Modern Warfare 3: Five reasons not to buy

By Alan Ng - Nov 8, 2011

You can bet that the majority of gaming fans will be picking up or even already own a copy of Modern Warfare 3 today. We have an interesting article for you to check out, which lists five reasons why they won’t be buying the game at launch.

The average Call of Duty fan may be thinking ‘has he gone mad or something’? or ‘he’s obviously a Battlefield 3 fan’, but the site give some good reasons for their conclusion nevertheless and it is interesting reading if you consider yourself to be a neutral in the fiery MW3 Vs Battlefield 3 war.

The website in question is MMGN and according to them, the first reason that they will not be buying MW3 is because ’12 month fees are outdated’. They feel that many shooters these days are free to play and that Activision are just ‘stealing your hard earned cash’ every 12 months.

The second reason complains about the overall length of the single-player mode, arguing that ‘4-5 hours is just not enough value’ for the $59.99 fee. They then feel aggrieved over the continuous $14.99 DLC packs that follow shortly after release, although we do agree with them on this point that Call of Duty DLC pricing could offer more value for gamers, perhaps with some kind of reward system for veterans of the franchise.

Other criticisms relate to ‘not rewarding skilled players enough’, ‘old engine concerns’ and the very release of MW3 is causing the Call of Duty franchise to go downhill – in their opinion remember. You get the idea anyway, they don’t like the game, but there are some valid points up for discussion definitely.

What do you feel about some of the points mentioned above, do you agree that DLC pricing is a big problem and the fact that the game is too easy and doesn’t reward skilled players enough? We look forward to hearing your opinion on this one. Don’t forget to tell us your best MW3 weapons here.

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  • guest

    I’m on the xbox and I haven’t yet decided which one I’ll get. I’m currently leaning towards battlefield 3 just because I’m fearful MW3 will be a let down. Call of Duty 4 was enough to pull me away from Halo, I absolutely loved it. It rocked my world. Then MW2 was kind of a let down, although I learned to get good at it and stayed competitive. Then Black Ops was an even bigger disappointment, but again I wanted to stay competitive so I got good at it. I think I really enjoyed though was the simplicity of CoD4. MW3 seems to be the most complex yet, in terms of perks/level ups/kill streaks – and that complexity it seems is designed to keep players from dominating the game. Unless I hear great reviews from my friends, I’ll probably sit this one out and pick up a copy of BF3. 

  • I got Battlefield 3 a week ago, and I do like some of it more than MW3. The length of it’s solo campaign was as short as the last CoD games though, which was very disappointing. The multiplyer is a fun change because of the vehichles, but there are lots of exploiters on the PC version and lots of isses with matchmaking. I also hate that to run it I have to use EA’s stupid Origin service, which made installation extremely difficult due to issues that BF3 did not fix before releasing. To play the game, I have to login to Origin (a program that runs in the background the whole time), log into a webpage, (leaving IE running in the background the whole time), and then start the game. I have a really good custom built PC, so it’s not a huge issue for me, but some users are having issues because this is a waste of processor and RAM running these services in the backgrand just to play the game, not too mention what the game requires just to run smoothly. Overall, I am largely disappointed. I purchased MW3 last night at the midnight opening at Gamestop, and I only got the standard edition. I will be playing the solo campaign first, and then playing multiplayer for a while I am sure. Based on the past few CoD titles and my experience with BF3 recently, and the fact that CoD is charging for the multiplayer services that should be free, this will most likely be the last time I purchase either of these games. I am especially frustrated that the CoD titles campaigns are so short because they spend all their time working on multiplyer, then have the gall to add a “pay for subscription” model to the cost of the game. I hope consumers see this on the current CoD game, and do not shell out the extra cash, but after seeing the opening and line just at my local gamestop I have a feeling that this added cost will be here to stay, unfortunately.

    • Thataboy85

      I diffently agree with not paying for elite services every year! I did get it because of the downloadable content but won’t be continuing to pay for the service next year!

  • Luke

    Game is bad… Outdated! Dissapointing!