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Malware spotted on iOS 5 – Are Apple’s standards slipping?

We have some important news for iPhone users on iOS 5 now, as it has been confirmed that a user has managed to get malware running on the Apple App store, due to a new security flaw in iOS that has been exploited to highlight the problem.

This malware, disguised in applications has the ability to steal user data and also take control of various settings on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, according to a report by Apple Insider.

The person who found the security flaw in iOS 5 and then exploited it by creating malware hidden in Apps is Charlie Miller, and although he has given Apple an opportunity to highlight the problem and fix it up in a future software update, he now finds himself banned from the App Store and has been removed from the iOS Developer Program as well.

Considering that no real damage was done to Apple, other than bad press – the move could and probably will be seen as very harsh. Apple has just released the latest beta of iOS 5 and the whole purpose of these tests are to find flaws like these that could become a serious problem for Apple, in the wrong hands that is, not hands of a hard working Apple researcher who also discovered a Macbook battery vulnerability and a Safari Mobile security hole.

In reality though, Apple are now aware of this problem and we’re guessing that they will be fixing this up asap in the next iOS software update. We have added a video below showing how the security flaw works specifically – You can see the potential dangers of this code-signing bug as the user can freely type away commands on a computer for an iOS device to follow instantly.

Firstly what are your thoughts on this bug – do you agree that it looks incredibly dangerous? Secondly, do you think it was right of Apple to ban the person who pointed out this flaw or not?



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