjoy your 5hr long story mode. cash well spent. Tales of Vesperia took me 80hours to complete. Remind me which one of us was conned?

      • fredmines

        You actually buy games? lol